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  1. rideemout

    top ten ky wrestlers never to win a state title?

    Kory shotwell from Campbell county. That is my top pick for sure, that kid was an animal.
  2. rideemout

    Dennis Hall Wrestling Camp

    great camp
  3. rideemout

    Region 6 Predictions

    idc about anyones fat asses!! Why isnt there a list of regional finalists!
  4. rideemout


    Haha 138 was not the toughest in the country this weekend, powerade was this weekend. Hasbeen is that also not what i was saying? That you have bad tournaments
  5. rideemout


    Your saying that someone who beat lawson 7-4 last year and then lost 7-1 to him that he was ready? And i never said anything about wrestling and your son
  6. rideemout


    Ohh so what your saying your always ready everything? Likely... you wish you could Have competed like him. And your son is the one with excuses.
  7. rideemout


    Fausz was just not ready, the kid will not lose again
  8. rideemout

    Stand outs from none powerhouse teams

    Fanofwrestling6. Im pretty sure Carr is at Cleveland state
  9. rideemout

    InterMat Rankings

  10. rideemout

    Wisconsin wrestle off's

  11. rideemout

    Summit Country Day HS (Cincinnati)

    Sorry But Campbell would definitely place top 10 in D2 ohio. And because i was suppose to go to summit country day my freshman year and they screwed me over pretty bad. And i just like to see Kentucky dominate everywhere
  12. rideemout

    Summit Country Day HS (Cincinnati)

    I really hope they are in a tournament with CC or Ryle or a good NKY school and get spanked.