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  1. I appreciate what you do ranger even though I’ll try to teach my kid everyday it means nothing. Get out of that fan mentality and wrestle whomever steps across the line from you. Rankings are numbers on paper and in the long run only take away a kids focus. Focus on wrestling the best match you can and the rest will take care of itself in the end.
  2. Mike Harrod

    State Tickets

    Well it took less than 3 hours to sell out and I missed the window. Who’s got the ppv access info?
  3. Mike Harrod

    Toughest weight classes at state

    As the dad of a Freshman 106 that consistently weighs in at 97-98 lbs I say give us back 98lb division. Need to grow the sport and not cut weight classes
  4. This is true. Let them wrestle.
  5. Mike Harrod

    1/29/19 Rankings and Predictions

    Brown over Lambert. Best match of the night. Very unexpected. That kid is a beast!!
  6. Mike Harrod

    1/29/19 Rankings and Predictions

    Just want to see kids compete and have fun!! May the best wrestler win and the loser learn from defeat. I love wrestling!!
  7. Mike Harrod

    Make Your State Predictions

    In my opinion 98,105, and 113 are all power weights this year and with everyone going everywhere on weight it has shook them up even more. There are a handful of kids that could win these classes.
  8. Mike Harrod

    Make Your State Predictions

    I never put out a first prediction but State Duals sure did shed some light on a few classes. Gonna try to get mine out tonight or tomorrow. It was a great weekend of wrestling.
  9. Mike Harrod

    Rankings 1-19-19

    I’m going to give my predictions after State Duals!! Going to be an exciting weekend!! I have a good idea but things may change. Wrestler your butt off kids!! Let’s see what you got!!!
  10. Mike Harrod

    Make Your State Predictions

    I’m gonna give my predictions but I will wait till after State Duals. Gonna be an exciting weekend!!
  11. Mike Harrod

    Rankings 1-5-19

    Well I guess that about clears that up. Lol
  12. Mike Harrod

    Rankings 1-5-19

    Yes found that out last night and that 140 is being adjusted