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    Officials Test Here’s the link. Like heavy83 said, registration is usually in June.
  2. thegreatgatsby

    State brackets

    132 and 170 have 1&2 In semis. 113 1&2 in the quarters. Every other weight class has 1&2 on opposite sides.
  3. thegreatgatsby

    Random draw Just the draw. No names yet.
  4. thegreatgatsby

    Large School State Duals

    St. X, Trinity and Moore wrestle tonight at Moore.
  5. thegreatgatsby


    Why so many forfeits?
  6. thegreatgatsby

    Missing wrestlers (from lineups)

    Jayssen Hanson???
  7. Does anyone else think there are too many kids ranked? How about ranking the top 8-12 in each weight class.
  8. thegreatgatsby

    2018 All Star Classic + Gabe Dean Clinic

    The great officials who volunteer their time to help build our sport. Garrett Pikul, Joe Cattan, and Jason Sidoras all did a fabulous job yesterday. *Jason Sedoris ;)
  9. thegreatgatsby

    Biggest Upsets At State?

    Derrick Smallwood (NHAR 145) gets the iron man award. He lost in the first round and won 7 straight in conso's today take 3rd!
  10. thegreatgatsby


    Officials have already been selected. They are listed in the program. I only know of 1 that cannot be there.
  11. thegreatgatsby


    Low-single-05, I invite you to come out and be an absolutely terrible official and blow a few calls. From my own experience, things look a lot different 3-5 feet from the action than it looks from the coaches corner or much less, from the stands.
  12. thegreatgatsby


    I have a job which I took vacation from because the State tournament was supposed to start this week. jk jk
  13. thegreatgatsby


    So far, I've seeded 106-132. Region champs only. I used head-to-head and rankings (hope you don't mind Ranger and Dutch). The rest were drawn in according to the KHSAA standard draw table. It was a little time consuming, but not that difficult. I just went to track and looked at each region champs match results for head-to-head. Of course some champs didn't have head-to-head, so I looked for common opponent. If I wasn't already involved with the state tournament, I would seed it, with a committee. I don't think we could get full coaches participation for a seed meeting.
  14. thegreatgatsby


    Kidney stones lol No one will ask any questions.
  15. thegreatgatsby


    Maybe now with the extra time, they can seed the tournament.
  16. thegreatgatsby

    last time a Ervin didnt win a title

    2 or 3 years ago. Gabe didn't place.
  17. thegreatgatsby

    Region Tournament Locations

    1. Calloway Fri-Sat 2. Meade Fri-Sat 3. PRP Fri-Sat 4. Manual Fri-Sat 5. Woodford Sat only 6. Cooper Fri-Sat 7. Bryan Station Fri-Sat 8. Belfry Sat only Most weigh ins between 5-6 on Friday. 8-9 on Saturday.
  18. thegreatgatsby

    quarter final matchups that could happen

    You may not want to miss any matches at 138. Some of the first round 2v3 matches are going to be really good.
  19. thegreatgatsby

    138.. stab in the dark

    We may finally have a time when it actually means something to qualify for 32 man state.
  20. thegreatgatsby

    Senior night dual at Holmes

    According to Track, Cooper only brought 9. Holmes had 12. Don't complain about losing a dual when you have 5 holes.
  21. thegreatgatsby

    The Dragon

    Does anyone know if any other KHSAA State Championships are seeded? I know football and basketball are not. It seems every year the number 1 team in basketball goes down in district or region. At the basketball state tournament sometimes the 1 and 2 meet before the finals. In my opinion, if KHSAA doesn't seed the other state championships, they will not seed wrestling state.
  22. thegreatgatsby

    Fastest pin

    There is already a thread on this topic. But, for what it's worth, at the State Tournament in 2005, Cody Moy (PRP 171) had a 5 second pin. Then, at State in 2006, Jason Hardin (PRP 285) had a 10 second pin. I coached them both.
  23. thegreatgatsby

    The Dragon

    #1 and 2 at 132, Duncan and Bindner. #1 and 2 at 182, Frankrone and Smith. Top 4 at 145! Heidorf, Emerson, Ashford and Andreoni. That's if they all show up.
  24. thegreatgatsby

    Fastest pins ??

    He went straight in with a cowboy. I guess the ref was a little more athletic lol.
  25. thegreatgatsby

    Fastest pins ??

    In 2004, I coached Cody Moy(PRP). He had a 5 second pin in the first round of the state tournament. I believe that is the fastest at state.