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  1. Danville1980

    Tournament needed

    Filled the date. Thanks
  2. Danville1980

    Tournament needed

    Anderson County is looking for a tournament for Jan 4th if anyone has any openings! Thanks
  3. Danville1980

    USA Tournament and Jeff Jordan Camp

    A big thanks to all who participated in the Danville Tournament and clinic!!! The numbers were down for the tournsment, however everyone got some quality matches!! Several state qualifiers and state placers along with at least one state champion!! There were participants from Union, River City, Davies County, North Hardin, Woodford, Lafayette, Henry Clay, Madison County, Fern Creek, Scott County, Boyle County, Nelson County, and Im sure I missed some!! Thank you for your participation!!!!
  4. Danville1980

    USA Tournament and Jeff Jordan Camp

    Remote weigh-in at Daviess County High School on Friday April 26 from 4-6pm
  5. Danville1980

    USA Tournament and Jeff Jordan Camp

    Remote weigh-in at Scott Cnty on Thurs April 25 from 5p-7p
  6. Danville1980

    USA Tournament and Jeff Jordan Camp

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you but I seperated my clavical and have been laid up ... Tough getting old!! Hehe
  7. Danville1980

    Brock Ervin named USA wrestling athlete of the week!!

    Well deserved for such a talented athlete, hard working athlete, and all around great person!! Go Brock continue to shine and represent our state well!!! Well deserved award!!!
  8. Danville1980

    USA Tournament and Jeff Jordan Camp

    Time is running out on this great opportunity to participate in a USA tournament and 10 hours of great technical instuction from Jesse Leng from Jeff Jordan Champ camp. You can get a tournament and clinic for 85.00 if reserved by April 20. Make sure your spot is reserved!!!
  9. Danville1980

    USA Tournament and Jeff Jordan Camp

    This camp is starting to fill up!! Reserve your spot today!!!
  10. Danville1980

    Spatola 3/23

    Coach Spatola and Coach Dehart are a class act!! They have given more back to this sport than most would imagine!! To complain about a spring /summer tournament lasting too long or waiting too long to get a match suggest that one could do a better job and if that is the case I challenge you to host an event an prove it!! For the small price that one has to pay to enter and the opportunity for quality matches far outweighs the time invested!! We had several participants at this event last year and this year and they only had positive comments! We will definantly be back next year and appreciate the opportunity to get quality matches during a time when the majority of people do not host such events!! Thank you Coach Spatola and Coach Dehart for your dedicattion to the sport of wrestling and the lives you have positivily influence along the way!!!
  11. Danville1980

    USA Tournament and Jeff Jordan Camp

    Your welcome to stay at out house!!!
  12. Danville1980

    USA Tournament and Jeff Jordan Camp

    What a deal!!!! Danville is hosting its annual spring USA Tournament and for the second straight year has coupled it with the Jeff Jordan camp w/ technician Jesse Leng!!! Register early and you get to wrestle in the tournament and receive 5- 2 hour sessions of technique plus meals for $85.00! The flyers are attached or you can register on our website at www.danvillewrestling.net. If you have any questions give me a call at 859-324-2212. Space is limited to the first 50 wrestlers!!! Danville USA Wrestling Tournament 2013.docx JEFF JORDAN WRESTLING CLINIC 2013.docx
  13. Danville1980

    Danville Invitational 1/26/2013

    There is an opening for the Dual Tournament if anyone is interested you can contact Coach Selby at 859-516-1393!
  14. Danville1980

    Admiral Wrestling Tournament

    Due to an inadvertent conflict of events in the area we will not be having the event! Since No-Ox is hosting a clinic on the same day we wish to support them in any way we can in maximizing the number of wrestlers they can draw! We appreciate Coach B and will be taking several individuals to their event. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  15. Danville1980

    Admiral Wrestling Tournament

    See Attached for info on the up and coming wrestling tournament in Danville> School is beginning and the 2012 USA card is expiring so this may be the last chance to get your money's worth out of this years card!!! Danville USA Wrestling Tournament 2012 school beginning.docx Danville USA Wrestling Tournament 2012 school beginning.docx