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  1. jnv858

    College signings

    Joshua Strayer has committed to Bellarmine Ava Crouse has had an offer from Tiffen University and done her official visit We are still waiting on Rowdy Benner and Aiden Butler who have visits and still weighing options.......
  2. jnv858

    Dragon Invitational 175-190

    Joshua beat Davis before Middle School State and then lost to him in overtime on a sketchy call, but still lost. At semi state last year Joshua controlled the match and beat him and Duke. At State Joshua took a lazy , lousy shot and paid for it, but again yes he did lose. Just offering perspective cause at the end of the day he still has to wrestle the match and I will never speak in absolutes since i'm not the one in the circle. I'm happy to see Duke back and healthy and I think Soeder is back which is a great addition to the field although he wrestled 190 at the Dragon. These boys have battled through injuries and its good to see them back for their Senior year!
  3. jnv858

    Best Matches from the weekend

    Warhawk Classic: Looks like this tournament is growing into one of the more competitive tournaments in central Kentucky, but I may be a little biased (if you are over on the other side of the state, Paducah Tilghman has a head banger) 106: Both #3 Jackson Wells and #2 Henry Koller meet little resistance on their way to meeting in the finals where Jackson Wells pulls off a very convincing victory majoring Henry Koller 10-2 113: A stacked weight class with 8 of the top 11 ranked wrestlers competing, #1 Ren Birk comes out with a strong showing with a TF over #4 Christian Delos Santos. #2 Kapela Joseph squeaks by Carson webster in a tie breaker. This bracket only placed out to 4th otherwise we would have seen a #6 Menchacha and #8 Kimery matchup. #11 Drexler and #9 Webster fell in the blood rounds. 120: Not quite as stacked with 4 of the top 12 ranked, nevertheless all four placing with #3 Dennis pinning #4 Davis in the finals and #6 Brown edging out #11 Gipson taking 3rd place. 126: Biggest match here was in the finals with #6 Rowdy Benner getting it done with a decision (5-1) over #5 Condi. Looks like Colton Motta (ranked 14 at 132) has come down to 126 with a strong showing pinning #9 Wasson for 3rd place. 132: Not sure #2 TJ Meyer broke a sweat as he waltzed through the bracket 138: We had the middle of the pack from the rankings here with most falling between #7 and #19, we also had Perrysburg Invitational (Toledo Ohio) Champ, Evergreens Jack Stubleski, come down and mix things up beating #14 Xavier Gonzalez in Sudden Victory in the finals. #19 Kayson White also emerges with a strong showing placing 3rd with a decision over #7 Baysinger taking 3rd 150: #8 Clayton Shaddix climbs the ladder majoring #6 Jacob Wolfe in the semifinals to meet #1 Miller Brown in the finals but unfortunately there was a medical forfeit, a match for a later date. 157: Shakeup at 157, #3 Pinkston edges out #2 Sentelle with a 4-3 decision in a match that could go either way. Pinkston survives #6 Reese McGill in the finals with a 3-0 decision. 165: #2 Aiden Butler has a strong showing pinning his way to the finals facing #6 Tristin Millet surviving the match with a 11-9 decision. 175: Looks like Joshua Strayer is back with a tech-fall and two first period pins on his way to the finals where he pins #5 Logan Dingus in a convincing victory.
  4. jnv858

    Most anticipated matchups at state.

    Ricketts vs Davis @ 175??
  5. Coaches, We will be hosting our Youth Battle on the Elkhorn on November 19th, this tournament will be capped at 400 wrestlers. Go to the below link to register, payment will be taken online, if you have issues getting registered online please email me at jnv858@gmail.com. http://www.trackwrestling.com/registration/TW_Register.jsp?tournamentGroupId=234879132 Jonathan Strayer jnv858@gmail.com 2023 Youth Battle on the Elkhorn.pdf
  6. jnv858

    Battle on the Elkhorn

    Yes it will..I am working on the flyer
  7. Coaches, We will be hosting our Warhawk Classic on January 12th & 13th and look to expand the field of teams. We will be hosting this as a two day tournament this season so we can continue to grow, last year we had a very competitive field and would like to see the same this season. We will conduct weigh-ins Friday evening at 5pm and wrestle 2-3 rounds and then pickup Saturday morning at 8am. I have attached our flyer for any that are interested, below is our current field of teams: Great Crossing Sam Murdock North Hardin Gerry Herron Scott County Nick Stierman North Oldham Jon Wells Moore Wrestling Mike Thomas West Carter Mike Skinner Walton Verona John Roth Odham County Aaron Riordan Woodford County Arthur Preston Harrison County Josh Ashbrook Louisville Male Thomas Noe Grant County Darren Spahr Jasper High School Coach Lee GRC Ethan Miller South Oldham Jesse Alford Fredrick Douglas Jonathan Strayer Great Crossing Wrestling 502-500-4907 / jnv858@gmail.com Ed Towle 2024 Warhawk Classic.pdf
  8. jnv858

    Battle on the Elkhorn

    Coaches, We will be hosting our Battle on the Elkhorn on 18 November 2023 here in Georgetown at Great Crossing High School. So far the following teams have committed: Campbell County Elkhorn Middle Oldham County Union County Olympus Anderson County McNabb North Oldham Devil Dog Wrestling Club Let me know if you would like to be added to the list. Jonathan Strayer Great Crossing Wrestling 502-500-4907 2023 Battle on the Elkhorn.pdf
  9. Coaches, Thank you everyone who participated in the weight class poll that was sent out via Google Groups, weight-classes for the 2023-2024 MS Season will be: Option 3 - 16 weights - 70, 77, 83, 89, 95, 101, 108, 115, 122, 129, 138, 150, 165, 185, 210, 285 Jonathan Strayer
  10. Hyperlink for spread sheet isn't working.
  11. Preregistration link http://www.trackwrestling.com/registration/TW_Register.jsp?tournamentGroupId=228298132
  12. Preregistration link http://www.trackwrestling.com/registration/TW_Register.jsp?tournamentGroupId=228298132
  13. Coaches, Mark the date, we will be hosting the Freestyle and Greco State Tournament at Great Crossing High School on April 29th. I have attached the flyer and should have pre-registration link available by tomorrow. Format: Double Elimination brackets for each weight-class. Brackets with 6 or less wrestlers will use a Round-Robin format. Size of each bracket will be determined by the number of wrestlers entered per weight-class. Weight Classes may be combined to ensure wrestlers get the maximum amount of matches. Age Groups are based on Birth year not your age at the time of the tournament. Bout Length: Greco-Roman & Freestyle: 2, 2:00 Periods (Bantam-Cadet), 2, 3:00 Periods (USA Junior) Awards: Medals will be given to the Top 4 Placers in each weight class. Registration: IT IS REQUIRED THAT ALL WRESTLERS PRE-REGISTER AND PAY FOR THIS TOURNAMENT ON TRACKWRESTLING (www.trackwrestling.com). Entry Fee: $25.00 1 or both styles. Greco will be free with a Freestyle entry. You cannot register for Greco Roman on Track. You will need to let us know at the tournament that you intend to wrestle Greco. We will generate those brackets on sight. IF you intend to wrestle only Greco, enter for freestyle, and we will remove you from freestyle at the tournament and add you to Greco. Womens Greco Roman will be offered for 12U and above. *ALL WRESTLERS MUST HAVE A FULL MEMBERSHIP USA WRESTLING CARD IN ORDER TO PARTICPATE* Membership can be upgraded or purchased at: https://www.teamusa.org or https://www.usawmembership.com * All wrestlers must check in and present their current USA Wrestling Card the day of the tournament. NO OUT OF STATE WRESTLERS. WRESTLERS MUST RESIDE IN THE STATE!! COACHES MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED FOR MAT ACCES, AND WILL BE ENFORCED!! Weigh-Ins: Saturday April 29th 7:00-8:30 A.M. (EST), Both Styles. Competition uniform is required. All weights are scratch. No extra weight will be given. Admission: $10.00 Adults & $15.00 Cooler Fee * A concession stand will be available throughout the day for wrestlers & spectators. Check-In: ALL WRESTLERS NEED TO CHECK-IN BEFORE THE CONCLUSION OF WEIGH IN Competition Requirements: All wrestlers 8U–14U are required to wear headgear! This is Non-Optional. 1Red and 1Blue Singlet is preferred, but not mandatory. COMPETITION SCHEDULE: Session 1 9:30 A.M. (EST): ALL AGE GROUPS Greco-Roman Men & Women Session 2 Immediately following session 1, ALL AGE GROUPS Freestyle Men & Women Wrestling will begin for each age division as brackets become available & posted. Brackets can also be found on Trackwrestling THERE WILL BE NO COMBINING AGE GROUPS. Questions? Contact Jon Carr E-mail: ky.nationalteams@gmail.com , Cell: (270) 952-0215 Jonathan Strayer E-mail: jnv858@gmail.com , Cell: (502) 500-4907 Jonathan Strayer 2023 Freestyle Greco State Tournament.pdf