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  1. NighthawkWrestling

    Anderson Youth Wrestling Camp

  2. NighthawkWrestling

    Anderson Youth Wrestling Camp

    Attention: Attached is the camp flier for the youth camp held in July for K-8th grade. Dates: July 14-16 Time: 9:00am till 11:00am Where: Anderson High School Gym What To Bring: Wrestling Shoes, tshirt, gym shorts. We will have water on site. If you do not own wrestling shoes, regular gym shoes are fine too. Cost: $60.00 Age Group: This camp is for K- 8th grade. The youngest your child can be is incoming Kindergarten through incoming 8th graders. No high school kids will be permitted to this camp. We will allow walk up campers the day of camp. Any interested campers should simply fill out the waiver & registration form and mail back with payment to: Here is a link to the camp flier: Anderson Youth Wrestling Camp 7560 Forest Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45255 Questions: Please call the Anderson Athletic Department @ 232-2772. STAFF: Luke Cripe: Head Wrestling Coach Anderson High School. Matt McIntire: Assistant Varsity Coach Anderson High School Brad Gaertner: Head JV/Frosh Wrestling Coach Anderson High School Brad Cunningham: Head Wrestling Coach Nagel Middle School Zach Smith: Assistant Wrestling Coach Nagel Middle School. Please visit our website to see more about our clinicians, extra camp forms, daily schedule, and more. http://redskinwrestling.teamsitesnow...hool/wrestling PM me is you have questions! Thanks!
  3. NighthawkWrestling

    Tournament of Champions 2014

    I do have you confused. My apologies-- Regardless it is a joke
  4. NighthawkWrestling

    Tournament of Champions 2014

    Fitting comment since Woodford seems to benefit the most from the "one and done's"
  5. NighthawkWrestling

    Tournament of Champions 2014

    I do have that t-shirt lol 40-0!
  6. NighthawkWrestling

    Tournament of Champions 2014

    "One and Done" no long applies to University of Kentucky basketball now it applies to Kentucky wrestling @ Woodford County!
  7. NighthawkWrestling

    Tournament of Champions 2014

    David Carr will not be at Woodford next year. But Hurst and Androni should be bigtime players for them.
  8. NighthawkWrestling

    Autism and TOC

    Big ups to Jacob Grandstaff for winning Autism Tournament then the next day finishing 7th at TOC. Samuel lost to Jacob in the finals at Autism. Way to go boys.
  9. NighthawkWrestling

    Tomahawk Wrestling Club- (Freestyle)Cincinnati, OH

    ttt Last Thursday had 23 kids come out.
  10. NighthawkWrestling

    Disney Duals

    Would love to see KY represented at Disney Duels.
  11. NighthawkWrestling

    Wth is up with schools and BB

    Seriously? This is really a complaint? Don't like it do something about it, can't do anything about it then have your child play basketball. This isn't just a county thing this is a national thing as well. Basketball = Money, wrestling does not. Complaining about this is like how I complain to my students about capitalism and how its the main reason we have such disparity of wealth in our country, as well as corrupt government officials, and why were constantly engaged in foreign affairs. Point being it is what is it and until someone does something to change it. By the way I had no clue CC even made the state basketball tournament until I drove by the Elks Club on 27 and they had it advertised there. They lost in the first round and every kid was back in school on Thursday so as Arnold would say in Kindergarten Cop, "quit whining!!" BTW some school districts, Covington Independent, Princeton City Schools close for the state tournament.
  12. NighthawkWrestling

    Tomahawk Wrestling Club- (Freestyle)Cincinnati, OH

    Not a bad showing tonight. Roughly around 17 guys. No little guys and mostly its Anderson kids with a few Turpin and Kings there. Hoping to get around 25 kids in there per practice. Lot of freestyle and greco technique then about 30 minutes of live wrestling. I will say great insight and technique from Coach Cripe and Coach McIntire. Next practice is Thursday at 6:30
  13. NighthawkWrestling

    Tomahawk Wrestling Club- (Freestyle)Cincinnati, OH

    Not sure. I've spoken with the Grandstaff's who plan on being there tonight but beyond them and maybe a few 7th graders locally (meaning Milford, Kings, etc). Not sure about anyone lighter. After tonight I will be able to give more insight to the kids in the room. I am not 100% sure but all the communication to the community is that kids will be training freestyle and greco. Hope this helps
  14. NighthawkWrestling

    Tomahawk Wrestling Club- (Freestyle)Cincinnati, OH

  15. NighthawkWrestling

    This years suprises

    At 90 yrs old he could still kick the crap out of his wrestlers lol I have many great stories and memories with that guy.