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  1. grapplehed

    College all americans

    Simon Kenton Barnes DI Miami U Brad Cooper NAIA Destefano NAIA
  2. grapplehed

    Raider Rumble

    Great tournament as always. Track shut down for 1.5 hours across the country. Still got out at decent time. Some stacked weights and many impressive. Great news is that at least 2 colleges there recruiting KY guys. MSJ coach Mason and Spence. and Coach Ruschell from UTC. They see the value and the talent. Great tournament as always.
  3. grapplehed


    Outstanding! Congrats Ryan.
  4. grapplehed

    Ky results NCAA

    Congrats to Sean and TJ. Big matches tomorrow. Tough loss for ATM, seams to still struggle as a tweener 197 and HVY. Still has time to adjust.
  5. grapplehed

    NCAA DI qualifiers

    I don't think there has ever been more than 2, maybe 3 at most. DI is brutal not to mention the Big Ten. To me, being healthy is one of the most important things. Good luck to Sean and John. Pulling for Lampe.
  6. grapplehed

    NCAA DI qualifiers

    Nathan Boston entered at 141. 0-2
  7. grapplehed

    NCAA DI qualifiers

    thanks, I meant to add him but forgot. Congrats to John. Came in as 2 seed. Big win and qualifies.
  8. grapplehed

    NCAA DI qualifiers

    Big Ten Irvins injured did not wrestle Yenter 0-2 DNP Ruschell still alive with big win over Minn. 1 more win to place and qualify. 1-1 so far. Tough 1st round draw w Martinez SOCO John Lampe 1 seed. lost in finals 6-5. needed the win to qualify. Only the champ moves on. Tough loss for John. Dominic 1-2 DNP Big 12 Trae Blackwell top 6, has to beat the 4 seed to be the top four. and win out to qualify. Top 3. ACC Fauz 2 seed. in semis Top 4 qualify. Fauz is 1st official NCAA DI qualifier for 2016 If I missed anyone, please post. Best of luck guys.
  9. grapplehed

    That Duck Under, though...

    post a clip
  10. grapplehed

    Sean Fausz

    ON FLO 7. Sean Fausz, NC State over #9 Tim Lambert, Nebraska NC State had to have this match to down Nebraska and Fausz came up huge. He hung around against a very solid Lambert and was able to get the monster upset when his team needed it most. AWESOME SEAN !
  11. grapplehed

    Southern Scuffle

    In for 7/8th place match. 3-0 run in the conso. Great job Garth
  12. grapplehed

    tournaments late 70's early 80's

    were they Trophies or Stone Etchings?
  13. grapplehed

    NOS 20' x 20' Wrestling Mat $239

    sounds like a scam
  14. grapplehed

    NOS 20' x 20' Wrestling Mat $239

    ???? sounds fishy to me