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  1. REscalera

    Brandon Reed vs Zach Elam

    You beat me to it. I was just going to post this. Really excited to see Reed compete. Ssul Ervin placed 3rd.
  2. Congrats to both Courtney Pittman and MaQuoia Bernabe on their success on the mat as well as their national ranking.
  3. REscalera

    Large School State Duals

    I was referring to you questioning Madison Central's seed?
  4. REscalera

    Small school state duals

    Just like with the big school seeding, the committee appears to have gotten the seedings right in small schools too.
  5. REscalera

    Large School State Duals

    Looks like the committee was correct with their seeding.
  6. REscalera

    2018 132# class

    Nice list!!! Thanks for putting it together.
  7. REscalera

    NUWAY National Duals

    Was Kentucky prohibited from entering a team into this National dual that's being held in Louisville this weekend? Teams came from as far away as California Iowa Pennsylvania and many other states but not one team from Kentucky. Hard to comprehend.
  8. REscalera

    KY proud

    I spoke with Merola for a bit at the Wilkes Open and he said that their room is insane and that Ryan is doing very well in there.
  9. REscalera

    Gmvwa holiday tourney.

    Quite the dominate showing. And to think that Graham is having a down year as indicated by falling out of Flo's national team rankings and at 48 in Intermats top 50 teams. I think its encouraging for UC knowing that they took 2nd at the MD Holiday Classic to Intermat's #50 ranked team MD. A head to head dual would be very interesting against MD as I'm certain it will be against Graham.
  10. REscalera

    Mater Dei Holiday Classic Dec 28-29

    Little Wins 4-0 in the 3rd place bout.
  11. REscalera

    Christian County Invitational- 12/22

    Is it on track doc?
  12. Haha! A lot!?!?!?! You stink Ranger. Losing a step so early in the season. Hehe!
  13. REscalera

    Super 32

    Who all will be going to the Super 32?