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Region 7 J.V. Tournament

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Frederick Douglass-fd

Tates Creek- tc

Lafayette- Laf

East Jessamine-ej

West Jessamine- wj

Bryan Station-bs

Madison Southern- mad s



106 1st  Murphy - Fd 2nd Deli- Laf 3rd Shalash- Tc

113 1st Bruner- Bs 2nd U'wren- Wj 3rd Fain- Laf

120 1st Abdulqader- tc 2nd monnett- bs 3rd caudill- ej

126 1st Chenault- fd 2nd slusher- ej 3rd wolfe tc

132 1st Bronson -fd 2nd tursany- wj

138 1st nishmwe- laf 2nd Gonzales-fd 3rd smith- laf

145 1st Allison- fd 2nd bruner- bs

152 1st fields-bs 2nd call-ej

160 1st alexander- tc 2nd farraq-fd

170 1st leslie- fd 2nd howard- fd

182 1st stone- mad s 2nd badgett-tc

195 1st ramerez- bs 2nd Alaa- tc

220 1st caraballo- bs 1st N.commodore- fd 2nd king- mad s

285 1st Watson- bs 2nd tshuruza- fd

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