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  1. panthers

    Prayers for Coach Matney

    Hang in there and fight coach we are all praying for you.
  2. panthers

    Prayers for Coach Matney

    Prayers sent to coach, his family and his team. Get well soon until then we will keep the prayers coming.
  3. panthers

    Master Schedule

    Email me and lets see if we cant set something up. Jason has my email if you dont.
  4. panthers

    Middle School Tourneys

    We are looking for Middle School tourneys on Saturday in Jan any except the 29th we are previous booked for that One. Sunday are okay but not if its not an early start for School bot age kids. With travel cant do late Sunday nights. You can email me at
  5. panthers

    Spencer Moore Cadet World Team

    Great job Spencer and thanks to you and your family for representing Kentucky Wrestling with honor and respect. Safe travels home.
  6. panthers

    Spencer Moore Cadet World Team

    Good luck
  7. July 24th limited space so reserve your spot email
  8. July 24th limited space so reserve your spot email
  9. panthers

    Expand Regions

    I think you will see most regions now a 1 day anyways with the 6 match limit in post season. As for future it would help if some regions didn't have 20 teams and some 8 but what would also help is true numbers. There are lots of schools listed as in a region that haven't never had a team or no longer has a team. We need to clean up the list of real teams that actually wrestle then make the number in each region close to same. This should make all 1-day tourneys now with the 6 match rule. Then we can do whatever all want district/region/state or just region/state. I personally like the 32 man bracket but never liked the random draw until this season because after seeing the genius way it was seeded I think we are better with random draw. Just my thoughts good or bad.
  10. panthers

    Weight class changes coming

    Yeah same thoughts mine wold look more like this but they don't care about what we want someone has there own plans or they would have left it up to each state to make their own 12/13 or 14 weights 106, 113, 120, 126, 132, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 215, 240, HWT
  11. panthers

    Weight class changes coming

    Again those are the great Athletes I spoke of but there are hundreds of them in mid 240-250 that just aren't great athletes. If we only care about the top 8 then it really don't matter what the weight classes are but if its about more kids then we shouldn't have 70 pounds between the possible kids weights. My hwt cut to 279 from 307 to start the season.
  12. panthers

    Weight class changes coming

    That could be the case but I think its more like unless you are a freak athlete all the 235-255 kids quit because they either cant or wont cut to 222 or not 217 or don't want to give up 30 to 50 pounds. Yes I get it others do but most have limited success when given up weight like that.
  13. panthers

    Weight class changes coming

    I say if they was going to change it why not have a light heavy somewhere in the middle of 215 & 285 or 300. Maybe do away with like 138 and make 245 or 250. Then you would still have a 134 you would still have lower weights about 6-8 pounds apart and more for the bigger guys.
  14. panthers

    Weight class survey

    Not at my school. I tried that a few years ago to get a team together. My answer was simple we have one team. I also don't have a budget to do freshman or JV I one budget just for wrestling period. Hopefully when KHSAA approves it then they will allow for buses and separate matches.
  15. panthers

    Weight class survey

    As for post season my understanding all long was that it was a one year thing and we are going back to as normal next year. That is what they said in the board meetings when it was done. Now I get it they could still change and reverse it but if we go by what has been said then back to horse park (yuck) we go. Glad back to normal wish not horse park. What I don't understand is why did they even vote on girls wrestling when they haven't yet recognized it as a sanction sport. My school like many I am sure will not allow a girls event or team without being sanctioned first. So that's what I wish they would get done.
  16. panthers

    UWW Cadet

    Congrats to both of these young men.
  17. panthers

    2021-2022 Season

    I did like the weekday quads. It was something we hadn't done before and do plan on doing more of them next season.
  18. panthers

    Team State Qualifiers

    Man I wish all these teams still had teams.
  19. I asked this same question a few weeks back and was told there won’t be a freestyle or Greco State this year. It came from a member of the KY Coaches Association.
  20. panthers

    Boro Brawl Nationals April 10/11

    Not sure where you guys are from but yeah some brackets were bigger than most we been to in regular or off season. Hope your kids did good and had some fun in Owensboro.
  21. panthers

    Boro Brawl Nationals April 10/11

    For those that didn't attend this event just thought I would recap some for you all. This was a pretty good event for the most part it was well ran and moved quickly. From what I seen most brackets was at least 6 deep and some as many as 13 or more. Which is good for a lot of these type tourneys. Most of all it was full of KY kids from all over the state. I seen kids from McCracken, Union Co, Fairdale, Grant Co, Ft. Campbell, Christian Co, Ohio Co, Henderson Co, Apollo, Owensboro, Owensboro Catholic, and Daviess Co. There were also several other Club teams from across the state like Homegrown and others. All in all it was a great day of wrestling and although I had nothing to do with this I hope it continues to grow as it will be great for the western part of KY and our state in general. It was listed that 13 states attended. I know there were lots of Indiana, Tennessee as well as Missouri, Alabama and Florida teams and kids that competed. So great job Rob McCabe & KWC wrestlers who worked the tourney.
  22. panthers

    Venue for next year..

    Oh I agree, I do think if we could pull it off Western might be a good option. They have wrestling now at 4 Warren Co schools they are somewhat central located and the arena there is nice and girls state basketball has used it so it could be possible. Although I really don't think any of our thoughts matter it will be where KHSAA wants and for my money I would say Horse Park but if we are lucky maybe we can get another place in Lexington.
  23. panthers

    Venue for next year..

    KWC/Wesleyan doesn't have a place they play at the sports center and I don't believe its big enough nor is it anywhere near Lexington for the Central Location problem.