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    I'd let the kid play whatever sports he wanted at whatever level he is comfortable with. I would never encourage a kid to specialize or not play another sport. You've only got one opportunity to play high school sports. I've been down this road, and there is no better way to burn a kid out or damage your relationship than by making him quit something he likes to do and force him to specialize. If he makes that choice on his own, great---but I wouldn't push it. You could also maybe even make the argument he could be great at football if he specialized and trained year round (I could do a lot of damage on the football field with a bunch of 190lb kids who could run sub 5.0 40's and I'd say he's got pretty good potential at football too). The bottom line is our goals may not, and likely won't always align with our children's goals. And that being said what is his ultimate goal? And you have to keep in mind that very few go on to play either sport at the next level, and fewer actually get scholarships.