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    Who were the Region MOWS from each Region and.....

    Region 3- Tristan Sanders (Fairdale) MD over Henehan (Fern Creek) 15-7 in semis The Dec over Nathan Thompson in the finals
  2. ThatWrestler


    Saul Ervin wins 106
  3. ThatWrestler

    Region 3

    No he wrestled 170 this past weekend. He was only 160 for one tournament.
  4. ThatWrestler

    Region 3

    Barrett (170) moved back up to 170
  5. ThatWrestler


    Dominic Lampe ATM Those two I know of
  6. ThatWrestler

    The Dragon

    I spoke with Bobby poynter after the tourney and he said that he was not staying 132 he just did it for the competition at the tournament
  7. ThatWrestler

    Tates Creek @ Lexington Catholic

    How did bender do?
  8. ThatWrestler

    The Dragon

    I got my money on Vega. The kid is a monster. I mean Tucker is a great kid and amazing athlete, but Vega is just a straight up savage.
  9. ThatWrestler


    Definitely funders and that! It's been quite busy for me also. Practice then work. On top of school. Understand*
  10. ThatWrestler


    When can we be expecting new rankings Mr Ranger? February sure is coming fast!
  11. ThatWrestler

    WCI -2014

    Yeah I'm not sure but the past 3 years it was 27th and 28th
  12. ThatWrestler

    Doss open mats

    When are doss' open mats?
  13. ThatWrestler

    WCI -2014

    Usually the 27-28
  14. ThatWrestler

    Ranger Preseason Rankings - April 26 2013

    Caleb Barrett (Sou 145) is going 170
  15. ThatWrestler

    Top 8 in every weight class

    Pledger beat McDaniels at JCTC didn't he?? And the only reason he didn't place top 4 is because he got injured