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    placed vs ranked

    Duke’s new nickname can be Corny-ett.
  2. Run_isaac_run

    Ms State Duals

    I was always under the impression that state duals was about the team not about the individuals. Individual records or seeding shouldn’t matter if your goal is a team win. Seems like that is what Ryle did and has done in the past.
  3. Run_isaac_run

    Top 10 middle school wrestlers in Kentucky

    Lol I didn’t say he beat Deck. But he did wrestle damn near 30 lbs over his weight. Looked like David and Goliath. I think whenever his body decides to grow there will be a lot of upset wrestlers.
  4. Run_isaac_run

    Top 10 middle school wrestlers in Kentucky

    I think I’ll stir the pot a bit. I just watched Spencer wrestle for the high school team at 113 and win convincingly. I find it hard to believe there are many other wrestlers in the state that can give up almost 30lbs and be competitive. That is over a third of his body weight! The little beast weighs 86lbs! Hands down best in the state!
  5. Run_isaac_run

    KY needs to close the GAP between other states!

    The problem isn’t lack of opportunities but a lack of dedication. It may not be free open mats but there are clubs out there that train year round if your willing to drive a little. Most of the top wrestlers I know from Ohio and Indiana will travel to different clubs weekly to wrestle with other top level wrestlers. I know of one ky coach who has free open mats for any wrestlers wanting to get better all off season. He host three days a week and has done so for years. On a weekly basis there was only 5-6 wrestlers there two of which were his own kids. It’s no surprise that the wrestlers who religiously showed up through the offseason are currently some of the best in the state The opportunities are out there if your willing to search for them. The problem is the lack of dedication.
  6. Run_isaac_run

    Top 10 middle school wrestlers in Kentucky

    It was absolutely a great tournament for ky kids to judge where they stand against some of the best! Bottom line is ky wrestling is very weak compared to the rest of the country and if the ky wrestlers wrestled the same caliber of kids that were at the tournament Saturday on a weekly basis they would either have to improve or settle for mediocrity. Bad draw or not the ky kids Saturday wrestled great and should be commended for their efforts! To be the best you should practice and compete with the best often! The best wrestlers in the world practice and compete with the best wrestlers in the world on a daily basis. A wrestlers motto should always be there are zero excuses EVER!! The amount of hard work put in corresponds directly with the results put out!