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  1. Eaglewrestler16

    Regional questions

    What will they be called on track?
  2. Eaglewrestler16

    Who is the best HS wrestling Coach in the state of KY?

    Coach Thomas at Moore deserves a shoutout at least. He has done a tremendous job there building that program up to one of the most consistent programs in the state. I always like watching his wrestler wrestle. Moore has also developed a youth team which should help not only their program but the Jefferson county area. He's done a lot and deserves some credit.
  3. Eaglewrestler16

    Teams Creeping out of the shadows.

    I forget Larue is a small school makes sense. Just always used to them having a really good team. It happens with elite programs though
  4. Eaglewrestler16

    Jefferson County Tournament predictions?

    I understand five weeks till state, but at the same time I would like to see the best wrestlers wrestle here if healthy.
  5. Eaglewrestler16

    Teams Creeping out of the shadows.

    Not a team that is creeping out of the shawdows, but what has happened with Larue county?
  6. Eaglewrestler16

    Jefferson County Tournament predictions?

    Anybody know why Trinity and Male weren't at full strenght? If it was becasue of injury I could understand, any other reason idk why they wouldn't wrestle in the county tournament. I would like to pay to see the best wrestlers in our county wrestle the best wrestlers in our county. I personally think the county tournament should be treated as one of the biggest tournaments of the year. Seems by showing some don't think that way.
  7. Eaglewrestler16


    Also, is track up and running yet? Would be nice to get that going for those of us at work.
  8. Eaglewrestler16

    Open Coaching Positions

    According to the JCPS coaching opportunities list there is a JV wrestling coach postion open and a varsity assistant coach spot open at Eastern High School.
  9. Eaglewrestler16

    Rankings 106-126

    If Hall is wrestling at 113 I like him to take state
  10. Eaglewrestler16

    Region Breakdown

    Also to add on to disscusion maybe its just me, but we need more wrestling clubs in the jefferson county area. This is where most of the population is, and should be a gold mine to finding talent. The clubs that we do have are great with River City, Trintiy, Fern Creek, and Moore. Please add someone if I'm missing any. I've been away from the sport for awhile. We need one on the East end of town in the Westport Area, also down towards Manual High School if they don't already. I don't think they do could be wrong. That would be a golden opportunity imo espically with the UofL wrestling club and former wrestlers right there on campus at UofL or JCC. Could come over to Club practice and roll around with the young kids. Just food for thought guys. I have no clue on how to start one and what the limitations are but please feel free to message me.
  11. Eaglewrestler16

    Region Breakdown

    Thanks everyone for the info! I will have them out by this weekend after looking over results! Mainly doing this for fun and the love of the sport. By no means am I trying to take Rangers spot. He does an awesome job at covering the state as a whole. Also as far as the district talk, I think we are fine with the current format on the high school level.
  12. Eaglewrestler16

    Region Breakdown

    Can someone give me a breakdown on the regions? I know they are new this year and not 100% sure about what schools are in what region. I want to do some region rankings, mainly for the jefferson county area.
  13. Have to give Ranger a lot of credit for doing these rankings. A lot goes into doing them. Keep up the good work Ranger. Appericate it.
  14. Eaglewrestler16

    Jefferson County

    After looking at Track I have some changes to make. Thanks Coach!
  15. Eaglewrestler16

    2014 State Duals

    Its State Duals I believe you have to qualify