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    Big news that some already know. People will be able to watch live matches at state for the first time! People can actually watch from home. Jon Carr needs a pat on the back!
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    Nice jump in numbers from year 1 to year 2. Hopefully it keeps going and we can press the state to sanction girls wrestling. That should be the obvious goal in taking the next step. Once again I saw a lot of good wrestling and I need to give a shout out to my daughter Savannna Bacon, a senior, as that was possibly her last match as a high school wrestler. She had what I think was one of the bigger brackets with 19 girls, though I think one dropped out so maybe 18. She wrestled 4 matches, all first period pins and was on the mat a total of 3 minutes and 23 seconds and had no points scored against her! She was a buzzsaw! Yes, this dad is bragging, sorry it's my last chance.. haha! Wrestling with the Union County boys the past two seasons definitely paid off so thanks to everyone at home and thank you to everyone who put this state tournament on for our girls and thank you to all the girls that wrestled this past weekend for stepping out there and battling in what is one of the toughest sports for an athlete. Congratulations to all the champs! Looking forward to watching girls wrestling grow. It has to because I still have two more girls coming up ;)
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    I can speak from 3 aspects of this weight class and the need for it. I wrestled lightweight at first and it grew my love for the sport. That love Grew into coaching over the last 12 years in NKY and that love created a 92 lb 8th grade that was allowed to compete at 106 his 8th grade year and finish 3rd. The following year that freshman was at weight at 106 and won 106lb. Without that weight class, high school boys that are freshman and sophomores have 1 less opportunity to fall in love with this sport and go on to grow it with their children. I’ve had the privilege to travel nationally and watch some of the most skilled 106 lb kids compete in the nation. Watched the same young man My son had wrestled 6 times Their freshman year, go on to place at Super 32’s amongst others and become Nationally Ranked today. I get to watch daily the 1st 106 lb Ryle freshman female qualify for state. That same female freshman was a world team champion. Imagine if we listened to closed minded people that only want to shrink the sport because Of a few forfeits or some team allows a 8th grader to fill their line up. I guess kids like my son, Irvin’s, Moore’s, Messerly, Wheeler, Yost etc don’t have a place in the large volume of HS wrestling in Kentucky. Good luck to all the 106, 220 and all the weights in between wrestling this weekend.
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    OMG!! It looks like the state tournament might actually have video set up this year. They have set a price for $19.95 which usually means the video will be available. Let’s cross our fingers and hope this is correct. If it is, I would be happy to provide Rangers login to track so everyone can save 20 bucks.
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    Huge props to Scotty Teater for running a great event!!!! Thank you Shirley for bringing UC's team to help run things! it ran very well!! Congrats to Central for winning the state title!
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    Union, Christian, Woodford, St. X, Trinity, Johnson Central, Madison Central, Larue, Meade, Oldham, Ryle, Simon Kenton, Campbell and many more had full lineups all year.. the weight classes are perfect and won’t change anytime soon. A lot of our elite wrestlers started out as 106 pounders.
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    wrestling is the only hand to hand combat sport In HS. It is also the only HS sport to match up athletes of the same size to compete against each other. Why would you take away a athletes ability to compete if he is genetically a smaller kid? I remember when Ohio had the 98lb weight class. And they never had Jr. High athletes competing at the HS level. 9-12 only.
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    The committee really outdid themselves this year on the medals and the champion brackets for middle school state. they are bad ass!!
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    I would agree! The singlets were pretty sharp also. Well done board!
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    The birth certificate issue occurred at this year’s state tournament The number 1 seed at 140 was beaten out by an individual that came from Colorado and a former coach believes the wrestler was home schooled before coming here. He placed in the Colorado state MS tournament 3 years ago. His age was questioned also by a former coach and the only proof giving was a letter from USA wrestling Colorado. To my knowledge USA wrestling only goes by the honor system. Every other sport requires a birth certificate. I am not saying he is too old but common sense says we should have solid proof not just for him but for everyone.
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    70 - Brown over Thomas 75 - Evans over Knight 80 - Raney over Vega / Vega over Raney (MOW) 86 - Raney over Johns 92 - Trumble over McGill 98 - Jenkins over Meyer 105 - Ricketts over Lutrell 113 - Lampe over James 121 - Stayer over Paisley 130 - McCoart over Potts 140 - Rider over Roth 152 -Castle over Wilson 168 - Kiser over Hyden 190 - Duke over Virzi (Upset of the day) (MOW) 240 - Lemaster over Keel Good Luck To All Wrestlers Gonna Be A Great Tournament !!!!
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    Totally agree with Ranger. If it’s just 2 sophomores and 2 juniors ranked in top ten , it’s worth having for those kids. My son was 106 junior yr, 126 senior yr. Wrestled college. Make it a jv weight chances are a 106 jr will be done. One of best wrestlers in State is a106 lb Sophomore who is Nationally ranked.
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    As one of those guys that could barely crack 100 pounds their freshman year I know how important those small weight classes are. It's often where the future champions get their start but some people like to paint that as a bad thing for some reason
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    Each region has 56 qualifiers Region 1: 126 (11 teams) Region 2: 142 (16 teams) Region 3: 110 (12 teams) Region 4: 86 (9 teams, 2 teams with 0 kids) Region 5: 128 (11 teams) Region 6: 139 (12 teams) Region 7: 179 (17 teams) Region 8: Not released Looks like realignment needs to take place. Several kids in region 4 have already qualified without stepping on the mat. Region 7 has 179 kids and 17 teams alone!
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    I took 3 kids to skin and nail checks at weigh in and they checked them. I didnt care much for the smaller mats. Gotta give the kids room to wrestle. Keep stopping and resetting ruins the match. Hope they move it to a more centralized location next year. The drive to Pikeville sucks. I'd rather go to Lexington or Louisville.
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    If by no, you really mean no as in no skin checks and nails. I would like to politely correct you. I know of a couple hundred that were on the day of. Reason being I was that guy doing so. I would also like to add that birth certificates are never looked at until a child’s age is challenged by an opposing coach. They have personal identifying information on them and I personally don’t want to see it unless necessary
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    The Louisville Arena charged us $10,000 plus charged each person $10 to park last year. The city of Pikeville and East Ky is paying a much nicer Expo Center Arena bill for us in full. Thus they are donating 10K plus free parking to Youth Wrestling. Also I am told we might be looking at record numbers in the youth division this year.
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    As long as they weren't a previous year KHSAA state qualifier they are allowed to wrestle.
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    Congrats to Ryle and Union. Sounds like It was a great day of wrestling.
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    Not since they already wrestled. Geeze
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    70. Madden Brown over Blake Murdock. . 3rd place LukeThomas 75 Luke Knight over L.Evans. 3rd place M. Reeves 80. Vega over Raney in OT 3rd place A. Condi 86. Raney over I.John's 3rd place Carson Herbst 92. Trumble over D. Leavell 3rd place L. Yost 98. TJ Meyer Over H. Jenkins 3rd place S. Davidson 105. Luttrell over Reeves 3rd place A. Butler 113. Lampe over J.James 3rd place O.Lamar 121. John Paisley over J.Strayer 3rd place S. Davis 130. Z.McCoart over James Anthony 3rd place L. Hutchinson 140. Rider over T.Roth 3rd place N.Yost. 152. L. Castle over D.Wilson 3rd place C.Auxier 168.Luke Hyden over C. Guillame 3rd place J. Mooney 190 .U.Virzi over C. Duke 3rd place C.Lewis 240. Lemaster over J. Graves 3rd place H.Keel MOW Raney MOW L.Castle. 1st. Johnson Central. Just a prediction. ... This means nothing. .. Good Luck to ALL!
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    Who would be interested in putting together some Kentucky age group dual teams for early September? The tournament will be in the Louisville area. Teams for 9U, 10U, 12U, and 15U. These teams can be comprised of wrestlers from different teams. If you are interested, then let me know. Justin Ratliff 812-525-7304
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    Trust me you’re not in my head at all. I just replied to what you posted earlier. What did I say that wasn’t correct? I’ll be at the State Tournament Shifty Schiff if you want to meet up. I’ll even buy you lunch.
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    I saw my favorite singlet ever at the middle school state. Van Lear Bankmules across the front. My grandmother taught at Van Lear in the 40's, 50's, and 60's in Johnson County. One of her former students was John McCoart, grandfather of Zach McCort who wore the singlet during the finals. Van Lear consolidated with other schools to form Johnson Central in the late 60's.