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  1. wwrestling121

    Chance Marsteller Camp June 12th, 13th

    Hi, is this open to girls as well and what are ages are allowed to attend.
  2. Any youth off-season practices, camps, or tournaments in state and near?
  3. wwrestling121


    FREE practice at Woodford County High School has started! Every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-6:30 pm in the Woodford Wrestling Room Every Sunday Open Mat from 3-6 pm All middle school and high school wrestlers are welcome!
  4. wwrestling121

    off-season tournament schedule

    Does anyone have flyers for the rest of the tournaments listed?
  5. wwrestling121

    Dragon Invitational South Oldham

    By far one of the worst experiences I have had at a wrestling tournament. The announcer lady was unbearable, she continued to yell at people over the microphone all tournament! Before placement matches she made everyone leave the floor including wrestlers coming up, photographers, and statisticians. With the only exception being the South Oldham wrestlers, coaches, photographers, and state people. She stopped all wrestling and began yelling at people over the mic until everyone was in the stands. Shortly after this, she began yelling at people for sitting at the railing surrounding the gym because people could not see but the reality was there was not enough room for everyone to be in the bleachers, and photographers and stat3e people were just trying to do their job. Unless you were the weight class on the mat you could not be on the floor, my son had to warm up in the stands before his match because there were police officers at every set of stairs. I definitely do not recommend this tournament!!!
  6. wwrestling121

    1/14/24 Girls Rankings

    Any word on if a boys weigh in counts for the girls as well?
  7. wwrestling121

    Girl weight certification date

    Any word on if the boy's weigh-in counts for the girls as well?
  8. wwrestling121

    Post State Thoughts

    I completely disagree. I think that Meyer wrestled a smart match and shut Raney down. I think Raney was feeling the pressure too after watching him come off the mat looking upset. Raney won from Meyer locking hands and getting the extra point. the best wrestlers on the high school and national level have close matches like we saw with Raney and Meyer.
  9. Who's hosting sectionals and what section?
  10. This is absolutely discussing. For you to go at ranger like that is unreal. Anyone that is that upset over a pre-season event has nothing better to do with there life than complain must have "little man syndrome". Come on man find something better to do with your time than throw shots at ranger and complain about the all star. I think we can all agree that we are tired of your comments and don't really care what you have to say at this point.
  11. wwrestling121

    Oldham Superduals - Dec 3rd

    Are there any spots still open? Also what are the dates and location?
  12. wwrestling121


    Post any tournaments with dates, teams, locations, ect.
  13. wwrestling121


    Nolan banfeild to Montgomery County
  14. When will you be posting all the matches?
  15. wwrestling121

    Va beach

    Isaac Johns Nolan Banfield Lauren Walton Gavin Andrioni