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    It is no coincidence that the Raneys AA in both styles and Stephen Little gets AA in Greco when all 3 just started in both styles. Gavin Ricketts and Lucas Ricketts both won matches also. The common denominator is Coach Brooks Black. The man is a freestyle and Greco badass. He’s done it all and he’s an awesome coach. He just led team Ky at Fargo. He does not get enough credit. He is a big reason that Ky wrestling is now on the map.
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    The rest of the wrestling world are getting a view of what we’ve seen the last couple years. These 2 are something special!! Also how about a shout out to their corner guy. Brooks is the real deal!!
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    How is no one talking about this? Absolutely amazing job being done by team KY at the Fargo dome! Quite of few in the round of 32 and quarter's! Not to mention the biggest upset of the tourney! Keep after it team KY!
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    Congrats Jayden on becoming Kentucky's second FARGO National Champ! His brother takes 5th and has the upset of the tournament! Lauren becomes Kentuckys first Female finalist taking second! Overall I don't think Kentucky has ever had as many wins at FARGO as they did this weekend way to represent!
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    Jayden Raney- 106 freestyle champ 113- Greco champ Jordyn Raney 120- Greco champ 120- freestyle 5th
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    This is Coach Dennis Walls, Coach Jarvis Elam, Adam Carr, Jake Wempe, Aaron Carr, Luke Ervin, Isaac Ervin, Carson Chambliss, Josh Willett, Mitch Ervin, Joe Belt, Jarrod Burke, Isaac Thomas, Diante Wright, Levi Griggs, Matt Young, Neal Reburn, Justin Khuri, Hunter Ratley, Warren Whittaker, Dylan Barnes, Jake Baker, Greg McGuire, Damion Simmons, Steven Taylor. This is their moment. The twins will be there.
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    Hope everyone is having a great summer. Be easy on me as this is the first time I’ve done this. Thought it would be something fun to do for the Region and include smaller schools that don’t get talked about very much. I plan to do a mid season and end of season break down of the region as well. Region 3 preseason copy.docx
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    Way to represent!
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    Lauren Walton and Jayden Raney make finals. Jordyn beats multiple ranked kids. Little just beat a ranked kid. Sherrill, Virzi, Mays, Eckman, and Ricketts won multiple matches.
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    I know it's the summer and more officials will renew their licenses as we get closer to the season, but right now there are only 16 licensed officials in Kentucky. We had less than 90 officials state wide last season, and I know of some that aren't coming back this season. This should demonstrate just how precarious our situation is with officials, especially experienced officials. We, as a community, need to actively do all we can to ensure that we keep the officials that we do have and convince people to become officials.