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  1. Jrodc

    Upcoming tournaments

    Thanks coachc
  2. Jrodc

    Upcoming tournaments

    What is the date for Campbell County's tournament?
  3. Jrodc

    2017 Ranger Report

    90% got 160 wrong
  4. Jrodc

    Future 5 timers ?

    Could we have 6 timer. That Duke boy is tearing it up
  5. Jrodc


    So is Dante hurt ? Track says he won . Will he able to keep going?
  6. Jrodc

    Future 5 timers ?

    Guess we can mark off Yost
  7. Jrodc

    Live Stream

    Seen lots of matches from parents on facebook
  8. Jrodc

    State Finals

    Louisville expo center
  9. Jrodc

    Future 5 timers ?

    That really does factor into it , having a spot available. If Tom KC had a spot this year I would have giving him shot at it.
  10. Jrodc

    Future 5 timers ?

    Yes little Moore is Ryan's brother. Yes he is dominating ms ,hasn't lost in a long time with a tough schedule
  11. Jrodc

    Future 5 timers ?

    So it looks like there are about 20 or so middle schoolers wrestling this weekend so they all have a shot at it . I think Zeke can do it along with little Moore. Duke has a tougher time because his so dam big and will face Jr's. And srs.
  12. Jrodc

    Future 5 timers ?

    Seems to me this has gotten off topic. Should just start another thead about 106/113
  13. Jrodc

    Future 5 timers ?

    When you say uncommon how many have done it . I would not say it's common. Without knowing I'll bet it's under 10
  14. Jrodc

    Future 5 timers ?

    What weight was Brocks 1st
  15. Jrodc

    Future 5 timers ?

    Any future 5 timers out there? I give Zeke ,Noah Duke and little Moore a chance any others out there?