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  1. anonomowrestling11

    Brandon Reed FARGO Fund Raiser

    Hey, this is Brandon Reed! I plan on taking the trip to Fargo, ND for nationals this summer , but I really need all the help I can get! I started wrestling with the goal of losing weight, I was obese and soft to say the least. I found wrestling my freshman year of high school and in doing so I lost 50 pounds within the first year. Wrestling is my life and I have worked my tail of to become the best I can in this sport finishing my high school career as a state finalist, 2x State Placer, and 2x All-American with a 3.25 gpa to finish out high school. This will be my last trip to nationals as a high schooler. Next year I will I start my journey wrestling as a Lindsey Wilson College Blue Raider. It is my dream to become a national champion this year so it's hard to work a job while training 2-3 times a day six days a week. As i train hard for the next month in preparation for my journey to nationals I'd hope that I can get as much support from my peers as possible. Every dollar counts. If 400 people donate 1$ that'd be great if 40 people donated 10$ that'd be awesome! Whatever it takes ! It's all appreciated very much! Thank you for your time and support. Brandon Reed out! heres the link to donate!!! --- Money for Fargo is due June 15th Push this link!
  2. anonomowrestling11

    The Season is getting closer and closer.

    Who do you believe will keep their current #1 spot? And who do you believe will not?
  3. anonomowrestling11

    tough match ups

    Both southern
  4. anonomowrestling11

    Blue grass state results?

    Yea. Thats definitely understandable.
  5. anonomowrestling11

    Blue grass state results?

    220 Reed vs Dodd: Dodd wins 7-2, reed never awarded escape and dodd was not awarded a take down. Horrible ref i guess.Dodd with couple counter attacks , reed gets two early with blast double. Dodd goes: 3-0 Reed goes : 2-1 Anderson county kid : 1-2 NKU wrestler: 0-3 Dodd was just the smarter wrestler in that round robin "finals"
  6. anonomowrestling11

    Blue grass state results?

    What about the bigger guys 170+ howd they do
  7. anonomowrestling11

    Blue grass state results?

    Who placed what? What were some of the five star matches?
  8. anonomowrestling11

    Top 2 each weight class

    Who do you guys believe are the heavy hitters for next year in each weight class or who is it that youd like to see face off in each weight. 106 113 120 126 132 138 145 152 160 170 182 195 220 HVY
  9. anonomowrestling11

    Best P4P 20 wrestlers in kentucky

    Who do you guys believe are the best P4P wrestlers for this upcoming season?
  10. Brandon Reed potential transfer to Trinity HS from Iroquois
  11. anonomowrestling11

    Offseason training.

    How are all our fellow wrestlers doing this off season? Who's practicing where? Whose going to what tournaments? Who's getting ready to wrestle at that next level of wrestling in college?
  12. anonomowrestling11

    Junior Worlds.

    Any kentucky wrestlers take a shot at going to junior worlds?
  13. anonomowrestling11


    Which ky wrestlers going to FARGO?
  14. anonomowrestling11

    Open Coaching Positions

    Iroquois is looking for a new head coach.
  15. anonomowrestling11

    Battle of the Bridge!

    at 5:30 Jeff high Indiana is where battle of the bridge will take place! Reed, brown, chandler, smith, mamedov, alokozai,kurbonav, bowmen,Klein,Cambron,Dodd,henehan, and more will be expected to wrestle at this tourny.