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College Graduate Wrestlers

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To be on this list, you must earn a degree and be on the school roster.

West Virginia University

Joe Carr, Woodford County, 2003

Dominic Black - 1 time NCAA All-American (4th)

Cumberland College

Andy Critchfield, Henry Clay, Cumberland College 2004

William Farrington, Wayne County, 2004

Brad Cooper, Simon Kenton, 2007 (3x All-American)

A.J. Green, Christian County, 2008

Kris Perry, Christian County, 2008 (Was at Campbellsville)

Mitch Casson, Campbell County, 2007

Jason Daviaux, Scott High School (Was at Ohio University), 2007

Josh Boggs, Campbell County, 2007

Matt Reis, Cambell County, 2007 (All-American)

Todd Allen, Larue County, 2006 (All-American)

Billy Clark, Sheldon Clark, 2006

Josh Muncy, Sheldon Clark, 2006

David Destafeno, Simon Kenton, 2003

Rick McClain Woodford County, 2X time all american

Kevin Case, Harrison County, 3X time all american and runner up

Morgan Chapman Woodford County

Anthony Martin

Miami of Ohio

Mike Lee*

Matt Lee*

Mike Migliaccio, 1990 to 1995 2 time mac champion

Robert Kemper, Woodford County

West Liberty State University

Joey Patterson, Woodford County, 2007

Joey Hagedorn, Campbell County, 2008

Other Graduates

Dave Barnes - 1 time NCAA All-American, 3 time Mid American Conference Champion, and he was a match away from being a 2 time NCAA All-American

Paul Kaiser

Dave Fuehner

Steven Kaiser

Jared Combs (Scott, College of MSJoe) NAIA AA

Roby (Ohio Northern)

Dave Richey - Army - 1986-1989 - Interservice Games Champion, voted MOW, 2x Southern open Champion at U.T., World Military Games Champion in Italy, Qualified 1988 Olympic Trials

Bankember NKU

Jason Walls, Missouri Valley, 2X time all american

John Mark, Mt. St. Joe

Tom Lee, Christian County, Purdue

Ryan Luna, Paducah Tilghman, Meramec Community College

Isaac Knable, St. X - Indiana University

Tom Lee, Christian County, Purdue

Desmond Wilford, Christian Co,  Meramec Community College (all-american 97), then transfered to University of Nebraska Omaha.

*Wrestling when program was dropped.

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Thanks, this should finally be up to date now. If I am still missing anyone, please let me know. Cambellsville should have a group of young men graduating soon (if not already)

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What if you couldn't finish on the roster because of injury but finished your career coaching and earned a degree?

If you know someone, let me know

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