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  1. JST

    Coming back or moving on?

    Ty Lehman is at the Citadel.
  2. JST

    Weights needed for National Duals

    What KY wrestlers have committed so far? May help get some of the heavier weights if they know someone else who will be there.
  3. JST

    SB128 signed by the governor

    If enough requests are made they will have a really hard time denying. In all honesty I think this effects elementary kids who can't read or families with limited internet rhe most. I personally know quite a few of families who fit in this category. But why not take advantage if you can and are willing. Personally I'm leaving it up to my kid.
  4. JST

    SB128 signed by the governor

    As a parent who doesn't want to see his kid piss away his first year of college I believe an extra year is a great opportunity for maturity reasons alone.
  5. JST

    SB128 signed by the governor

    Mine is debating on it. He's young for his grade and the possibility of getting cheaper college classes is very appealing.
  6. Unfortunately participation is so low on some teams that everyone is on the varsity roster regardless of experience. I think its great that they get to wrestle and hopefully win some matches. It's discouraging when you're constantly getting pounded by experienced wrestlers.
  7. JST

    South oldham dragon

    The $10 at the door was ridiculous. When did it become normal to force a family to pay a bunch of money to see their kids wrestle in high school. I can understand a two day tournament with teams from multiple states charging more but a single day run of the mill tournament? What is the justification for that. I guess next year I'll leave my kids at the house and tell the grandparents not to waste their time driving down. At least I'll have gas money for the drive home.
  8. JST


    Wow that's insane. There was some good matches just not the highly anticipated matches people are accustomed too at woodford. Did get to see a #3 ranked kid get launched and pinned lol.
  9. JST


    No offence intended to anyone but the competition level is horrible this year. Teams have left the tournament for better competition.
  10. JST


    Historically this has been one of the better tournaments of the season in KY. Hopefully the powers that be can learn from this debacle and make changes for next year. It's going to be hard getting teams to commit next year though.
  11. JST


    Here is a screenshot of the number of competitors per weight class.
  12. JST


    I stand by my opinion. I'm having a hard time seeing the logic of this whole tournament. Teams backed out and that stinks but I'm pretty sure the officials and the 3 bus drivers would have been very glad to have a free day on Saturday during the holidays. It is a very simple process to cancel hotel reservations if they were already made. Like I said they did not fill a 16 man bracket. I've seen 64 man brackets run in two days other places but never a normal 16.
  13. JST


    It absolutely should have been a one day tournament. Sat around all morning and still finished day one at 3! What a waste! How do you go ahead and keep it a 2 day tournament when you're not even filling a 16 man bracket on any of the weights? This is not how you grow the sport! Woodford seriously just forced a 2 day gate charge and drive for teams for absolutely no reason.