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  1. Coaches, Georgetown Wrestling will be hosting a Middle School Invitational by 19 November, see attached for information. Jonathan Strayer jnv858@gmail.com 502-500-4907 2022 MS Battle on the Elkhorn.pdf
  2. Coaches, Great Crossing will be hosting two tournaments for the 2022-2023 season. December 17th - Warhawk Duals / 10 team Dual January 14th - Warhawk Classic / Invitational If you would like to attend one or both please contact me at jnv858@gmail.com or 502-500-4907 2022 Warhawk Duals.pdf 2023 Warhawk Classic.pdf
  3. jnv858

    Not good KHSAA

    You are absolutely correct. We came out of this weekend with plenty of ideas for improvements going forward. One of which was this really should've been a two day event for a multitude of reasons. The conversations I had with our new KHSAA leader led me to believe he is interested in learning our sport and he as well was looking for ways to better the event, I believe. And Ranger you were absolutely more help than a hindrance.
  4. jnv858

    Not good KHSAA

    You are absolutely correct Chris, I screwed up on that end...but I think we bought all the food up in Georgetown in order to feed half the state
  5. jnv858

    Not good KHSAA

    And I totally agree...
  6. Ahh gotcha, hey didn't get a chance to shake Calebs hand after the boys wrestled, I had to go fix an issue...tell him I said good job.....see yall in Winchester, maybe we can find a good breakfast place....
  7. jnv858

    Not good KHSAA

    So let me start by saying I agree with most of what you are saying but lets shed a little light on a couple of your statements. Were you aware there was 5 scratches that rollups had to be done for and and furthermore KHSAA wanted to control how those rollups were done. There was also a delay while waiting on KHSAA to make a decision on an issue with 215, so there is your 45 minutes. There was a decision made to scratch the parade in order to keep the tournament on track and not keep those wrestlers, their families and fans there any longer than needed since we knew it was going to be a long day, I don't remember anybody speaking up when asked if anybody had an issue with the decision, as a matter of fact I believe everybody was onboard. The last match was wrestled at 8:07 pm, 14 full 16 man brackets of competitive wrestlers, if I recall everyone seemed onboard to knock this out in one day vice two days but I could be wrong.
  8. jnv858

    Not good KHSAA

    So I am curious of your opinion of the other tournament? Or are you echoing your dislike of us being stuck with this semi-state format?
  9. Did I miss something at Semi-State #2 and more specifically I guess 150??
  10. jnv858

    Semi State Great Crossing

    First Round State Tournament Information Congratulations on advancing to the semi state round. We are excited to host your team this week. Please read the information below carefully and share with your coaches, athletes and parents. NFHS Online Viewing- Subscription Needed Caution-https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/ Go Fan Direct Link https://gofan.co/app/events/536067?schoolId=KY72615 Game day Logistics - Tickets- o You can also visit GoFan < https://gofan.co/search > to purchase tickets and search Great Crossing High School. We WILL NOT have a cash box at the gate, Go Fan tickets only. o Athletes and Coaches DO NOT need a ticket. o Tickets are $12- GoFan ONLY o 2021-22 KHSCA Coaches Cards will be accepted. - Fans- o Enter through the MAIN entrance of Great Crossing High School, closest to flagpole @ 120 Betsy Way, Georgetown, KY 40324. o Fans will redeem their ticket in Go Fan. o Concessions will be available. o Fans are REQUIRED to wear a mask while in attendance. o Fans may sit on the bleachers pulled out OR up top on either side. -Team Logistics- o Enter through the MAIN entrance of Great Crossing High School, closest to flagpole @ 120 Betsy Way, Georgetown, KY 40324. o Doors will open at 7:00 AM. o Coaches will check in the school store, which is the glassed in room after entering the main doors. Packets will be distributed here. o Only coaches on the official KHSAA coaches list will receive a coach’s armband and be allowed on the floor or in the corner. o Weigh-ins will be conducted in on the stage in the auditorium, there will be signs to direct you. Weigh-ins will start at 7:30 AM and be done by weigh-class starting at 106. THERE IS AN ADDITIONAL POUND. o After the conclusion of weigh-ins we will stage the wrestlers in the auditorium in order to line them up to conduct a “March of Champions” into the main gym to be recognized. After we march them all in we will conduct the National Anthem and start our first round of wrestling. o ALL Coaches must remain masked o Buses will park in lot B. This is the lot between GCHS and the baseball/softball fields. o Teams will have access to the locker rooms. o Contacts o Austin Haywood- Athletic Director (General Information for Great Crossing High School) 859-338-4746 austin.haywood@scott.kyschools.us o Jonathan Strayer- Tournament Manager (Direct meet specific wrestling questions to him) 502-500-4907 jnv858@gmail.com
  11. jnv858

    Semi state seeding

    https://khsaa.org/2022-state-first-round-random-draw/ This is on the KHSAA site..takes some digging but you can fill in what the bracket looks like from this spreadsheet...
  12. jnv858

    2022 State Duals Info/ Qualifiers

    Appreciate it..
  13. jnv858

    2022 State Duals Info/ Qualifiers

    We were supposed to wrestle at our place yesterday but were informed last week by Conner that they were shutdown for 10 days for COVID so they conceded.
  14. Yup, unfortunately we were out 4 starters and had nobody at 113 so we were really down 5 and still placed runner-up.