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  1. Bluesdad

    KWOA Spring Classic

    Is this the first tourney in the belt series? My son Blue is pretty excited about that series.
  2. Bluesdad

    Youth State Results

    I wouldnt stop the face off because a few people wanted to get home a little earlier. The kids really enjoy it and is the highlight of the day for most of the kids. Keep the face off its great.
  3. Bluesdad

    Youth State Results

    It was a great day of wrestling. My son really loved it. He wrestled great and brought home another state title. I thought the venue was awesome.
  4. Bluesdad

    FCA pray after we weigh

    God bless all the wrestlers and lets hope all that can will join in the prayer.
  5. Bluesdad

    Youth State Tournament

    What's the name of some good youth kids out there? Here in region 5 east we have some good young wrestlers. Looking forward to a great tournament at a new site. We needed a change.
  6. Bluesdad

    145 Bracket

    Look out for Jordan Young here he has been wrestling really really well lately.
  7. No where, thats why most people wrestle their kids in other states. But I am interested in the belt series coming up. Im really really thinking about hitting all 3 of em and seeing where the chips fall. Who else is going to the belt tourneys?
  8. If the middle school kid can handle it more power to him. Like Geordon Blanton this year won his region and Sam Griffith placed second for JC in region 8.
  9. Our boys from JC will be at Lexington this weekend aswell. Looking forward to a great tournament. But there are a few things I would change about it. I would go to straight weights 50, 55, 60, 65 etc. Or 58, 61, 64, etc like the national tournaments. I would like to see 16 man brackets instead of 8 when possible. I would also like to see a bullpen for upcoming matches to stage kids in. But most of all i would love to see Ky start taking only the top 4 out of each region and seed the tourney. But they dont even seed the HS tourney so thats not happening i guess. I've had my son at many many tournaments in WV, PA, OH that were ran this way and it works great.
  10. Yes the official state youth tournament is this weekend in Lexington at the horse park. This is another tournament all together.
  11. Looking forward to the belt series. Its about time Kentucky gets something like this for our state. Looking like I will be taking Blue to all these. We travel to WV, PA, or WV, every weekend to wrestle i like the idea of wrestling in Ky better.
  12. Bluesdad

    2012 Outstanding wrestler award region

    JJ Jude and Jimmy Preston of JC were Co MOW in region 8.
  13. Bluesdad

    Region 8 what's your predictions

    106 Grordon Blanton JC 113 Criswell(I'm pretty certain beat Francis from JC in finals) 120 Siler 126 Bybee 132 Jude JC 138 Ruiz 145 Young JC 152 Preston JC 160 Simpson 170 Jude JC 182 Conley JC 195 Preston JC 220 Hollen HWT Troxell Team champion JC These are the champions of each class, I think I'm correct on all.
  14. Bluesdad


    John Conley from JC has a great shot.
  15. Thanks, are there any web sites I can go to and find flyers on those tournaments?
  16. Bluesdad

    Region 6 tourney?

    It's not going to be in Paintsville because we had are tournament last Sunday Feb. 5th. But we are also region 5 east here. You may be able to call Keith Smith to find out.
  17. Bluesdad

    Youth State Tournament

    I think were all proud parents, because I'd put my 2nd grade 63lber against against anyone in the state aswell. But I think it's good to be a proud parent.
  18. Bluesdad


    Sam Preston from Johnson Central
  19. Bluesdad


    Those kids are good but JJ dominated Maupin last year before pinning him. He had better got a heck of a lot better if he wants to challenge Jude.
  20. Bluesdad

    Latest predictions for state!

    The 70lb class is loaded this year. It should be a great class to watch, I expect it to be very exciting wrestling. But I want to say I'm very proud of my son who qualified for state as a 2nd grader this year. He will be in the 70lb class so if he wins a match it will be icing on the cake. He only weighs 62-63 lbs so he's giving away a lot of experience along with weight. I told him to go out and have fun with it. This year is just experience for him.
  21. Bluesdad

    Kings Island tourney

    I thought I would've see more Ky kids there. Say from Louisville, Lexington, Covington areas. But there wasn't that many there. It was a good tourney with very good competition. It would've been nice to have seen more Ky kids there though. But my son Blue did a great job bringing home a 1st place medal back from Ohio. Looking forward to seeing some of you at future tourneys.