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  1. Totally forgot about Evans. I would actually move him to my number 2 pick.
  2. True. It was a historic state tournament
  3. 1982Wrestler

    1/29/19 Rankings and Predictions

    Track wrestling
  4. 1982Wrestler

    Make Your State Predictions

    Lol. I think it’s a safe prediction for anyone to make honestly
  5. 1982Wrestler

    What is the seeding criteria for state ?

    And they still don’t show up!!!
  6. 1982Wrestler

    Make Your State Predictions

    State Duals are over. Who got in state finals now? Anything change? Not for me!
  7. 1982Wrestler

    State duals predictions

  8. 1982Wrestler

    Rankings 1-19-19

    I agree. Go for it Mike!!
  9. 1982Wrestler

    Make Your State Predictions

    Raney over condi vega over Gardner raney over trumble jenkins over Spaulding speaker over lampe messerly over powell bandfield over oliveros ross over herron vlach over beane botts over mayes connor over watts church over scauborough price over velasquez virzi over long lambert over brown MOW Raney (take ur pick)
  10. 1982Wrestler

    Make Your State Predictions

    I’d like to see everyone’s individual thoughts
  11. 1982Wrestler

    Rankings 1-19-19

    I concur. Looks good