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  1. MikeHarrod

    Rankings 1-19-19

    Guess well never know since Ryle didn't show up for State Duals!!
  2. MikeHarrod

    Rankings 1-19-19

    Just cause I like stirring things up :-)
  3. So here it goes everyone. I wanted to put out a final rankings and also what my personal predictions are for Finals. This was tough. We have some great wrestlers in the state and some weight classes have potential winners that could pull off some big upsets. First the rankings are based on results. A special shoutout to Keith Rump and several others that have been willing to give their time to do some additional research on the weight classes. Hope you find these rankings useful. There were some kids that were beat this weekend, but I tried to keep the same state qualifiers in the rankings so we can see a true expected result of the state tournament. Good Luck this coming weekend and may the best wrestler win!!! My predictions.... This was tough and I went through every weight class trying to figure out who I thought had the odds of winning it all. I might have shook things up a bit here, but wanted you to get a true opinion of what I see in the field. Can't wait to see the comments :-) 70 - Raney over Condi - I have Condi beating Evans in the semifinals for an upset, but it is a close match. I don't see anyone touching the Raney boy. 75 - Vega over Brown - Brown upsets Gardner in Semi but cant stand the quickness and ruthlessness of Vega. 80 - Harrod over Trumble - Full Disclosure .... Raney is a beast and if I picked anyone else I would have to listen to it at home. Harrod did have a dominating win and pin over Troy Gardner when he bumped up this past weekend at State Duals but that Raney match could be a nailbitter. 86 - Spaulding over Brown - This is a good matchup, but I thinking Spaulding closes this one early with a pin. 92 - Nichols over Ricketts - Two underdogs going into semi finals duke it out for a State Championship. 98 - Walton over Powell - From my understanding the Messerly Girls are wrestiling Girls state so won't be there to stir things up. Lauren Walton is first Girls State Champion at the middle school level. 105 - Oliveros over Dowdy - Dowdy has a tough road to go through Strayer but then upsets Bandfield to get to compete for a State Championship. 113 - Ross over Herron - This bracket I think ended up like I expected but I think Ross has the edge in the finals. 121 - Beane over Vlach - I think Vlach upsets roberts in the semi's. Should be interesting, but Beane is a beast. 130 - Botts over Mayes - Botts wins 7-4. Tough match. Worth sticking around and watching the finals. 140 - Conner over Watts - I haven't seen this Conner kid but if he is as good as I have heard then I expect him to win. Becareful though!! There are some real sleepers here!! 152 - Adams over Silva - I watched a few matches this weekend and I think there was a mixup in seeding. That being said this is my expectations. Who is gonna rise to the top?!! 168 - Valasquez over Richmond - Richmond over price is a big upset but there is one brewing in this class. I wouldn't expect anything less. 190 - Virzi over Long - I think this is the most straight forward weight there is. Everything as expected. 240 - Lambert over Brown - I have seen Lambert and I don't see anyone touching him. In fact I see a first period pin over Brown. So there you go. That is my opinion and I hope you enjoy and comment as you see free. It was a pleasure doing this for the last half of the year and I appreciate all that chipped in and gave me their input. Looking forward to a great State Tournament!! Mike Harrod 1-29 Rankings.pdf
  4. MikeHarrod

    Make Your State Predictions

    How do you make a head with big eyes and not smiling? Is that close enough?
  5. MikeHarrod

    Rankings 1-19-19

    Well after a some great regional action this past weekend and the seeding meeting last night I have put together the ranking including all 20 kids in each region that will be moving on to the State Tournament. This is the first time many of these kids have shown up in the rankings and thought they should be able to see their names. Not knowing a lot of these kids I'm sure there are many head to head matchups that I am unaware of. If anyone has anything they want to send me I plan to put out one more revision next week and I can make some adjustment right before State. I'm not nesessarily looking to have the top region winners at the top because we all know that isn't always the case. If you can make a case for a specific kid to move up just let me know. I also made some revisions on the team dual standings as well. State Duals are coming up this weekend and it looks like Ryle is the team to beat. Should be some exciting team matchups and some championship level wrestling. As always message me on here or shoot me an email at mcatky@gmail.com if you have any questions or want to suggest some changes. Thanks, Mike Harrod Anderson Co. Wrestling 1-19 Rankings.pdf
  6. MikeHarrod

    Rankings 1-12-2019

    Due to the weather everything was cancelled this past weekend. What a bummer, but I still was able to get some valuable information that helped move a few more things around so wanted to release this before regionals start this coming weekend. I also changed up the formula on team points and that shifted things around a little. Good luck to you all as we move into Post-Season. As always you can pm me if you know any other results that effect these rankings. Mike Harrod 1-12 Rankings.pdf
  7. MikeHarrod

    Rankings 1-5-19

    I went back through our book and Richmond didn't make weight but Price was bumped up to 190 to wrestle him. My records show that Richmond pinned Price.
  8. MikeHarrod

    Rankings 1-5-19

    Ok I was able to sit down and focus on this today and able to get it out a little early. Lots of shifting this week in weight classes as expected. We should be getting pretty close on these, but as always I'm sure there have been some things I missed since Woodland was not on track and with just a couple weeks till regionals we should start seeing kids falling where they will end up at State. If you know individual results that will effect these rankings just let me know. I also put together our first Top 10 Dual list this season. Just to clarify and to make this as fair as possible I scored the teams based on how many and what rankings they had individual wrestlers at. For example a #1 kid received 10 points and a #10 kid received 1 point. I added up all the points that I listed as well. I then only ranked the top two teams out of each region because this is what we will see at state duals. This was the fairest way I saw to make this list and should give us a good indication what we will see at State Duals. As always any input you may have is welcome. All complaints will be forwarded to my secretary LOL Thanks for the opportunity to get to know your kids a little better by watching them on a weekly basis. Mike Harrod Anderson Co. Middle School Wrestling 1-5 Rankings.pdf
  9. MikeHarrod

    Rankings 12-16-18

    Ok here is my first attempt at the new rankings. Since I am taking this over mid-season I made some adjustments based on what I could find over the last couple weeks. As we move forward and with a little input from some of you guys we can try to get this more accurate before regionals. If you feel I need to look a little closer at a specific kid based on results you know send them to mcatky@gmail.com and I will do the research and factor that in. Still looking for any volunteers for any specific weight classes you may be interested in studying closer. 12-16 Rankings.pdf Thanks, Mike Harrod
  10. MikeHarrod

    New Rankings

    The following weight classes I already have covered. 70, 86, 92, 105, and 140
  11. MikeHarrod

    New Rankings

    Hey guys. I've been trying to decide if I wanted to try to keep these ranking somewhat in line up through the end of this season. I know our young wrestlers look at them and pay attention so I think it is important to have them available. It is a real motivator when they are able to see their names for the first time or for some to be able to stay on top or climb the ladder. For those that don't know me. I am the assistant coach for Anderson County Middle and have a son that wrestles as well. So I have decided to try to keep this updated to the best of my ability. I think I would like to try something a little new and see if I could possibly get some voluteers that are familiar with specific weight classes. Maybe your a dad of a child on this list of rankings and you get to see those kids all the time while watching your sons matches. If you can give your research and unbiased opinions on a specific weight class or two that would be great. I could spend less time with the research and help rely on those of you that have already do it and seen it. The largest challenge with these ranking is the many duals and tournaments that are not on Track Wrestling. I know there is someone in each specific weight class that would be willing to give me up to date feedback on who beat who and who is dropping weight (which we'll know more after the first of the year) Please if you are interested in helping out with a weight class then let me know. If you prefer you can email me at mcatky@gmail.com. I am only looking for 1 per wieght class to give their unbiased research. Thanks, Coach Harrod