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  1. jnv858

    Middle School State MOW in your opinion????

    So I was the PA guy and what you heard was me casting my vote and Damien Leavelll, the board president, was handing out awards and he is not JC he is Christian County. So now a little background on something that I did not agree on, someone decided that the Board would vote for the MOW so when the board voted I believe 4 or 5 of the 6 voted for Logan Castle. As I was trying to expedite getting medals handed out when we got toward the end I inquired about the MOW. So, I'm not sure if this was put out in the coaches meeting that morning and if it wasn't that was wrong also, but if it was done the traditional way we have always done it I would of still voted for Logan Castle.
  2. jnv858

    Team results for Youth State

    Division 1- >30 wrestlers (16 scorers) Division 2 - 16-30 wrestlers (8 scorers) Division 3 - 1-15 wrestlers (4 scorers)
  3. jnv858

    Photo of birth certificate?

    Photo is fine
  4. jnv858

    Youth State Tournament

    Yes, Middle School Regional qualifies them.
  5. jnv858

    Youth State Tournament

    Yes it is a requirement, if you would like to challenge those names please submit name and team to Jonathan Strayer @ jnv858@gmail.com and Kelly Castle @ 1kellycastle@gmail.com
  6. jnv858


    3-5pm Saturday
  7. jnv858


    Very carefully
  8. jnv858

    MS State seeding.

    See attached, this is the format that was used. I also put the formula that separates regional placers. You will see a chart with seed #'s going across the top, so you would simply insert the region # in place of the letter in the columns, example if Region 1 got the #1 seed then you would place 1 in place of A to figure where the regional placers fall into the bracket. 2019-2020 MS State Bracket.xlsx
  9. jnv858

    MS State seeding.

    Look who the 4th place kids get a bye straight to, its the Regional Champs. Ill post the schematic shortly so you can see what was used and maybe that will help understand with a visual.
  10. jnv858

    MS State seeding.

    And that's where you are wrong, I have sat for two days plugging names manually into Track, nothing was random. I was provided a formula and that's what I used, it appears I made a mistake on one but now it is fixed. If you find something you have a question about feel free to message me.
  11. jnv858

    MS State seeding.

    86 has been fixed, it was messed up. Feel free to message me if you see any issues with the other 14.
  12. jnv858


    No, their weigh-in from middle will count.
  13. jnv858

    My guess 130-Hwt

    Awe come on Duke do 121 also since Joshua Strayer dropped down from 130
  14. jnv858


    Yes, the last few years the Middle School division of the Youth State Tournament received the 2lb allowance.
  15. jnv858