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  1. Mike Frankrone

    Tyler Frankrone

    Tyler is attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill now.
  2. Mike Frankrone

    Best P4P 20 wrestlers in kentucky

    I can vouch what Chris is saying. Reed trains like an animal (on his own). I agree, he probably out trains anyone in the State as far as working out on his own.
  3. Mike Frankrone

    Errors With FloWrestling Website

    Thank you
  4. Mike Frankrone

    Errors With FloWrestling Website

    Errors with stats & spelling. Tyler's last name was misspelled on his matches from winning Virginia Beach, so the videos aren't matching up to his FloWrestling Profile because of it. Also, they have his loss to Max Dean as a Fall, when he only loss by points 3-1. I clicked on the "contact us" button on FloWrestling and filled out the information on the problem we have, but I haven't seen a correction from them or been contacted back from Flo. Anyone know of any other ways I can fix this problem with the FloWrestling Website?
  5. Mike Frankrone

    Flo Rankings

    Tyler Didn't lose to anyone in Kentucky last year. Last time he lost to smith was year before last.
  6. Mike Frankrone

    Central Regional in Indianapolis

    Does Anyone know if there is a weight allowance at this tournament? I can't find any info on their website.
  7. Mike Frankrone

    NHSCA Virginia Beach

    Cornett out wrestled that kid. Best out of 3 and Cornett wins 2.
  8. Mike Frankrone

    NHSCA Virginia Beach

    Tyler Frankrone & Austin Myers in the semifinals.
  9. Mike Frankrone

    missing wrestling gear!

  10. Mike Frankrone

    missing wrestling gear!

    Region 4 tournament. If anyone is missing anything from the tournament held at Manual HS this past weekend, we found some.
  11. Mike Frankrone

    dominic lampe

    100% agree with everything you said. Great minds think alike.
  12. Mike Frankrone

    dominic lampe

    No I don't think that at all Andy. It's just my opinion is a little different about how St. X handles things because I've dealt with St. X on their rules before (non disciplinary reason) and they were sticklers then too. I'm just one of those rare people that believes in 2nd chances as long as someone wasn't hurt no matter what the rules are. Like I said before, I look at X different in these situations because, it's not Christ-like to not forgive and give another chance and that what's their supposed to represent is Christ first and foremost.
  13. Mike Frankrone

    dominic lampe

    I'm on your wife's side on this one!
  14. Mike Frankrone

    dominic lampe

    No offense taken at all. We spent 5 years with Dominic on the same team. So, I'm sure I'm feeling a little more emotional about the situation than most. Tyler spent his freshman year at St. X, so I'm sure my outlook on this specific situation might be a little different than most too.
  15. Mike Frankrone

    dominic lampe

    Luckily Dominic is already headed to Chattanooga. What if Chattanooga wasn't in the picture and he needed a State Title win to help secure a scholarship to another university? This isn't the Ten Commandments we're talking about here. This is a flawed man-made rule that could easily be adjusted or changed at any time. So St. X was willing to take a risk on ruining his college career over a petty rule. That's not justified. Being a school based on Christian beliefs it would be nice to see St. X operate with their Christians beliefs in hand and show some mercy to Dominic and not operate like a fortune 500 company! Next to my own Son Dominic & Justin Lampe are my favorite kids we've been around thru our years in wrestling. And I'll tell you what, this straight pisses me off. I don't care what's in their handbook. Times change and so do people. Dominic Lampe does not deserve what he's worked over 10 years for because of what he did. I'll always miss & love the St. X wrestling program and their coaches, but as far as the rest of the school goes, I'm glad we made the move to where we are.