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    Team Kentucky takes 4th place at Scholastic Duals!!
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    Seriously can this never let people compliment these young wrestlers without having a snide comment or putting them down? Seriously DUDE WTH get a life.Let these kids have there moment your moment never happened.
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    Just wow. He starts crap when people compliment his kid, he starts crap if people say anything critical about his kid. Now he is starting to down grade someone elses kid because they were congratulated for doing well at the NCAA tournament. Everyone is entitled to their opinion about who was or is the best. For crying out loud there are people who still think the Bengals are the best. Get over yourself let the kids accomplishments spweak for themselves and let everyone have their own opinion whether you agree with them or not. In closing i seriously feel sorry for your son having to live with the likes of you i can already see you screming because he only won by 5 in the 3rd rather than a pin in the 1st.
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    Click the following Link to Register: REGISTER NOW
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    Congrats Brandon Reed NAIA Hwt NATIONAL CHAMP and now 2 time AA. First ever Ky HWT champ. Continue to make KY proud. http://www.lindseyathletics.com/article/11370.php https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/21583
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    Even moreso!
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    Now, they have cheated kids out of All American Status, what a joke....How does this happen? After all expenses, that is an easy $1000 weekend!
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    2019 Spatola Classic Results Outstanding Wrestlers: Lane Kiser (Invicta Wrestling Academy), Sophie Anderson (Spatola Wrestling) Open Division 125-133 lbs 1.Nick Wells 2.Jake Gentry 3.Dillian Burton 141 lbs 1.Jake Edwards 2.Jesus Rosado 3.Max Byrd 149 lbs 1.Jared Ford 2.Matthew Lindsey 3.Tyler Ziegler 157 lbs 1.AJ Binder 2.Kamron Paulus 3.Caleb Blake 165 lbs 1.Germane Lindsey 2.Ryan Ford 3.Andrew Ackley 174 lbs 1.Parrado 2.Blum 3.Campbell 184 lbs 1.Todd Allen 2.Chase Sayers 3.Colton Bast 197 lbs 1.Owen Holtle 2.Colton Murray 3.Braden Jones 285 (32 man bracket!) 1.Sean Brooks 2.Dawson Davis 3.Ben Ferguson High School Division 98-112 lbs 1.Matthew Meyer 2.Kam Hughes 3.Bey Sander 120 lbs 1.Trey Allen 2.Jake Vego-Smith 3.Tyler Schneider 126 lbs 1.Adenis Boyd 2.Orlando Smith 3.Austin Sodeman 132 lbs 1.Cael Vanderhorst 2.Trevor Frietsch 3.Brayden Zenni 138 lbs 1.Carlos Santos 2.Jacob Brewer 3.Scott Vilums 145 lbs 1.Jake Hurst 2.Tim Smith 3.Alex Epstein 152 lbs 1.Devan Hendricks 2.Diontae Rone 3.Joel Hatchett 160 lbs 1.Noah Ratliff 2.Avery Bair 3.Gabe Jacobs 170 lbs 1.Clayton Boyd 2.J. Simpson 3.Devin Oligee 182 lbs 1.Joshua Brogden 2.Nathan Wright 3.David Harper 195 lbs 1.Jaron Patterson 2.Jarron Knaff 3.Caleb Tackett 220 lbs 1.Colton Quantz 2.Callen Browning 3.Nick Baker HWT 1.Tripp Johnson 2.Seth Bowman 3.Tayshaun Marshan JH Division 73-83 lbs 1.Jacob Shackelford 2.Colin Gandee 3.Trent Cano 86-94 lbs 1.Tanner Spalding 2.Micah Cottrell 3.Dylan Pennekamp 96-101 lbs 1.Jericho Quinter 2.Hunter Isaacs 3.Elijah Evans 102-109 lbs 1.Kamden Hughes 2.Jude Powell 3.Lauren Walton 110-117 lbs 1.Nolan Banfield 2.Chase Vanderhorst 3.Gino Fiorino 119-129 lbs 1.Trevor Villims 2.Addison Messerly 3.Jeremy Jamison 134-143 lbs 1.Flint Guerra 2.D, Budd 3.Emnaulelle Mills 145-162 lbs 1.Lane Kiser 2.Randy HHughart 3.J Brogden 167-175 lbs 1.Van Skimmer 2.Myles Johnson 3.Zane Adams 178-191 lbs 1.Thomas Long 2.Scott Worstell 3.Cincore Winslow 208-237 lbs 1.Dezmond Gayle 2.Isaiah Moore 3.Grayson Hunt 11-12 year old Division 61-70.5 lbs 1.Case Bell 2.Ethan Rose 3.Case Bridge 73-77.7 lbs 1.Ryan Smith 2.Nickola Kaye 3.Landon Yost 78.6-86 lbs 1. Landen McCargish 2.Issac Campbell 3.James Morris 87-94.6 lbs 1.Kaleb Wilburn 2.Sophie Anderson 3.TJ Meyer 96-103.8 lbs 1.Carson Thomas 2.Mason Tideswell 3.Jayden Owsley 104.5-110 lbs 1.Gabe Rose 2.Riggins Hansgen 3.Miles Inman 111-120 lbs 1.Dalton Matney 2.Leo Nobbe 3.Zane Skinner 125.5-139 lbs 1.Phoenix McGrary 2.Demetrius Stanley 3.Joseph Scarborough 144-164 lbs 1.William Adkins 2.Chandler Moore 3.Donovan Gayle 9-10 year old division 46.8-52 lbs 1.Oliver Lester 2.Grady Moos 3.Liam Barker 54.7-59.7 lbs 1.Brody Taylor 2.Hawk Davenbaugh 3.Brennen East 61.7-69 lbs 1.Case Bell 2.Demarco Kates 3.Case Bridge 70-74 lbs 1.AJ Leeson 2.Cullen Applegate 3.Andrew Tarrango 75-80 lbs 1.Ronald Johnson 2.Philip Orndorff 3.Caleb Smith 82-86 lbs 1.Carson Herbst 2.Ben Woosley 3.Clinton Shepherd 87.6-96 lbs 1.Sir Braun 2.Brayden Fannin 3.Kody Clark 113-123 lbs 1.Kaiden Patton 2.Conner Hensley 3.Jaydan Rutherford 8 & U Division 32.8-41.5 lbs 1.Robert That 2.Kaden Budde 3.William Crull 43.7-49.2 lbs 1.Mason Baylor 2.Rider Ford 3.Seth Anderson 50-54 lbs 1.Matthew Sheehan 2.Cody Blevins 3.Rylee Miller 55-59 lbs 1.Ashton Scott 2.Michael Sulcedo 3.Jake Roell 61.8-66 lbs 1.Anthony Oscar 2.Nikani Issaacs 3.Landen Pegram 67-69 lbs 1.Alex Briacs 2.Kayson White 3.Ryder cooper 70-78 lbs 1.Kam Bedel 2.Darius Ridener 3.Peyton Zinser 85-93 lbs 1.Tank Hinson 2.Memphis McCrary 3.Liam Haines Womens Open Division 112-143 lbs 1.Andrea Schlabach 2.Christine Roell 3.Kelli Ennis Girls 17 & U 88.7-98 lbs 1.Rose Kaplan 2.Candy Keller 3.Payton Kenny 100-109 lbs 1.Olivia Messerly 2.Zoey Salmons 3. Gabriella Ocasio 113-119.8 lbs 1.Sydney Delois 2.Kendra Hiett 3.Cerenity Bergeron 124.5-130.4 lbs 1.Addison Messerly 2.Stephanie Abrams 3.Carmela Castaneda 135-149 lbs 1.Vivian Hurns 2.Mallory Chunat 3.Mellody Barrows 170.8-209.6 lbs 1.Alaina Jackson 2.Ivy Waters Girls 12 & U 53.4-57.8 lbs 1.Mia Skinner 2.Mia Parker 65.7-69.2 lbs 1.Kayla Roell 2.Leah Willen 3.Vita Rose Savage 69.6-78.6 lbs 1.Heather Crull 2.Olivia Crull 3.Bridget Hillard 83-88 lbs 1.Candy Keller 2.Lacey Gilbert 3.Tatum Millet 90-95 lbs 1.Sophie Anderson 2.Raegan Briggs 3.Kiley Ray 101-104 lbs 1.Maylie Skinner 2.Alissa Burdette 3.Kylie Lyons Girls 9 & U 38lbs 1.Lillian Dunk 2.Atlee Fields 3.Kinsley Ditton 44.4-48.8 lbs 1.Avyah Reigelsperger 2.Esimae Morris 3.Skylar Ruggiero 51lbs 1.Lyric Hetzer 2.Bailey Hilliard 3.Bella Burke 51-52.3 lbs 1.Valencia Kates 2.Hailey Gandee 3.Mikaela McCall 54-57 lbs 1.Kadi Herbst 2.Mckenna Gorden 3.Amelia Svec 66-67 lbs 1.Aaliyah Svec 2.Klaira Butler 3.Bailey Emery
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    Good luck. Hope they bring home 50 medals!
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    Outstanding career. Congratulations!
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    Good luck to all the Kentucky boys. Kick some butt and get on that podium!!!
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    I created a Google Form that’ll allow coaches to enter their tournament information on it. Check it out. https://goo.gl/forms/n5UqanIM0kyu7vWr1 Once entered it’ll be pushed to this spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1azn83W_muQpnFe7xeWAK59keBhC8PjA8SzLBBcorhUg This is for high school events only.
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    Sean wrestled well. Tough seeds in both the championship and consi’s. Still, congratulations on a very good collegiate career! You represented Kentucky well!!!
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    pin in the consos!!! Still alive!
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    1st round win 8-2 over (19) Alex Mackall, ISU, 25-11
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    Madison Central will host Team Kentucky practice on Thursday 03/21 from 6:00-7:30 @ Madison Central high school, our room is in the wrestling gym right at the front of the school. We have plenty of space to work out so I’m sending an invite to any advanced high school kid who wants a great workout and has a USA wrestling card come get a great workout in a tough room! Contact Chad Fyffe if you plan to come so I can get a head count. chad.fyffe@madison.kyschools.us 502-395-1038
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    Christian County is hosting tomorrow's Team KY practice! 5pm CST/6pm EST. 220 Glass Avenue Hopkinsville, KY 42240. Park in the back behind the gym. Wrestling Room is located down the ramp on the right side of the gym. Planning on attending the Team KY practice email (dleavell053@gmail.com) or text (270-305-1169) Dee Leavell to let him know you're coming.
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    Congrats to Brandon and LW on a great season!
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    Please leave this for the Austin Myers post. This is about Brandon and his success.
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    Love that kid ,great college wrestler and my friend but he would laugh if you called him the best 220 ky wrestler ever knowing one of the best ever anywhere and the only undefeated 220 hs wrestler EVER came before him hahahahahah
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    Pretty dead o. As far as college couldn't be further from the truth as far as HS goes
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    Great run shawn clearly one of the best lightweights ever from Campbell co.
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    Yeah those two state titles make him ccs best. Particularly compared to the 4 his teammate who went undefeated had along with the 3 NHSca titles two ows 3 Fargo AAs the flo nat title and well all kindsa other stuff. ...Fausz is a great wrestler but as far as CC and HS goes hes not even 2nd best....another 2 x state champ with 2 undefeated yrs 3 Fargo plaques 2 NHSCA aas a top 4 iron man and powerade placer who easily beat kids who beat Fausz multiple xs in HS ....nice Jab but a bit hilarious In its intent ...dieting to 125 every year may have led to some wins but took a toll not many matches but some great runs ....think he has the TD record at cc but wins falls titles and everything else goes to ATM and as for points scored at state 4 pins and a tech on a state champ by SAM is the most impressive performance by anyone ever at CC fastest pin and most pins in least amount of time that same tourny... lol. Congrats Shaun clearly a great college wrestler