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  1. Neutral


    Missouri wrestled two duals last night against a D2 and NAIA school. Missouri used two different heavyweights. Austin was neither. He's definitely got those accomplishments on a template. Simple copy paste. We talking about stuff 5 and 6 years old. Half a decade.
  2. Neutral


    Fausz > Myers x 2
  3. Neutral

    Flo Rankings

    Elam over Myers 7-1 in wrestle off. Looks like he's kept form since junior worlds. I'm sure Myers will knock off the rust by the middle of the season wants he gets back into the flow and on the mat more consistently. It's good he has some competition in the room now it should push them both.
  4. Neutral


    ".really dont have time to play on these sites I actually have a life and sport of my own lol" What happened to this ? Posted that an 2 hours ago no response after it and you respond to yourself" we gotta let this thread die or close it like it lock something geeze. Ignore it as a community perhaps
  5. Neutral

    Ohio TOC- April 21st

  6. Neutral


    Just saw an article on Flo. Moisey looks like he's transfering. It says Nebraska, Ohio State, and Minnesota are in play
  7. Neutral


    Beat the streets should be good this year. We should see those that don't have to wrestle in June at BTS. HIGHLIGHTED by Burroughs v Frankie Who just moved up. The two have been going back and forth for better part of 4 months on social media building it up. Burroughs offensive is top tier. Frankie's defense is top top tier. He's not really offensive but whoa his defense.. see the match vs James Green. Green was getting off his patented attacks to no avail. Cart wheel defense and crazy hips. We need an international thread. Who you guys got??
  8. Do we know where Smallwood is going to college?
  9. Neutral


    He applied for the job last time. COME ON DOWN I79 TIM
  10. Neutral


    Tim Flynn to wvu
  11. Neutral

    New ruling

    you don't need 4 events before post season
  12. Neutral


    +1 that being said though everyone deserves a second chance. Hopefully he figures out and achieve his goals
  13. Neutral


    I was going to say Metcalf finals Gilman vs Waters ( and to act like that Waters slammed him after was beyond me ... To continue wrestling like he didn't slam Waters..) That being said it's not an Iowa thing only. Every program have those border line guys when your a top 5 program like Iowa everyone has eyes on you and you just have more haters
  14. Neutral


    I'm hearing from a lot of different boards he has autisim. That it effects people differently and this is just the out burst that he has. I'm not going to make comments one way or another. But if your not in mma and injuring you opponent comes to mind. You need some time off. I'm glad for one Drexel took a stand he's been yelling at his corner ALL YEAR. AT first I thought it was passion but now it just is ridiculous. I would have told him file his papers long ago. Hearing this news about his mother reaction makes a little more sense though. Glad I won't have to worry about this from Spencer and co from the coming years.. Hopefully yianni recovers from that acl it sucks that they can't shirt in ivy league. Excited to see Ryan ball out in those lower weights too. Hopefully he gets some blood out there early.
  15. Neutral


    The 4 stalling calls was ridiculous. I've never seen that in one period in college wrestling. He deserved to lose that match though. It was nuts to lay there like that.