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  1. Heavydad

    New wrestling tournament in Elizabethtown Ky

    Great tournament. The hosting club was awesome....great arena....and great competition....I highly recommend this tournament
  2. Could you please put what ages are wrestling?
  3. Flo has acquired Trackwrestling. I hope they don't mess this up. Track was/is user friendly
  4. Hello guys and gals. I am looking for a workout partner for a 10th grade heavyweight. We are willing to travel to you. Thanks in advance
  5. Heavydad

    Adam vs Super Snap & Shoot

    I'm following for answers.
  6. Heavydad

    Youth State-issue

    Mat time is during the season...I'm all for it....but at the STATE tournament it should be about the kids wrestling....it should be a huge deal. Almost like the biggest tournament of their young lives. Not just heard them in and put them on 1/4 and go home. That to me make the state tournament look cheap. I understand people want to go home it was a long trip. But it's State. It's gonna be crowded,loud....as it should be....it should be bigger,louder....and a huge deal should be made of it. Not this whinning about 1/4 mats or it took to long or location. It's State....
  7. Heavydad

    Youth State-issue

    I haven't seen this. And I wouldn't want it. Just from a safety reasons 8 kids, 4 refs, 12 coaches on 1 mat. That is alot of movement on one mat. We have traveled all over Wrestling and haven't seen it. I have seen half mats. But it's State!!! Give these kid their due and give them 1/2 mat or a full mat if they make the finals....it's a big deal to them no matter their age
  8. Heavydad

    Youth State-issue

    We just moved from Oklahoma. And I haven't seen or thought of having that many kids going on 1 mat. We have traveled to different states and haven't seen it. Not saying it hasn't been done but let me say this. The little kids bust their butts just as much as the bigger kids. And deserve as much mat as the bigger kids get. My suggestion is this it's the state tournament, just deal with it being so long and drawn out. I want more focus on the kids that made the finals. At least give them a finalist singlet. Maybe introduce them as their match starts
  9. Heavydad

    Youth State-issue

    There is no way to wrestle on a quarter mat..... seriously 4 matches on one mat. That's 16 coaches yelling 4 refs blowing whistles and a ungodly amount of parents screaming. I would not want my Wrestlers on quarter mats.....
  10. Heavydad

    Youth State-issue

    The State tournament in Pikeville was a awesome venue. I get it nobody wants to travel that far. But in our case it was exciting to see a part of Kentucky that we haven't been before. My child had a skin a nail check at weigh in the officials there was kind and courteous. My issue is this....the FINALS!!!! There was no singlets given to the finalist. No announcement made of who was in the finals. I understand that is busy and everyone wants to go home and their was a second session. But these kids bust their butts to get there and at the end of the day they get the same medal as any other tournament. They should make a bigger deal out of making the finals
  11. What about the 195,220,285??? They was some great wrestling