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  1. BrandonBrooks28

    Regional realignment

    Good problem to have. The sport is growing here. Thought it was well ran considering the number of kids.
  2. BrandonBrooks28

    Regional realignment

    Does any of the money from region tournaments go to kfwc? If not it should. That way there wouldn't be a need for so many kids at youth state as far as money goes. I know in football khsaa gets alot of the gate money from playoff games.
  3. BrandonBrooks28

    Ms state!!

    They raised Emorys hand. Cam got close to a takedown in the final seconds.
  4. Somerset is not listed in any region on track. Does the team have to register for kids to enter the individual.
  5. BrandonBrooks28 2022-23 Season Rankings - Nov 26

    Kylon Williams 215 is at Somerset.
  6. BrandonBrooks28

    Middle School Regions Seeding

    Can't afford it
  7. BrandonBrooks28

    Middle School Regions Seeding

    What if their parents think they need another year athletically. I personally know alot more kids that get 100% of their tuition paid for through athletes than academics. Nothing shameful about it. No denying it helps so why not do it.
  8. BrandonBrooks28

    Top picks for Middle School

    I'd say they just allow it so the lower weights will get filled
  9. BrandonBrooks28

    Top picks for Middle School

    I held my boy back during the covid year because I didn't want him starting a new grade sitting at home. Probably would have anyway though. Just weighing the positives vs negatives I just feel like might as well do it. If they are in sports and have dreams of competing at the next level I don't see how being a year older would hurt. Alot of the younger ones end up with red shirt year anyway. Dept of Education steers kids away from it because it cost the state more money to get them through school. Has nothing to do with what's best for the kid. Just my take on it.
  10. BrandonBrooks28

    Top picks for Middle School

    Can 15yo 8th graders wrestle middle school?
  11. BrandonBrooks28

    Top picks for Middle School

    It's a joke. Youth should be able to do both youth and middle school. Or make 12u and 14u at youth state for beginners or kids that didn't Qual through regional. Also don't understand why held back 3rd grade kids can't do middle school.
  12. BrandonBrooks28

    Top picks for Middle School

    Im sure it would have something to do with the team title. Although they are way ahead of the competition in KY at the middle school level Id say a team title still means something to them and their team.
  13. BrandonBrooks28

    Middle school and youth state tournament dates/location

    Its in corbin not Belfry
  14. BrandonBrooks28

    Top picks for Middle School

    Matney was listed at 70 at their dual last week but no results were posted. A friend of mine in eastern KY said matney was at 75 this year so who knows? My boy wrestles around that weight and based on what we have seen at 70 and results vs common opponents Hawk and Matney are probably at the top for 70.
  15. BrandonBrooks28

    Rankings 21-22

    I think it would be nice to have rankings posted. Its good to know where to go to find good matches in state.