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  1. JackFlash

    Post State Thoughts

    See, it that last still picture I can 100% agree that it looks like 2TD. I see head, hip and far ankle. IMO.
  2. JackFlash

    Post State Thoughts

    I never stated that it was the rule, but when you control the head, you can control other parts of the body. I'm looking only at the still picture that you posted for discussion in how it relates to the picture in the rule book. Post the full 10-25sec of the video if that's what you want to discuss.
  3. JackFlash

    Post State Thoughts

    Thumbs-up emoji if they had one. Good discussion and my apologies sir.
  4. JackFlash

    Post State Thoughts

    Such a cool picture.
  5. JackFlash

    Post State Thoughts

    It doesn't look like he is applying a cross face as well, just by looking at his body position in the still photo. The top wrestler looks very forward and maybe that was the deciding factor in the call.
  6. JackFlash

    Post State Thoughts

    No, was one in the gym at the time of the call and other calls being discussed. No dog in the fight just observations of the rules and how they apply.
  7. JackFlash

    Live Feed For Sate?

    Damn, I just listened to it twice and for some reason I could not hear a word of what you were saying to be true. After looking through your previous years post it clear now. You have it out for the official that was at that table. It's clearly stated in your posts from the last few years. Not to mention you have -12 Community reputation. Dude a -12. I even see where some on here wanted to meet you face to face. I see you're well liked.
  8. JackFlash

    Post State Thoughts

    I all just love these post year after year. Its nice to see coaches and fans who have no concept of the rules and how they apply comment as Sunday Morning QB. Coaches and fans always want stalling calls as long as it not against their kids. Or officials should only apply the rules when the fans and coaches think that it's appropriate for their enjoyment/entertainment so that it's better for them as spectators. You all must think officials sit in the locker-room prior to the tournaments or finals and draw squares to see which kid to ENFORCE the letter of the rule against and which kids they can look the other way. Rule 7-6 ART 2... When a referee recognizes stalling occurring at any time and in any position, the offender shall be warned and thereafter violations shall be penalized when stalling recurs. These provisions require the referee to penalize stalling without hesitation.... I type that again, without hesitation.... Not for your enjoyment or to take the match into overtime. Let's talk about Coaching, teach your kids to wrestle, not avoid contact, don't back up 30ft when being pressured. Sounds like this is a coaching issue and not an officiating issue. Page 85 and page 86 of the NFHS Wrestling and Case Book and Manual. Wait, what you say, there is a NFHS Case Book and Manual for Wrestling? I bet there is some good information in there. Section 6; 1. Stalling must be removed from wrestling. The responsibility for doing this is shared by COACHES, WRESTLERS and Referees. The COACH is responsible for TEACHING an aggressive style of wrestling, requiring wrestlers to work for a fall at all times. The wrestlers shall avoid the use of stalling tactics and make an honest attempt to wrestle aggressively, whether in the top, bottom or natural position. The referee shall be firm in enforcing the letter of the rule and the spirit of the rule and consistently penalize stalling infraction without hesitation. All three groups must work together to ensure that wrestling is exciting and interesting sport. Well sounds like the official did his part and the wrestler and coach didn't do their part. I guess that's just the hand some of these officials are delt with here in KY. #4, what there is more to this story? Why yes coach, let's educate you. #4 page 86; Factors that contribute to stalling are varied. Every effort must be made by both COACHES and REFEREES to discourage such tactics. (Wait, didn't you just read that?) In the neutral position, it is the responsibility of both wrestlers, regardless of the SCORE or TIME remaining, to make every effort to stay within the 10ft circle, to make contact, to maneuver to set up a takedown, and to follow up by attempting a takedown. Referee should use commands "Contact, Center, Action" when appropriate to communicate that action needs to occur by either wrestler. A wrestler may circle to set up the takedown, BUT BACKING AWAY from the opponent, avoiding contact or playing the edge of the mat are examples of stalling. I'm having difficulty finding where it says to ignore stalling and let it be match be considered in OT. Didn't the aggressor do is part by trying to wrestle aggressively? Yet the other kid avoided wrestling so we should award him another period? That's just unacceptable that we don't have good coaches here in KY, maybe that's what we have to work with? I will NOT even go into the responsibilities of an assistant referees and their use. Sounds like some calls didn't go your way and you're just sniveling because no one else will listen. 4 set of eyes are better than two and multiple angles looking at the results of action are better than two. Pictures in a book, just because a picture is in a book doesn't mean that is what played out on the mat, one coach is always going to see it is way. So, two officials looking at the same move and they talk about it, and they call didn't go his way. I only saw 3 people in that 28ft circle, just where were you sitting again? How many years do you have on a whistle and at what level and experience. Just so we know your qualifications other than a Sunday Morning QB. I was 100 ft away and I couldn't see it all that well to make an unbiased decision myself. Here is the link to the site so you can get a rule book and case book for next year. NFHS Someone else suggested and posted a link to become an official to stop bitching and be part of the solution. But I suggest you will not and just continue to be a keyboard warrior because you have 20 years of officiating. You're probably one of the coaches who disappears till fall again and doesn't keep his kids on the mat and travel, so they get better. You'd be amazed how many KY officials travel to national level events all over the US, many of them do college while the others at the state tournament do some very high-level national tournaments, FARGO, VA Beach the Stampede. You F-up at these events you don't return. But hey, you know what's right looks like I guess.