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  1. bfe1996

    bgsg remote weigh in sites

    Who do we send the weights too?
  2. bfe1996

    Central Regional Championships May 16-18, 2014

    are there remote weigh ins for this?
  3. bfe1996

    CWA Practice

    where are these practices held and do they train for fargo (freestyle/greco)
  4. What day will pre registration be up on track? And do we have to wrestle the same weight we want to wrestle at fargo here?
  5. bfe1996

    CWA Technique Clinic Featuring Zeke Jones

    can register online for this camp or is it paper only?
  6. bfe1996

    Midwest Championships Freestyle/Folkstyle

    its only letting me pre register for folkstyle not freestyle on track
  7. Wondering the same thing?
  8. bfe1996


    When and where is the closet regional?
  9. bfe1996

    Team Ky-High School

    At the state tourney?
  10. bfe1996

    Team Ky-High School

    How do you get on team Kentucky?
  11. bfe1996

    No-Ox Wrestling Club

    How far is this from paducah?
  12. bfe1996

    Region 3 Predictions

    132- Jeremy Henehan
  13. bfe1996

    Daviess County Duels

    Davies county duals are cancelled
  14. bfe1996

    Region 1 Rankings 2/3/14

    What was the jaschen and Miller match score?