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  1. ccbcdeke

    New to wresting

    Moore has a program that goes year round and has kids that age. North Bullitt has a high school program but not any youth.
  2. ccbcdeke

    2020 State Date

    that doesn't sound right. HS stat in Feb
  3. We typically allow kids to bump up an age division to wrestle exhibition matches all they want. We do not coordinate or bracket them though.
  4. The matrix is now available for you to view on the Men's tournament on Saturday the 2nd and Women's tournament on Sunday the 3rd. It is also available for the J.Finley (KWOA Classic) on the 9th. Please use this as stated above to encourage coaches and athletes to sign up. Thanks.
  5. ccbcdeke

    KWOA SPRING CLASSIC- 03/09/2019

    Registration is active and the matrix is viewable.
  6. ccbcdeke

    2018-19 KYWCA Girls State Championship

    I hear Fairdale has a woman coaching a girls team. That's pretty cool.
  7. ccbcdeke

    Central Region video

    Triston Brooks with the fall
  8. Regardless of the reason, it is going to be held at Taylor County High School.
  9. That clears it up...thanks.
  10. I'm unclear if these comments are directed toward the people not showing up or the people putting on the tournament.
  11. ccbcdeke

    Freestyle Registration Issues

    now try it
  12. ccbcdeke

    College Combine

    I think this is worth a bump.
  13. There is a Junior Women's division built in both tournaments. You may need to scroll down to see it.
  14. Montgomery Co. Freestyle and Greco tournaments are now open for registration.
  15. ccbcdeke


    Haha. tell that to Rick Pitino and UofL. No way that is too soon.
  16. ccbcdeke

    Barry Davis resigns

    Ben Askren said he was considering applying.
  17. good question. pay at the tournament
  18. ccbcdeke

    Campbellsville Wrestlers now coaching

    there's like 3 of them at Taylor Co.
  19. Garrett Pikul is the tournament director and has been in Cuba refereeing a tournament there. I'm sure he will work on that stuff when he gets back.
  20. this tournament is live on trackwrestling. sign up early.
  21. ccbcdeke


    Freestyle & Greco schedule April 07 at Montgomery Co April 14 at Bullitt Central (National Dual Qualifier) April 21 at Anderson Co April 28 at Oldham Co May 12 at Davies Co May 19 State Tournament at Campbellsville University May 25-27 Central Regional in Ada, OH June 6-10 Schoolboy National Duals in Indy June 12-16 Cadet National Duals in Spokane June 19-23 Junior National Duals in Tulsa July 12-20 Fargo
  22. ccbcdeke

    girls qualifying for state

    Thanks. I was just too lazy to look it up. tbh. To your other point, with the number of women graduating college and going into the teaching field, a girls high school team may be just the opportunity they are looking for to coach other girls. Your post sounded like you would be counting on men to fill those coaching positions.
  23. ccbcdeke

    girls qualifying for state

    Does anybody know how many teams wrestled in the first boys state tournament? And was it sanctioned by the KHSAA?
  24. Tbagnky, I just sent you a PM