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  1. Jwoo160

    Best Kentucky Wrestler Ever?

    Hard to pick one two very obvious ones for me are rushell and Jacob murton. I haven't followed it as much since My career ended but heard that meyers kid was one the top in the country. Seen him wrestle a few times and just dominated. For honorable mentions id say Richard Starks, Taylor shearer, Don Blevins ( never saw him but heard a lot about him before my time), and Jarius Murton, murton I know gave #1 kid in the country a Good run or atleast made it close and pretty much destroyed everyone he faced in state think cooper was the only one to not get pinned or teched.
  2. Jwoo160

    Singlet vs Shorts and Shirt/MMA Gear

    Also one other thing i don't get is why everyone talks about safety and how singlets are so safe due too their tightness when wrestlers are allowed to practice in shorts and t-shirts. Its like so its o.k for you to get hurt in practice and not in competition? Ill be honest i wrestled like 10 years and never seen a finger get broke in baggy clothes I know its happend but think its prolly pretty rare especially if ur shorts and shirt arent even baggy.
  3. Jwoo160

    Singlet vs Shorts and Shirt/MMA Gear

    This is what i think the standard uniforms should evolve into, or at least something similar. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=796570030396834&pnref=story
  4. Jwoo160

    Singlet vs Shorts and Shirt/MMA Gear

    They really need to make it ok to wear shorts and a t-shirt i understand tradition but the amount of kids I have met who wont go out for wrestling because of a singlet is crazy. I almost didnt wrestle myself when i was in elementary school once i saw what i had to wear. There would be way more interest in wrestling if you could wear basketball shorts that aren't too big and a t shirt.
  5. Jwoo160

    Wrestlers who excel at MMA

    This list would be almost endless wrestlings prolly the best base for mma.
  6. Jwoo160

    MLB Players who wrestled in high school

    Yea they have a pretty small connection, while wrestling has a team aspect its mainly a individual sport and a combat sport. Baseball is a team sport with no physical contact, i played baseball from the time i was 4 til like junior year and wrestled almost as long and 90% kids i played baseball with would prolly cry at a serious wrestling teams practice.
  7. Jwoo160

    Coach Branch

    So glad to hear that they are ok thanks alot for that info RYP. Thats crazy about Mrs. Branch, I couldnt imagine what was going through her head, super mom status!
  8. Jwoo160

    Congrat to Coach Hitchings

    Congrats coach Hitchings I will be fun rooting for you guys, best of luck too you and the team!