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  1. Pmiller-Hc

    IndianaMat Hoosier Preseason Open

    The Ky boys really showed out.
  2. Good job as always, look forward to more of these.
  3. Pmiller-Hc

    The Season is getting closer and closer.

    I agree with Dutch. There is new batch of talent coming up that will make this season very exciting.
  4. Pmiller-Hc

    Blue grass state results?

    Other results?
  5. Pmiller-Hc

    Michigan grand river rumble

    Congrats to the ETC team finishing 7th overall yesterday !
  6. Pmiller-Hc

    Bluegrass State Games 2015

    A large contingent of ETC boys will be there.
  7. Pmiller-Hc

    Bluegrass State Games 2015

    Brandon and Brad Miller will be there.
  8. Pmiller-Hc

    Best P4P 20 wrestlers in kentucky

    I will add Zane Brown, Ty Tucker, Angel Vazquez, Max Andreioni