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  1. Region 8 had some really great finals matches. 


    106 was decided on a reversal with 3 seconds left in the match  

    126 a takedown in the final seconds aswell. 

    132 went to the final ride out. 

    138 was a barn burner that went to the final seconds. 

    182 was a great match that went to OT. 


    Byron Pierce from JC was the MOW 

  2. On a side note JC put on a great regional. 

    Having matches all day on the big screen in the gym was pretty awesome. Having the kids pictures and names and weight classes put up on a huge screen along with their finals match not only in the center of the gym but also going on the big screen was pretty great. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. 


    Congrats and good luck to everyone that qualified for state. Should be a great weekend.  

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  3. 3 hours ago, charger said:

    Jason thanks again for your hard work. Some people don’t realize the time and effort you put into this. 


    Don’t talk to me about this “Brad Calipari” hash tag crap about earned never given. We drove 2 hours one way “4 hours all together” 3 days a week last year just so Blue could practice and wrestle middle school last year because his school didn’t offer it. He works his tail off and he has never been given anything. He’s earned everything hes accomplished in 3 sports and academics. 

    Ive never tried to take anything away from Jason. He works his tail off and does a great job. In fact I send him information about kids in my area to help him with his rankings. I know how hard of a job he has with his rankings. Jason is a good guy and does a great job and I never said other wise. So to say I said other wise is nonsense.  

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  4. 6 hours ago, JMI1406 said:

    Calm down Bluesdad. Preseason rankings mean nothing. How about your kid wins a few high school matches before you get your panties in a wad about stupid rankings. 

    Dont be one of those dads, it’s not cool

    First off I didn’t take anything personal so I don’t need to calm down. Blue will take care of his self on the mat. Nothing was enough remotely said out of they way on my side. Anyone that knows me knows what kind of dad and person I am. So to imply anything else is ludicris. So think what you want. That’s your bussiness. I wouldn’t post anything on here I wouldn’t say to someone’s face. Notice I’m not trying to hide who I am with a fake screen name.  


    5 hours ago, Ranger123 said:

    Gene you can take it personal if you want, but it’s going to be a long 4 years. Not to mention you could have simply texted me to ask. for the other example you gave the ranked kid has HS matches so I ranked the kid who would be highest. 

    Jason, I didn’t take anything personal. I just stated facts. 

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  5. On 11/24/2018 at 1:07 PM, Ranger123 said:

    At this point I left the returning state qualifier in the lineup. As soon as I seem the team compete with a different roster I will update. 

    That would be a reasonable argument if you didn’t do the exact opposite at 132 with Blayden Sexton and Reece Goss. My only point is that everyone knows Blue will be in the starting lineup for JC. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, DrBaker said:

    How about Dylan Preston and Reece Goss at Johnson Central? Different Dylan Preston? 

    I don’t think the JC Dylan Preston is going to wrestle this year. Hope I’m wrong but doesn’t look like he will this year. Reece Goss has looked really good so far early in practice. JC has some solid young wrestlers on the mats  this year. 

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  7. 32 minutes ago, gameface said:

    During post season I had the privilege of coaching the MS National Dual Team. So I’ll focus on the freshman class. I agree with Dr Baker on his list. Some freshman that I think will make a run and are hungry. Levid Rodriquez from JC will be a beast to contend with the next 4 years, you’ll get to know his name! Kolby Koepp from McCracken is hard working and has a lot of talent. Jo-el Hatchett with St X has some raw talent and funk. He’ll be fun to watch. Issac Thorton will take Grant County back to state this year and should be on a mission. Although he wasn’t able to go with us, Blue Fletcher also with JC is a bull. Depending on where he falls in weight,will be interesting as he looks like he continues to  get big. Spencer Moore fitting into WV line up,at most likely 106, will have a great freshman year. And, I may be bias but I also think Noah Duke and Cole Thomas from Ryle could have a solid year. All in all, we have so many great kids with talent throughout the state and these are just a few of the great freshman.  Good luck to all of these young men and woman as they start another grind!!!

    The freshman class is loaded. There’s a lot of talent in this state for the 2022. 

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