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  1. Breakhimdown13

    top 15 Best Louisville wrestlers P4P?

    Hayden vinegar- 2x placer, third this last year. Not top 15 in Louisville?
  2. Breakhimdown13


    Say there are schools snowed out all week. Can the KHSAA give a weight allowance for the state tournament?
  3. Breakhimdown13

    The Return of the State Prediction Game

    14- Austin Myers 220 13- Saul Ervin 106 12- Bryce Sheffer 120 11- Hudson Heidorf 145 10- Jorge Vega 113 9- Ben Barton 152 8- Tyler Frankrone 182 7- Branden Johnson 285 6- Elijah Miller 195 5- Bobby Poynter 126 4- Keegan Duncan 132 3- Alex MacIntosh 170 2- Brian Miller 138 1- Nathan Haddad 160 Dark Horse: Joey Insko (Apollo) 132 Team: Union County 195
  4. Breakhimdown13

    Random Draw Pairings

    Are these this year's pairings?
  5. Breakhimdown13

    region predicitions

    My guess is that even with those three wrestlers there, male still would've lost. 22 points a big deficit for three wrestlers to make up, no matter how good they are against a solid team like manual. I know it's duals format but manual also got third at JCTC, over male I believe when they had a couple wrestlers out.
  6. Breakhimdown13

    Brackets-team results for the FORT KNOX INVITATIONAL?

    I haven't seen results for this anywhere... Surely someone knows something?
  7. Breakhimdown13

    Lockland Invitational

    Manual had 12 weights in the top 4, cooper only had 6 in the top 4. Andrew sailings 138 is from manual I believe, not cooper
  8. Breakhimdown13

    138.. stab in the dark

    This weight class is going to be crazy at state... Really looking forward to those quarterfinal and semifinal matchups! The seeding of this weight class would be insane, probably best to just let the random draw play out here, especially when anyone can beat anyone in this weight
  9. Breakhimdown13

    The Dragon

    Wait why did Poynter wrestle 132 and not 126?
  10. Camerin Cole of Christian co. Has lost to both Daniel Dyess of uha and Salings of manual at the CCI
  11. Breakhimdown13

    Jefferson County Tournament predictions?

    Seemed like every team there was missing someone, lots of big names missing for most teams. Could have been a much better tourney if everyone were healthy. Many are injuries, but illness has definitely been a problem this year for all teams.
  12. Breakhimdown13

    Region 1 Rankings Week 3 (12/22)

    What teams will be at the CCI this year??
  13. Breakhimdown13


    Team scores?
  14. Breakhimdown13


    Any results???
  15. Breakhimdown13

    Bearcat Brawl

    The manual v. Lafayette match was fantastic... 2-3 OT matches, a #1 v. #2, and decided by only 1 point in the end. Great wrestling this weekend.