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  1. Coach Wagers

    Random draw

    Ohio does, returning state placers that win districts are seeded.
  2. Coach Wagers

    State recap

    Doesn't change the final score, but it definitely changed the pace of the match. At a minimum should have been awarded 2, and no whistle blown to stop the match..... That no call and stalemate call changed the landscape. I believe there was approx 30 or so seconds left, and instead of nearfall, he lost a point by giving up an escape. Not to say Saul still wouldn't have won either. Just my two cents....
  3. Coach Wagers

    Random Draw Table is out...

    So I split the regions this morning. This bracket would now be the prime example of how Regional depth and seeding will not change any outcome. The bottom half is now stacked with more "ranked" kids than the top. It Eliminates the guantlet for Adams, however creates the Gauntlet for Storck/Mattingly/Ocasio/Preston. The bottom corner the way it falls, and due to depth and people losing, no way to really get out of it. you would have Dylan Preston vs. Tyler Storck first round, winner to possible Ocasio/Mattingly (2nd round match), then to Gabe, to the finals of Wallace/Miller. Like I said original post, seeding the regional champs would help, but it's hard to eliminate the regional depth factor. Rank Seed Round 1 Round 2 QTRS Semi's Finals 2 1 Cagen Wallace Cagen Wallace Cagen Wallace Cagen Wallace Cagen Wallace Carter Mitchell 10 Ethan Wells Ethan Wells Michael Watts Troy Wooten Troy Wooten Isaac Pledger Matthew Hendricks 25 Cordell Vaske Isaac Pledger 14 8 Isaac Pledger 11 5 Jacob Grandstaff Jacob Grandstaff Brad Miller Brad Miller Garrett Koestel 5 Brad Miller Brad Miller 12 Eli Peyton Indy Ciceron Isaac French Carson Deckard Isaac French Blake Botts Carson Deckard 13 4 Carson Deckard 1 3 Gabe Adams Gabe Adams Gabe Adams Gabe Adams Gabe Adams Caileb Hills 7 Zach Cowan Zach Cowan 21 Cayden Graham 20 Sergio Morales Marquell McDaniel Marquell McDaniel 15 Marquell McDaniel 24 Robert Martin Dylan Harkins 17 6 Dylan Harkins 19 7 Jarrett Sanders Jarrett Sander Tyler Storck Preston Mattingly Luke Fullerton 6 Dylan Preston Tyler Storck 4 Tyler Storck 8 Migdoel Ocasio Migdoel Ocasio Preston Mattingly Harrison Turrey 9 Keaton Elliot Preston Mattingly 3 2 Preston Mattingly
  4. Coach Wagers

    Random Draw Table is out...

    Didn't take that much time, merely seeded. So when the regions drop in, it would actually be different. I will compare when regions fall into place if time allows (swamped today at work)
  5. Coach Wagers

    Random Draw Table is out...

    Ohio is similar, have to be a returning top 3 placer and district champ. Just merely seeding the Regional champs based on returning placement Criteria and/or win percentage would change the entire landscape. It's not hard to follow that. It wouldn't fix everything, but be a whole lot better than it is now. Tie Breaker Criteria for same placement- 1- Returning to the same weight class; 2- Win Percentage; 3- Previous year placements. Doesn't answer everything, but sure answers a lot. 120 Weight Class- based on Returning placement/win percentage; And Regional Champ (these are not predictions, just carried over the higher ranking athlete) Rank Seed Round 1 Round 2 QTRS Semi's Finals 2 1 Cagen Wallace Cagen Wallace Cagen Wallace Cagen Wallace Cagen Wallace 9 Keaton Elliot 20 Sergio Morales Dylan Preston 6 Dylan Preston 7 Zach Cowan Zach Cowen Zach Cowen Indy Ciceron Caileb Hills Isaac Pledger 14 8 Isaac Pledger 11 5 Jacob Grandstaff Jacob Grandstaff Tyler Storck Tyler Storck Garrett Koestel 4 Tyler Storck Tyler Storck Matthew Hendricks 8 Migdoel Ocasio Migdoel Ocasio Migdoel Ocasio 21 Cayden Graham 24 Robert Martin Carson Deckard 13 4 Carson Deckard 1 3 Gabe Adams Gabe Adams Gabe Adams Gabe Adams Gabe Adams Blake Botts Michael Watts Ethan Wells 10 Ethan Wells 5 Brad Miller Brad Miller Brad Miller Harrison Turrey 25 Cordell Vaske Dylan Harkins 17 6 Dylan Harkins 19 7 Jarrett Sanders Jarrett Sander Eli Peyton Preston Mattingly Luke Fullerton 12 Eli Peyton Eli Peyton 15 Marquell McDaniel Isaac French Troy Wooten Preston Mattingly Troy Wooten Carter Mitchell Preston Mattingly 3 2 Preston Mattingly
  6. Coach Wagers

    Ryle Raider Rumble 12/10

    I would say 3-4 years and maybe longer. Their MS squad is tough. The team they have currently has 2 SR's, and 2 JR's I believe. The rest Fresh/Soph. There might be 3 SR's as I think one was an extra this past weekend, but will be dropping and make lineup as the starter next weekend at SWOWCA. The Fresh/Soph class they have had some OAC studs on it. A couple of them can not make line up right now due to well, the lineup they have. I would say Elder is probably the best team in Cincy this year, I think they have the horsepower to beat Mason, just due to their upper weights being studs. That will be one heck of a dual when it happens for sure. Either way, this team will be tough to beat the next few years without a doubt.
  7. Coach Wagers

    Ryle Raider Rumble 12/10

    Great tournament as always, great matches, and fun to watch. No doubt this is an early assessment for many of these guys. Some of the matches were intense to say the least. My takeaways- Bacon from Union- tough kid. Pushed Wells as far as he wanted for sure. Had a cradle locked up twice on Brady but couldn't turn either one for points. He will be a contender by year end. Zane looks great. He's hard to score on. He beat Smallwood again, and controlled the entire match against Craig from Elder who is tough as nails. Yost looked good against Yenter, this weight at state (along with 120 will be insane). Saul was Saul, but little Andreoni wrestled a tough tourney. Big question here is does Saul drop to 126. Andreoni/Buckman was a great match. Buckman hung in there and battled. Curious on how the game plan changes had they awarded Avery the 2 at the end of the first period. Match of the tournament for me was Murphy (Elder) vs. Johnson. Unbelievable match, scrambles, attacks, defense. I thought for sure Murphy wouldn't be able to hold him down. It was crazy, one guy would hit a sweet duck, scramble no points, so then the other guy would hit a duck, scramble no points. Then they did the same thing with high crotches. Unreal match. This weekend for me definitely let me know the season is under way!
  8. Coach Wagers

    Big Match Wednesday 12/7/16

    Bo wrestled in an open not the CKLV, and Snyder wrestled in Europe at the World Team Duals. Lavallee is a stud.... If they put him out there he will beat up on Ryan. Ryan's gas tank has looked horrible so far this year. I look forward to J-Rod and McGhee and Micah and Mayes. Calling the Bucks with the upset there, but great matches non the less. I hope to see Bo and Snyder wrestle. What an opportunity for ATM if Snyder does. Not matter the outcome, you don't get a chance like that very often.
  9. Coach Wagers

    Big Match Wednesday 12/7/16

    Lucky you Dutch! This will be an incredible dual for sure. I have it 5-5..... winner will be whoever gets the most bonus points. I see all of the matches being tight except for 174/197. And hopefully Snyder man will be on the mat, that would be awesome for Austin to get to wrestle him. Tom Ryan plays tricks though, so I wouldn't be shocked if Snyder didn't get on the mat. Who knows how he's doing after wrestling abroad last week.
  10. Coach Wagers

    Big Match Wednesday 12/7/16

    Match is Thursday Dec. 8th.... not Wednesday. @ 7pm. Mizzou matches up well with OSU, and could pull out a victory (as much as I hate to say it)..... Potential matches 125 - #7 Barlow McGhee vs #10 Jose Rodriquez 133 - #9 Jaydin Eierman vs #3 Nato 141 - #8 Matt Manley vs Luke Pletcher (Ke-Shawn Hayes is out for the rest of the year from injury) 149 - #4 Lavion Mayes vs #5 Micah Jordan 157 - #6 Joey Lavellee vs Jake Ryan 165 - #4 Daniel Lewis vs Cody Burcher 174 - Dylan Wisman vs #1 Bo Jordan 184 - #9 Willie Miklus vs #5 MyMar 197 - #1 J'den Cox vs #6 Kollin Moore 285 - Austin Myers vs #1 Kyle Snyder
  11. Coach Wagers

    Youth and MS uniforms

    See if you can make Barbarian Apparel a vendor...... Josh does great work with team designs and logos, products are really good, and he's easy to work with. I have used him many times. I believe for $100 you can get shorts/shirts/ and singlets.... shorts/shirts are like $60
  12. Coach Wagers

    Youth and MS uniforms
  13. Coach Wagers

    Mason Smith commits to wrestle for

    Awesome news for an incredible young man and wonderful family. Congrats Mason, the hard work is paying off. Congrats Dutch, you and the wife have done an awesome job raising a fine young man.
  14. Coach Wagers

    Youth and MS uniforms

    California might have adopted this, but I think the two major states is Wisconsin and Arizona. I do remember last year track had a survey sent to us coaches regarding uniform change. Basically contemplating the same thing for the NFHS. I believe only 3700 or so did the survey out of the 10,000+ sent out. Of those I am pretty sure 75% were for the change for HS level students. Everyone has the same statement in mind, this will help grow and expand the sport. Nothing has come of it as of yet for the NFHS, but I would expect the conversation to be brought up many more times over the next few years. Nothing wrong with getting a head start on the switch now, because it's bound to happen. Good article from April 2016 about the survey and the changes.
  15. Coach Wagers

    Youth and MS uniforms

    I prefer singlets, and I agree with RS above about that not being the main issue. However, I have seen numbers drop severely over the last few years coaching not just in KY but in Ohio as well. If shorts/shirts would bring out a handful of kids, why not do it? Now my preference of singlet is just that, my preference. I'm 100% behind allowing the teams/kids to choose the attire. They should have every right to choose, and a lot of tournaments (especially youth/MS) will allow the shorts/shirts combo now (In Ohio at least). I have to agree with Brandon/Matt/Darren- and as much as I hate to say it because this never happens (hasn't since we met 20 years ago) I agree with Matt again, it shouldn't even be a vote. Approve a style to wear, and then give the wrestlers the option.