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    Summer/Spring camps

    anyone have any info for spring/summer camps yet? This is my son's 3rd year, he is 8, and had a 19-4 record this year. Looking into taking him to University of Michigan lil wolverine camp in June, but need camps locally as well. We are in the Ft. Knox area.
  2. lparker20

    Constructive feedback on the Louisville location

    Venue set up was horrible. Could not see my son wrestle because of parents and other team coaches standing behind the table. We were on mat 18 Sunday morning, and with ppl wwalking and milling around the table like cattle you had to either be Matisse or up top to see. Policing mats need to be enfoced, no one allowed at the mats but coaches, kids need to be either in stands and be called down or by the mat. I liked the horse park, am in favor of fairgrounds in louisville next yr.