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  1. chadmack282

    Battle of the Brave 20 Dec 14

    I am trying to get Twenhofel to come to this tourny but I am just a parent so I dont have much pull. I am trying though. I dont know how the KY MS rules are can I sign my son up my self & bring him just like a individual national tourny ?
  2. chadmack282

    Team KY Youth & MS @ Heartland National Duals

    I watched 6 of Chase's matches & he stays in great position constantly, he never stops adjusting his position. He also is constantly moving his feet while staying in good position which never gives his opponent openings & keeps his opponent guessing!! I was very impressed with his constant positioning & constant movement!!
  3. chadmack282

    Training Opportunity

    Hey Isaac you need to add a 2session Saturday group. Something like 8:30-10:00 & 10:30-12:00 or similar. :-) just saying!
  4. chadmack282

    USA Wrestling vs. NUWAY

    I bring my son to Ohio for fs/gr. I was referring to raising the awareness of fs/gr to alot of other kids in the state with more training opportunities. Most parents wouldn't drive 60miles each way on a week night for an 1.5hr practice.
  5. I asked for past results earlier to see what kind of turnout to expect at the different ages & weights. I go to the tournaments that are the best for jacks development. If I can get full brackets in franklin In in FS/GR or 2matches in KY Jack will wrestle in Franklinh but if he can get close to the number of matches he will do KY state FS/GR.
  6. chadmack282

    USA Wrestling vs. NUWAY

    There needs to Olympic style wrestling training in this state!! My son wants to do the FS/GR KY state tourney but I have to assume there will be no other 6th graders there so we will probably go to the Franklin Iron Man in Indiana. I have asked about training & camps for FS/GR on KY Wrestler with no response.
  7. Does a school boy have to wrestle this tournament in order to wrestle central regionals in Indy ?
  8. Are there results someplace from last years tournament ?
  9. chadmack282

    Golden Cross Wrestling Summer Camps-Cincinnati OH

    More KY kids really need to take advantage of these free open mats & these camps. After 2seasons of wrestling my 6th grade son was a KY Mddle School State runner up & alot of the credit goes to Avery & the hammers in the Golden Cross Wrestling room!
  10. If some 1 would offer weekend camps or 1 day multiple session clinics alot more KY kids would be involved in FS/GR. I just drove 2oo+miles each way for 3 1.5hour sessions. the Carr/jones camp is after KY State & central regional qualifier. Any 1 help !
  11. chadmack282

    Team KY Middle School

    Great job guys!
  12. chadmack282

    Freestyle Clinics for Central Regionals in May

    How about some freestyle/greco training in KY to get more kids involved in the KY FS/GR State Championships 4/26 & in Central Regionals in Indy 5/17. I drove 200+miles each way today just for 2 2hours sessions of FS & that was in Ohio. Anyone? ?
  13. chadmack282

    Union Co.'s 2014 Thoroughbred Camp

    Is there room & board at this camp ? something like JJ, s camps.
  14. chadmack282

    Carr Wrestling Academy Technique Sessions

    How much time spent on technique/drilling & how much time spent live wrestling ?
  15. chadmack282

    Heartland USA National Elementary Duals

    We are looking 4ward to some great wrestling and a great time with friends!! come on April!!