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  1. grimmnar

    Middle school state > high school

    Nice facility my son said, a bit steep on the Gate costs was a comment he had as well. From the OP's & 1/2-1/2-1/2's picture, it looks remarkably like the Horse park setup, but with a slightly smaller stand capacity wise ?
  2. grimmnar

    State Tournament Hope

    Our family and friends, and most of the family's of team mates, when my son was wrestling through HS, LOVED, LOVED the Horse Park location and Tourney. Now I know that a small number of folks here, did not, but as a venue, we still feel it was terrific. 8 to 10 mats as best as i recall, and the pictures i have look quite a bit like the ones the OP has on their first post. (minus the number of fans that some of those venues had, as the Horse Park had plenty of extra seats in my personal videos / photos) Our son, also spoke highly of the facility and has fond very fond memories of participating at State there. I seem to recall, at least with 1 year, that they did to the finals better than the other years, with the mats in the middle, and the lights set up to spot light them. It was pretty cool !! And for GentleBeard, an FYI " Boys High School State Wrestling venue: high school gym Girls High School State Wrestling venue: middle school gym Imagine these venues for any other sport. Pretty wild. " Now in regards to other sports, Volleyball, at least in the 20 or 30 years i've been around it, has had it's state tourney's hosted in a High School Facility. Currently, due to Covid they similarly to wrestling, have Semi-State's the week before, but in 8 !! different high schools (Each of the 16 Regions has a champ that advances and they random draw the entire bracket EVERY year. The following weekend, at least during the Covid years, they moved the Championship also to Winchester's New HS Gym. Pre-Covid it was at the Valley High School EVERY year in Louisville, as a 2 or 3 day Tourney, for as far back as I can remember. Each match in the covid years, has required it's own ticket !!. So, each match completes, they clear out the facility of fans, and then next the next matches fans come in. So, to view the entire tourney in the 2nd week, those match tickets add up to the expense VERY quickly !!! In reality, Volleyball, is MUCH more suited to have a Tourney hosted at HS sites, 1 court in a large Gym like Valley High School was always pretty nice imho, but my reply here is just an FYI about Championship High School Sports being hosted at High Schools For size and numbers comparisons, Volleyball is the largest Girls sport, participation wise, in Kentucky at the High School Level. In Terms of total number of Teams, Volleyball has 266 different participating teams which is #2 overall for number of Teams .. right behind Basketball's at 275. ------- So, again, it's down to facility's, sizeable enough, fiscally reasonable enough, and having the ability and openings to host a Wrestling Tournament, .... 'well' . Which, as many others have pointed out (each and every year it seems ) , Kentucky, does not have in abundance or frankly at ALL. Those arenas that could do it, 'Bigger' are just to expensive for the crowds that we get, or not available for use even if they weren't to big/expensive. I personally think centrally located would be really nice, but that really just means Louisville, and there's nothing there that i know of that is available that meets the above criteria sadly.
  3. grimmnar

    State Tickets

    Did they NOT reserve X amount of spots for the parents of the participants like they did for volleyball ? (If memory serves, each team's coach got a code of some sort for the parents of the athletes, and those were available prior to the sales to the general public)
  4. I've been trying to find any streaming / viewing options for the Semi-States (4, Martin County, in my case, but i'm sure others might wish to know) and have found nothing out. Does anyone here have any insight regarding remote viewing this weekend ? (I've seen where track is offering next weekends 'finals' for streaming, but again, nothing for this weekend that i could find) Sorry if i've missed this mentioned elsewhere ... ...
  5. grimmnar

    Regionals are this weekend!!!

    Thank you !
  6. grimmnar

    Regionals are this weekend!!!

    Coach, do you know if KSHAA has any live stream plans for Regions this year ? (Specifically Region 7, but i'm sure other Regions folks would be interested as well, and KHSAA policy's generally prohibit members of the public streaming Regions and State Events)
  7. grimmnar

    State team race if format changes

    Some information to be aware of, for some of the thoughts shared here (ie: just a heads up in case it 'goes this way' ) 1. Regarding the Appalachian Wireless Center (?) (where the Middle School State was held): They allowed ZERO outside food or drink, nadda .. and were very, very ,very firm regarding that situation. 2. Regarding the reference to State Volleyball this season: There was zero 're-admission' in the same session allowed. (by this i mean you could not go in, then out to the car, then back in) Each session was required to be purchased electronically, through a 3rd party service (ie: there was no 'ticket booth' manned at the location) , each volleyball match was a separate admission, with a separate cost, and that cost this year was considerably higher than in past years. Not that it will reflect for wrestling, but even the State Tournament volleyball players and their coaches had to pay the cost of admission for the matches for which that were not a participant.
  8. grimmnar

    State will be on Trackwrestling!!!!

    Lol.. and as soon as I mentioned the Mat 1 blurry, after the first match .. it's cleared up
  9. grimmnar

    State will be on Trackwrestling!!!!

    About 5 minutes ago Now, who to we call to have them refocus the camera on Mat 1 ? The rest of them looks pretty clear . .but mat 1 is really out of focus lol !!
  10. grimmnar

    KHSAA rule

    Not sure how detailed you want, but the bylaw PDF that covers this ... I think .. is here: BYLAWS OF THE KENTUCKY HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Look around Sec 3 .. part a) .. This is from a couple / few years back when they addressed (re-addressed?) the middle school / high school issues
  11. grimmnar

    Region 7 Tournament

    Of Topic again, But thanks Confused Spectator ! Not sure how I missed that part of the page, but I'll blame it on old age ! l
  12. grimmnar

    Region 7 Tournament

    Zeus, I just googled up trackwrestling, used the search feature, and I only put in Kentucky (under state). It had the Region 7 under the list (among others, but not hard to find) and I was able to browse the information from there. Hope that helps (: (Trackwrestling is squirrely when it comes to linking after getting to the event you've searched to. I've always had to restart from the search and never been able to link or bookmark a tourney directly. This is definitely NOT a complaint, just my experience (: , i think it's something with the pages scripting or 'engine' )