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  1. Hawk_Eye

    Iowa vs Penn State

    Thats a good point there T, I don't see Logan performing very well at 149 though if he were to bump up there due to not having the size like most of the other 49's other than Grajales. I'm sure Logan will figure it out too like you said. Its turning out to be a very interesting year with some of the matches that have already taken place.
  2. Hawk_Eye

    Woodford County Inv . Always one of the years Best

    Who won the team race? I know Jefferson City and Woodford were tied at the end and it came down to criteria.
  3. Hawk_Eye

    Iowa vs Penn State

    A little late comment here but check out the dual that OSU had with Kent State after the PSU dual and once again Stieber was ridden a whole period. I would say it is the weight cutting and I remember seeing someone mentioning that on another board. The dual with Kent State can be found on Flo, as well as an interview with stieber in which they talk about him being ridden 2 matches in a row by Retherford and the Kent State wrestler.
  4. Hawk_Eye

    Woodford County Inv . Always one of the years Best

    Quick question and this may be posted somewhere else, anyways is Woodford going to have a live feed of the tournament this year? If so, what is the link for it?
  5. Hawk_Eye

    Wrestling cut from 2020 Olympics

    I just read an article on another site about that, this is the most disheartening thing to hear about with the sport. Think about all of the guys that are training or wanted to train to make the olympics and now they have no where to go after 2016's games, other than the world cup. Looks like MMA will become more prominent in recieving a lot of college wrestlers after they graduate.
  6. Hawk_Eye

    tOSU vs WI

    I can't wait to see those two go at, at the B1G Ten's and also to see 174 at B1G Ten's and especially at NCAA's.
  7. Hawk_Eye

    Four Time State Champions

    Fahy is redshirting I believe this year and is wrestling 149 at Illinois
  8. Hawk_Eye

    tOSU vs WI

    Very nice to see him back and getting a pin over Thomas. Ramos and Him are way above everybody at 133 this year.
  9. Hawk_Eye

    State Duals

    I've always hated that saying, yes the cream will rise to the top but if you think about it. Seeding is very important because it can come down to the match ups that you want or do not want until later on in a tournament because sometimes higher seeded teams or individuals can get upset. Seeding is crucial when it comes down to having the best chance to place at state or at state duals, which is why I'm a big fan of seeding the state tournament. GOO to battle the longetivity of doing all of the seeding for the state tournament, you can have a two week window like what they do for Division 1 between the region tournament and the state tournament. That way it gives kids a chance to rest, heal a little bit, and prepare for the state tournament.
  10. Hawk_Eye

    tOSU vs WI

    Wish I had BTN and could watch the matches. This dual happened a few nights though. I'm guessing Logan Stieber's injury is more significant than most thought. Hope he makes it a soon recovery and can't wait to see him at Nationals.
  11. Hawk_Eye

    Caleb Ervin!!!!!

    Great win for Ervin! Congrats on that and definitely a big confidence booster!!
  12. Hawk_Eye

    Instant replay

    Haha, I can definitely understand your view point on the matter of instant replay Otto. I remember seeing or hearing multiple times at the NCAA's, where matches would have protests filed for them right after the match for a call or other things of that matter to be reviewed.
  13. Hawk_Eye

    Instant replay

    I think there is a need for replay in wrestling at the collegiate level due to the fact that some things can happen so fast and they might need to be reviewed in order to have the correct scoring. For example, if the ref doesn't know that time is out in a period and calls an escape or takedown 5 seconds after time not realizing that the period is ended. I know I didn't give the greatest example but there are other situations such as the Dake and Taylor match where the ref made a good call on the reversal in which replay could/should be used. Hell even in high school at times, replay could be very handed; I know I could of used it for a match that I loss when the scoring table was confused because of so many points being thrown up quickly by the ref.
  14. Hawk_Eye

    NAIA National Duals

    Wish I could have driven out to Illinois to go watch these duals but it looks like Campbellsville and Lindsey Wilson both performed really way this past weekend finishing in 4th and 6th in the nation. Each team came away with some tough wins and losses as shown on the brackets and in the results. for more info you can go to here: http://tw01.trackwrestling.com/tw/teamtournaments/MainFrame.jsp?sport=wrestling&TIM=1358196868802&pageName=&ie=true&frameSize=500
  15. Hawk_Eye

    crab riding vs leg riding (whats the better ride)

    I never personally threw legs in high school but when I wrestled in college, I started to try using legs in order to ride and gain riding time like JPizar also mentioned about himself. High school, I would go spiral ride to break them down and then inside wrist because of the various moves that are possible and how effective it was. I would recommend inside wrist to most high school kids unless they are better or just as good at leg riding.