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    9 So. Spencer Moore Walton Verona KY HM Spencer had a great showing at Super 32 and Flo noticed.
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    I disagree with you GOO. Region 1 teams weren’t complaining.... not too long ago it was two small schools going to state duals from region 1 when it was 1 division. We got our butts handed to us by JC and other large schools. Not one complaint about it from coaches or kids. the small school split actually was when union won the duals and larue won it the year prior. Personally, I am for whatever grows wrestling KY. So the split made sense to grow the sport, but I was against it because I personally liked wrestling the larger schools. But I can set aside personal opinions for growing the sport in KY. I do think large/small winners should wrestle. You’re there and why not test yourselves against the best. I had no issue with JC not wrestling Union last yr as it was my understanding they were banged up pretty good. Gotta do what’s best for your team, but if health isn’t an issue, then wrestle. just my opinion which isn’t worth much.
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    I would like to see him make a Olympic run at 97kg. And avenge his loss to Capt. America
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    Was excited to watch Austin tonight, the Sophmore Elam is taking a redshirt. No Austin tonight? Hwt Diaz got the nod and got majored. Missouri gets upset by VT. Will we see the greatest 220 in my history this year?
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    I don't disagree with that point of view at all. I'm looking forward to a dual against Tilghman on Jan 17th.
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    I just forgot to change the name on the website. My apologies. https://www.kentuckyusawrestling.org/page/show/1031369-middle-school-elementary-
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    The Kentucky Wrestling Officials Association (KWOA) will hold the fourth annual KWOA Fall Classic on Saturday November 9, 2019 at Taylor Co. High School. This is a very competitive middle school event early in the season. Team that participated last year include: Taylor Co., Larue Co., Meade Co., Central Hardin, John Hardin, North Oldham, South Oldham, East Oldham, Carr Wrestling Academy, Walton-Verona, Madison Co., Colt Wrestling Club, Boyle Co., Christian Co., McCracken Co., and Indiana Smackdown. A flyer for the event if attached. If your team is interested in participating, please email Garrett Pikul at gpikul01@gmail.com. Specific Questions regarding the tournament can be sent to Jim Hardin and Teela Hardin (Contact information listed on flyer) KWOA FALL CLASSIC 2019.docx
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    Welcome Travis. Take over for Rusty? Strange not seeing him as a coach there. Good luck this year!
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    It doesn't look like he's even in the lineup. Missouri does not like to lose duals. Looks like he is third string, which makes him the backup since Elam is evidently redshirting.
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    Everyone, I wanted to take a minute to thank Chris Duke and Mike Harrod for taking the time to create middle school rankings for the state of Kentucky. After volunteering to keep them going, several of us from the Oldham County area have realized the amount of time to research and create the rankings is no small task. The rankings should serve as a fun opportunity for the kids to receive some recognition throughout the wrestling season. We completely understand that some kids will change weights, move weight classes, wrestle for high school teams, this upcoming season. Please share results, match into, etc. via email throughout the season and we as a group will update the rankings accordingly. We were able to throw together a top 5/6ish list for all classes from 70-105. Classes 113 and above become challenging considering many in the upper weight classes were 8th graders. So, for classes 113 and above there is a listing of kids in various weights that we can eventually put in order when the tournaments begin. We hope to gather information from across the state via email for tournaments and duals(duels) that are not on trackwrestling for the upcoming season. If you would like to share information please email Matt Brown at mbrown8378@gmail.com or Brent Dunn at williambrentdunn@att.net. We will try to add a team ranking component as we get into the season. Please remember we are doing the best we can and want to provide recognition to the kids and want to be as unbiased as possible. I know everyone is chomping at the bit to get started and here's to a great 2019.20 wrestling season. Thanks Matt Brown Preseason Rankings 2019.pdf
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    These are just my Preseason Rankings for Region 4. Just going off of what ranger has and the rosters that I have. Please send me any wrestlers that I’m missing hoping to improve these rankings and keep this going throughout the season. Region 4 Rankings 106 1-Aiden Roe 10th Central 2-Alexander Fredrick 10th Trinity 3-Malachi Harris 8th Moore 4-Korrey Mattingly 9th Male 5-??? 113 1-Matthew Meyer 11th St. Xavier 2-Jakari Speaks 12th Moore 3-Eh Keh Lah John 10th Male 4-Larell McIntyre-Johns 10th Central 5-Colin Bratcher 10th Trinity 120 1-Trevor Villums 9th Male 2-Lee Florexille 11th Central 3-Charlie McKune 9th Moore 4-??? 5-??? 126 1-Bryant Beane 9th Trinity 2-Nathan Ohlmann 12th St. Xavier 3-Dawson Mattingly 9th Male 4-??? 5-??? 132 1-Ryan Bellucci 12th St. Xavier 2-Austin Hedges 12th Trinity 3-Virgil Garcia 12th Male 4-Harrison Turrey 11th Moore 5-Evan Wooley 10th Seneca 138 1-Jonathan Phillips 10th Trinity 2- Scotty Villums 11th Male 3-Trent Jackson 12th Moore 4-Conley Combs 11th Manual 5-??? 145 1-Ty Lehman 11th Trinity 2-Zach Pledger 11th St. Xavier 3-Elijah Phan 11th Male 4-Henry Marchal 11th Atherton 5-??? 152 1-Landon Lenhart 12th Trinity 2-Kashiku Hutcheson 11th St. Xavier 3- Dylan Norton 10th Male 4-Demontaze Duncan Waggener 5-Elvis Tran 11th Atherton 160 1-Nathen Wright 12th Moore 2-Brendan Corley 12th Trinity 3-Brayden Cundiff 11th Atherton 4-Jack Calvery 12th St. Xavier 5-Kaleb Cunningham 11th Male 170 1-Everett Marret 11th St. Xavier 2-Kentrell Tidwell 10th Central 3-Jeremiah Samuels 10th Male 4-Dexter Snow 10th Atherton 5-Seth Gerald 10th Moore 182 1-Ryan Martin 11th Trinity 2-Jeremiah Harlan 12th Moore 3-Jacob Mann 10th Manual 4-Terrance Crawford 12th Central 5-Jaystin Johnson 11th Male 195 1-Ben Bush 12th Central 2-Quan Le 11th Atherton 3-Andrew Woodruff 10th Trinity 4-??? 5-??? 220 1-Reginald Whyte 11th Central 2-Jordan Haskins 11th Waggener 3-LeAndre Maxwell N/A St. Xavier 4-George Sackie 11th Atherton 5-Andrew Weber 10th Male 285 1-Mason Lesane 12th Seneca 2-LaQuann Williams 10th Trinity 3-William Marshall N/A Central 4-Avi Leffler 12th St. Xavier 5-Jordan West 9th Male Team Dual Rankings 1-St. Xavier 2-Moore 3-Male 4-Trinity 5-Central Team Individual Rankings 1-St. Xavier 2-Trinity 3-Central 4-Moore 5-Male
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    Thank you for the reply, having trouble making out if hes going to wrestle or not from that response. I'm hoping to see him on the mat before Elam comes back. I know hes ready to back up a them Ky accolades. This is the year to make his run. Obviously with the results posted above he should have no problem. Good luck austin.
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    SKIT Youth Wrestling Tournament WEIGH-INS: Home site weigh-ins will be conducted by each school. Registration must be emailed by Thursday, Jan. 2nd by 10:00 pm. Email: rickdauenbaugh@hotmail.com - Submit on Excel Spreadsheet Last Name First Name Birth Year Weight Years Exp. Club/Team Dauenbaugh Hawk 2008 55 4 SK Elite **No registration or weigh in will be conducted on Sunday – No return of entry fee for no shows** WRESTLING: PeeWee – Intermediate: Three 1-minute periods, Novice-M.S.: 1:30, :60, :60 Wrestling shoes must be worn. Wrestling uniform or tight-fitting shirt/shorts. Wrestlers with braces must wear mouth guards. TIMES: Session 1 - 9:00 am – Bantam (2012-2013), Intermediate (2010-2011) Session 2 - 1:30 pm – PeeWee (2014-15), Novice (2008-2009), M.S. (2006-2007) CHECK IN - 1 hour before wrestling ENTRY FEE: $15 per contestant - Coaches please bring one check to Tournament payable to “Pioneer Wrestling Boosters.” **Free Spectator Admission**Concessions available** FORMAT: 8-man bracket – Double elimination. Brackets with 4 or less will be round robin. Three (3) one-minute periods. Clock stopped for out of bounds or injury. Tie breaker will sudden victory overtime period, first score wins. No time will be kept in the overtime period. WEIGHT CLASS: We will follow USA Wrestling age divisions/weight classes; brackets may be combined and kept within 10%. Attempt will be made to pair up beginning wrestlers in separate brackets. AWARDS: Plaques for 1st through 3rd place CONTACT : Lesli Dauenbaugh (309) 287-5500 E-mail: Dcrazyplanet@aol.com Rick Dauenbaugh (513) 309-4603 E-mail: rickdauenbaugh@hotmail.com This is not a school sponsored event. The material contained in this flyer and the activities which is describes are not endorsed by the Simon Kenton School District. The organization which created and caused this flyer to be distributed is in no way affiliated with the Simon Kenton School District. 2020 SKIT Wrestling Tournament.docx
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    Stephen Little- champ (did not give up point) Levid Rodriguez- 5th Payne Carr- 6th Jake Insko- 7th Paxton Ervin- 7th Eli Peyton- made it to the blood round (5-2) Trayce Eckman- went 4-2 Middle school- Jayden Raney- 1st Jordyn Raney- 2nd Lucas Ricketts- 5th
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    For youth or middle? What county are you in? How far do you want to drive?
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    Olmstead Academy in Louisville, KY is looking to add a wrestling program this year. The athletic director is new and is aware of what it takes to start and support a wrestling program. The school is an all boys school of about 600 kids. If you are interested in becoming the first coach and getting this program started please contact the AD at the below: Coach Antoine Horton 502-403-4811 antoine.horton@jefferson.kyschools.us
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    All, I will be updating the tournament flyer. We are now holding it at Great Crossing High School!
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    Got some Kentucky girls in the new USA preseason rankings out today. Olivia Messerly #20 112 Courtney Pittman #19 138 MaQuoia Bernabe #17 225
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    No one should get upset over where kids sit. All does not matter till end of season where they stand/if they are standing on podium.
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    Maybe make up for it with bad ass medals and singlets?
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    There is a head coaching job open for University Heights Academy in hopkinsville. If you are or know anyone who is interested in a head coaching job of any level (youth- Highschool) please respond or contact the school! The blazer wrestling program has been without a head coach for nearly three years. dont let one of the programs die!
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    Exactly ..so boring theese days ..wheres the killers the undefeated ass kicking kids that people set in the stands and make bets on how many SECONDS it will take them to win.
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    I think the part that says "you will "should have answered your question but I know your not the sharpest knife in the drawer ...and yes most decorated best greatest winningest ...and more ..and if he wasnt in the lineup he wouldn't be on the roster du#,@$$ and if he wasnt the starter he wouldn't have been listed as the starter hahah not that any of you wannabees know anything whatsoever about any sport ..you dont discuss certain things ..or lineups always ...When you wrestle with guys like Jden Cox and Dom Bradley every day you get little injuries here and there ...no worries you wannabees not that it's any of your concern or business ..I mean wth gives you the right to talk smack yr in and out with your history ..meaning none ..your a bunch of no bodies trying to feel important trashing the best high school wrestler in your states history lmao trying to poke an old bear who is far far far beyond you in trash talking ...and anything having to do with any sport whatsoever .. 8
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    Oh and it says jr ????those crazy coaches ..so keen and cool and quick to get an injured guy an injury redshirt ???neat huh.funny you a holes always so quick to knock and bash someone but when you see real info or anything positive ..nothing but crickets lmao .
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    You will see KY High Schools greatest most winningest wrestler it's only Nhsca wrestler of the year ky first and only Fargo double AA 2x NHSCA ow and 3 x NHSCA nat champ The nation's first and only 220 lb undefeated High school wrestler KYs only NHSCA OW winner KYs only central reg OW winner and double OW winner the ncaa nat qualifying and kys only grade level NCAA D1 wrestler of the year ever ...wrestle Greatest 220 of course greatest High School wrestler ever from ky Just as easily proven .nat titles AAs OWs state titles ..wins ...more of all of them than anyone ...and never gave up a single offensive point to anyone in the state of ky in a sanctioned match ...no one else can even dream of touching what he did hahahahahah