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Higher Calling Jonesfest Summer Camps

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Higher Calling Jonesfest is running 4 1 week overnight camps this summer in Cleveland, TN .  Attend 1 or all 4, whatever works for you.   All camps run Sunday through Thursday so your weekends are free. 

1. 6/7-6/11  Bosken's Leg attack camp 
2. 6/14-6/18 Bosken's High % Throws camp 
3. 7/5-7/9 Bosken's Advanced Leg Attacks camp
4. 7/12-7/16 Bosken's Brutal Top Game Camp
These camps are designed to teach and instill in your child effective skills that they can use year round in their own practice room. Each series we will share the techniques and skills that we have developed and have helped our program, Higher Calling and Cleveland, reach the level of success that we have thus far. 
This is the 6th year that Coach Bosken has been at Higher Calling.  Cleveland High School, our High School that Higher Calling feeds into has now won 4 straight Higher School titles thanks mainly to the boys that the House of Bosken is sending them each year. This year Higher Calling had the largest group of wrestlers of any club that went to TNAAU state tournament and 1 out of every 3 of his wrestlers made the state finals.   There were 13 HIGHER CALLING state champions in 2015 including One Ga State Champion. Higher Calling scored a combined 635.6 points at the TNAAU state tournament which was 320 more points than any other team.  This was the largest margin of victory in TN state tournament ever.  The House of Bosken produces champions and our camp will make your wrestler better.
Cleveland HS- 3X consecutive Dual and Individual State Champs
                      - 28 HS State Placers in last 3 years ALONE
                     - 13 State Finalist in last three years
                      - First 4X STATE CHAMP in school history this year
                       -USAW Fargo Runner-Up
Higher Calling- Back to Back MS Sate and overall Club State Champs
             -20 State Champs (youth-MS) the last 2 years
            -53 State Placers in last 2 years
            - 1 out of every 3 Higher Calling wrestlers made the state finals in 2015
You drop your wrestler off with us on Sunday and you pick them back up Thursday night.   There is 5 days of intense wrestling that is unlike what any other camps offer.  The competition will be intense and very high level. Camp location will be at the Jones Wrestling Center or The Barn in Cleveland, TN, depending on which camp is attended. 
Wrestlers will sleep at the Jones center or the Barn depending on the week that choose to go to.  Bring a sleeping bag and or an air mattress.  We will provide all meals for all campers for the entire week but they are welcome to bring their own  snacks and drinks.  If you are bringing younger wrestlers or if your wrestler doesn`t want to do the overnight stay, you are welcome to pick the up each night.  We will finish most nights at 8pm.  Campers should bring 3 changes of work out clothes for each day.  Campers will need 5 towels and flip flops.  We will do some fun activities outside of wrestling so bring a swim suit but understand that this is a wrestling camp so the majority of the week focused on wrestling.  Higher Calling`s goal is to make each wrestler that attends our camp to jump a level after just a one week camp. 
All Registration done through Trackwrestling. Camps are limited to 40 athletes to assure all athletes maximize their camp experience. 
Cost is $250 for week long overnight camp.
Discounts are offered to those athletes who attend multiple camps or have siblings attending.
If you have a sibling, the price is $100 for them. If you have 2 siblings, it`s $100 for the first and $50 for the second. If you have 3+ siblings, it`s $100 for the first, $50 for the second, and FREE for any after that. If you sign up for all 4, you will get a $150 discount for the entire package. This discount will be given to you after sign-ups.
 Please send an email to for more information or call/text 865.924.3270

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