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  1. Tyson Baxter

    Top Ten Freshman/Sophomores this year

    Max from Woodford County.
  2. Tyson Baxter

    Biggest Upsets At State?

    Well pinandwin did I see the semi....Nope. Did I see the finals. ...yep. So I can only comment I what I seen and Blanton stalled.
  3. Tyson Baxter

    Biggest Upsets At State?

    The 145 match was awful. Blanton stalled the whole match.
  4. Tyson Baxter


    Bottom of bracket dosnt look as strong as the top of the bracket your winner comes from the top. Saul Ervin or Tylan Tucker wins 106.
  5. Tyson Baxter

    Upset alert at state

    If you was to rewrestle the 113 bracket 5times you could have five different winners. Pretty even competion.
  6. Tyson Baxter

    Upset alert at state

    Trey lost on a questionable call in overtime to Roane. I know the Woodford Coaches protested the match for atleast an hour. Then after Miller slammemed Trey backwards on his head. Trey wasnt the same rest of the day.
  7. Tyson Baxter

    Upset alert at state

    Greg Miller might be in trouble first round. Billy Pride is a real good wrestler.
  8. Tyson Baxter

    MS State Duals

    Union beat Woodford pretty onesided as well.
  9. Tyson Baxter

    MS State Duals

    From what Ive seen Union is legit.
  10. Tyson Baxter

    The Dragon

    My money is in Hurst from Woodford at 113
  11. Tyson Baxter

    Fastest pin

    I know crazyhorse said ATM has some quick pins, but my son had the fastest pin in Ky wrestling history lastnight. He pinned his guy in negative 6 seconds. He used jedi mind trick before match ever started.
  12. Tyson Baxter

    District 4 reasults

    Can someone post District 4 results
  13. Tyson Baxter

    Middle School Rankings 2014/15 - JANUARY 12

    121 is gonna be tuff. Zane Brown, Micha Ervin, and Nathanial Lawrence . Should come down to Brown and Ervin with Lawrence a chance at upset.
  14. Tyson Baxter

    pound for pound top 10

    Zane Brown #1
  15. Tyson Baxter


    Woodford looks pretty tuff from 106-126.