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  1. Not sure of the exact results but this is what I remember off my head 125-Choates forfeit 133-Brooks UC pinned Stripplin CU 141-cooper dec Flake 13-9 149-Seta CU dec Center UC 4-2 157-Clemons CU dec Boggs UC 9-4 165- Lowery CU maj dec Hoppel UC 13-4 174- Reis UC maj dec Branam CU 12-3 184-Nueskabel UC dec Deadrick CU 6-4 SV 197- Jackson CU dec Jablonski UC 6-3 HVY- Flinchum UC maj dec Brown 10-0 Cooper gased out in the first after being up 7-2 and Flake never stop coming putting the match close.
  2. Spencer was at 112 for the WSAZ tournament. Unless he already went back up you may want to switch him and JJ Jude.
  3. Last night Henry Clay made the rip to U. of the Cumberlands to watch the Cumberlands and Campbellsville match. Whitley and Henry CLay had the honor of wrestling under the college lights before the college match. Here are some of the results. 103- HC pin Hash of Whitley 112-HC pin Couch of Whitley 119-Zarth dec 10-8 Evans of Whitley Awesome match could have went either way 125 Caddell of Whitley dec 6-5 HC 130 Hilbun Whitley with forfeit 135 Walton HC forfeit 140 HC Forfeit 145 HC pin West Whitley 152 Petry Whitley pin Mccarty HC 160 HC foreit 171 double forfeit 189 Singley tech fall Ingle 215 double forfeit 285 Double forfeit Exibition- Walton dec Caddell 9-7 I want to say thanks to Henry Clay for making the trip and wrestling Whiltey we do appreciate it.
  4. dbrown40

    Dragon Results

    Any score results? of all weight classes
  5. dbrown40

    U of the Cumberland vs. Cambelsville U

    Also wrestling at U of Cumberlands will be Henry Clay vs Whitley County before the Cambellsville cumberlands match-up
  6. dbrown40

    Upsets over Region Champs?

    Region 8 will be really sacked at 112 if Spencer makes the weight and stacked at 119 if he does not make the weight
  7. Whitley County Results 103-Brandon Stinnett 2-2 103-Shawn Hash 2-1 112-Dalton Evans 4-0 119-Duncan Caddell 2-1 119-Jerry Hilbun 2-0 125-Joey Caddell 3-1 125-Corey Newsome 0-2 140-Derrick Gambrel 0-2 152-Carl Petrey 3-1 152-Travis West 0-2 171-Jaron Singley 4-0
  8. I am the assistant coach at The Universtiy of the Cumberlands but I help out with the Whitley County program as much as possible and I will be at the Bourbon Bash this weekend doing some recruiting and coaching hope to see some good wrestling there. You dont have to go to a D1 school to be a good wrestler. We have some one called Brad Cooper from right here in this state and he has not lost a D1 guy in a long time, so what does that say about NAIA or D11/D111. If you are willing to wrestle in college and have good grades then you can wrestle in college no matter what your high school credentials are.
  9. dbrown40

    Wrestling without being assessed

    I think the punishment should be somewhat harsh because of the sheer amount of teams that are following the program. The couple of teams have no excuse for not following the program besides they want to cheat and get their kids down to weight earlier then the assessment requires or that they are to lazy to figure out how this system works. This program is making alot of people mad but it is put into place to protect the wrestlers. Other kids aregoing to start dropping faster then they are suppose to if there is no punishment put into place. To my understanding you have to have completed your assessment before your first match and have it on file.
  10. There are still a few teams out there that have not completed teir assessment and are wrestling. What is the consequence of this and how fair is it to all the guys who are obeying the rules and slowly working their weights down? If no punishment is used for these teams then this weight management program is not going to work. What does everyone else think about it?
  11. Universtiy of the Cumberlands beat Campbellsville and Limestone college this past saturday. UOTC 23-campbellsville 13 UOTC 24- Limestone 10
  12. dbrown40

    Campbellsville vs Cumberlands

    Wrestling will begin at 10:00 a.m.. Limestone college a division 11 program will also be there.
  13. dbrown40

    Campbellsville vs Cumberlands

    Our two Kentucky college wrestling schools will match up for the first time this weekend at Campbellsville, so come out and support our KY college wrestlers.
  14. dbrown40

    Hoosier duals

    He is now at 125. He wrestled 133 at the Pembrooke open and won it but he dropped to 125 for the Hoosier duals and went 2-2. He is battling an old injury so he will be the same old Richo this year as last but it will just take a little while. 125 was a rough weight class this past weekend.