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  1. Hey Everyone, this is Nathan Boston and I am a assistant Coach at Derby City Legends in Louisville. We are Hosting a camp June 24-25 at the Derby City Legends Facility and it is going to be a good one! I will be personally setting up the practice plans with the goal of breaking and building back up every kid in the room so they have an idea of what it takes to reach the next level. Coaches, I have had the opportunity to now talk to someone from the top 5 schools and I can tell you that they are all doing off season training and competitions TOGETHER! If your goal is to be average or below average keep doing the same thing. It takes off season workouts and CONSISTENT training to be the best in the game. With all that being said here is a list of the hammers we have currently committed to coming to camp. (17 different Schools in attendance) Austin Silva (State Champ) Breyden Whorton (State Champ) Maximus Baxter (State Champ MS) Cody Blevins (State Champ) Bryant Beane (2nd Place) Malachi Harris (2nd Place) Luke Cornwell (2nd Place MS) Amari Hardin (3rd Place) Jasitin Kubwumana (3rd Place) Patrick Kennedy (3rd Place YTH) Rider Trumble (4th Place ) Roman Valera (4th Place) Jonah McCloskey (6th Place) Christian Delos Santos (6th Place) Ryan Smith (6th Place) Peyton Vowels (6th Place MS) Declan Duncan (6th Place MS) Isaiah Murphy (7th Place) Bryant Faucett (8th Place) Carlos Munoz Samuel Hazelwood James Harris Brayden Livingston McCaden Skeens Devin Brumley Elijah Nolan Xavier Nolan Reed Cornwell Colin Shooster Elliot Pope We are expecting another 15-20 guys to commit before the start of camp as well. If you are interested in being added to the list and think your kid can keep up shoot me a text at 747-334-6325! BONUS! We will have special guests helping us through out the weekend. Each of these guys has been through the same training that we will implement throughout camp! Tylan Tucker-STATE CHAMP (one of best D2 guys in Country) Keegan Duncan-STATE CHAMP (Wrestled D1) Dallas Miles 4x state placer (Wrestled Naia/D2) Jorge Vega STATE CHAMP (fastest man alive) Hudson Heidorf STATE CHAMP (Runs ETC) and more to come...
  2. If you want to be challenged in a room full of some of the best kids in the state of Kentucky. Do you think you have what it takes to be the next top kid in your weight, then come prove it! We have a tough room and keep growing every week. Don't have a excuse next year of why you didn't place at the top of the podium next year. Nathan Boston was one of the top kids in the country and he brings the intensity and pushes you beyond your limits. #becomelegendary And questions contact coach Sullivan 502-551-3787 address is 4300 east bluelick Rd. Louisville KY. 40229 $25 at the door 9am to 11am see you on Sunday.
  3. Intensity camp June 24th and 25th at Legends 4300 east bluelick Rd. Louisville Kentucky 40229
  4. I am running a tournament for those kids that can not compete in state duals that day. I am running 1 hour to 2 hour time slots for instance peewee will start at 8 am and finish by 9, Bantam will check in at 8:30 wrestling starts at 9 am finish by 11 am. Novice / school boy arrives at 10:30 wrestling will start at 11 am. Finish by 1pm arrive at 12:30 wrestling starts at 1pm. The goal I'd to have each group out in 2 hours or less to eliminate kids and families in the gym all day. Any questions contact me at 502-551-3787 Mike sullivan Derby city Legends 4300 east bluelick rd. Louisville ky. 40229
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    Region 3 Tournament

    The fact that you joined Sunday just to bash someone says alot about you just saying
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    Region 3 Tournament

    Yes I stopped the tournament with 62 matches to go because someone called the fire Marshall 4 times! So he showed up and said if I don't get ppl out of the building then he will shut me down and everyone will have to go. I did not force anyone to leave. Noone else stepped up to host regions. I am sorry if you were uncomfortable but you could have left. I wanted to run it in 3 sessions of 5 weight classes but others thought that took away from the teams. If someone wouldn't of called the fire marshal we wouldn't of had a problem.