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  1. jnv858

    New rankings

    I watched the video from that match and counted what the official scored and it was in fact supposed to be 6-5 going into 2nd period not 8-5, he was lost.
  2. jnv858

    New rankings

    You talking about the "130" pounder that didn't initially make weight and then was allowed to come back to the scale and then he did make weight. Also blew my mind when Strayer who weighed in at 125 had him on his back and the official apparently didn't have himself in good enough position to see it. And to boot the official couldn't keep track of the score to save his life. But hey its early in the season.
  3. jnv858

    1st Rankings of the year

    Great Crossing is the High School...He wrestles Scott County for the middle school
  4. We have move our Youth Tournament from December to January 5th 2020.We will be hosting this years tournament at our High school. It is currently on Trackwrestling and preregistration is active, http://www.trackwrestling.com/registration/TW_Register.jsp?tournamentGroupId=161524132 Contact Jonathan Strayer @ jnv858@gmail.com with any question or issues. Anderson County Bourbon Trail Brawl 2019.pdf
  5. jnv858

    New rankings

    Do you already have the results from Anderson County tournament on 11/2 and KWOA 11/9. We can probably scrounge up some results from Scott County Dual if you need those.
  6. jnv858

    MS/Youth State will be in Pikeville???

    I cant find anywhere on the link where it states the State Tournament will be in Pikeville and haven't seen any emails sent via the email group. Am I missing it somewhere?
  7. jnv858

    2019.20 Too Early Pre-Season Rankings

    Is that supposed to be Joshua Strayer instead of Haidyn Giles of Anderson County at 105? Haidyn didn't place at State and is a freshman this year, Joshua placed 5th at State. On another note, thank you for stepping in and keeping this going.
  8. Well crap thought he was gonna be a freshman next year....he definitely would be on the list as well.
  9. Those are good ones! I thought Kiser was going to be a Freshman next year so didn’t even think about him.
  10. Well didn't think my picks would stir so much attention, so what if I add a fourth: Joshua Strayer Luke Knight Dalton Matney Logan Castle
  11. Joshua Strayer Luke Knight Dalton Matney
  12. jnv858

    Rankings 1-5-19

    I have Brophy in our scorebook wrestling us at 168...so very possible
  13. jnv858

    NUWAY National Duals

    I just didn’t feel like paying $45 for another card (NUWAY) for my wrestler and then purchasing another coaches card cause my USAW card isn’t good enough and then entry fee and then I’m in it for about $150 for one tournament. Especially since I already have to pay all that for a USAW card for my wrestler to compete here in Kentucky.
  14. jnv858

    Rankings 1-5-19

    It was one of these two