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  1. JST

    Coaches dual

    Ha this is definitely my favorite thread this year lol! My thoughts are: 1:30 periods with a minimum of 30 seconds rest period followed by a required 1:30 stretch of all muscle groups. Mandatory 15 minute warmup/stretch before match starts. Back support belts, shoulder brace, and knee braces recommended. Smiles and laughs required by competitors. Youth wrestling mothers required to attend and scream at refs for potentially dangerous shoulder wrenching and 2 pt takedowns. 4 garbage cans will be placed around mat for immediate access for puking. Champagne spray for all competitors.
  2. JST

    A Trip to the Beach!!!

    Coach what all ky kids have signed on?
  3. It's all about commitment, something this state is sorely lacking in. We weren't happy about the venue change but my son still made it down. He had prom and after prom last night. Still left at 6am this morning. Not to mention track senior night on Thursday. This tournament is a must if your kid wants to practice at an actual USA wrestling RTC. The rules have changed and are very strict for high school wrestlers practicing and being coached. Not that this is a big issue in ky since most kids won't take advantage of an opportunity even if is next door. End rant
  4. JST

    2022 College Commitments

    Isaac Thornton committed to IU
  5. JST

    Va beach

    He will be wrestling in college and should be making his decision soon. He has a few more visits to hit and a couple new schools to look at now.
  6. JST


    Not an upset but Thornton got pinned
  7. JST

    Next 4 time champs.

    Yeah no challenge at all for Thomas. He has his 4th medal in the bag. Guess the other 3x finalist and state champ has nothing to say about it. I'd say a 1-0 match the first time this year isn't exactly a shoe in especially when they should face each other 3 more times. Just saying.
  8. Jenkins vs Meyers should be a barn burner. I didn't realize Duke had lost so yeah that might be the match to watch. I think it's Bowers and Peyton in the finals for 138. Last years semi finals was a hell of a match that I thought Bowers should have won but the officials didn't agree lol. I don't believe the outcome would have changed in the finals last year but I think Bowers beats Peyton this year in the finals.
  9. Let's get a list of matches everyone is chomping at the bit to see! I'll go first lol 132 Thornton vs Thomas! Thomas won the first match 1-0 match at GMVWA already. Possibly three more matches for these two. Shute vs Louden!! 165 Kinley vs Giannone definitely cant wait for thiz one!! Wow Kinley got Big! Hell of a first match.
  10. I assume whenever ranger gets the time to look over results and make a new one. He does this in his spare time for no other reason then love of the sport.
  11. Age is less of an issue then everyone makes it out to be. Some kids put the extra time in and some don't. Some parents do the extra work to get their kids better practices and some don't. Duke has been wrestling kids older then him since elementary school. I personally watched him practicing with middle school kids as a second grader. Spencer Moore skipped his senior year and is currently the starter at UNC.
  12. JST

    Spencer Moore

    Huge congratulations deserved to Spencer and the Moore family on the recent wrestle off. Not only winning the wrestle off but breaking him in the process!! Awesome to see the success early in his career. It's going to be fun watching his career for now on.
  13. JST

    Super 32

    Thornton is disappointed. Won his first match against a Virginia state champ. Lost 7-1 in a match that he could have been in. Ky has to learn how to finish takedowns. Never got it together after that. Lost his next match 4-2. Ky has to learn how to score on top. Controlled the match and made some mistakes. Overall not happy.