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  1. Mike Calhoun

    Tristan Sanders

    Wow, not what I was expecting to hear when I opened this thread. Prayers go out to him and his family, praying for a speedy and full recovery.
  2. Mike Calhoun

    You Know Your a Wrestling Dad When...............

    When you're trying to get out of work the 10th and 11th without the usual three weeks notice
  3. I enjoyed watching Robles wrestle in the NCAA. It makes me wonder if it becomes more of an advantage than a disadvantage because otherwise you would be in a class several weights higher. Robles upper body strength was visually obvious compared to those he wrestled. Best of luck to Bender and the rest of the kids. If hes the same kid then I havent seen him wrestle since middle school state a few years ago hopefully I can get out of work and see him again.
  4. Mike Calhoun

    Teams with 10+ state qualifiers.

  5. As far as team rankings go after St X won region 4 today by a margin of 49 points it shows the importance of the wrestle backs associated with the overall team score. After looking at the number of qualifiers from the list of top ten schools with Union sending 13 out of 14 weight classes I think they now become the clear favorite. A perfect example of this team element is River City who won their first team title last season without a single state champion. Of the top ten teams that Ranger has listed here are the number of qualifiers per team. 1.Trinity 10 2.Union 13 3.Fern Creek 11 4.CC 10 5.St.X 13 6.Ryle 8 7.Woodford 10 8.Oldham 11 9.Lafayette 9 10.Male 7 Looking forward to a great weekend of wrestling.
  6. Mike Calhoun


    Region 4 don't recall any upsets only hard fought matches.
  7. Mike Calhoun

    The Dragon

    Always a pleasure.
  8. Mike Calhoun

    The Dragon

    This might be the only time I ever say I wouldn't have minded staying longer at a tournament. I felt everything ran smooth one we got started and moved along nicely. But I really wish the 1st/2nd place finals matches were done one at a time. I think I may have gotten whiplash looking back and forth with so many good/great matches going on at one time. Binder and Duncan had a great match, so good that I overlooked a match with one of our own team members wrestling.
  9. Mike Calhoun

    Hudl Video Program

    HUDL is great, and has some great features like voice over. Ive seen coaches use it as a teaching tool using highlights and voice overs after reviewing matches and emphasizing great work or points where wrestlers could've done something differently. Plus its a great way to send notifications to the entire team.
  10. Mike Calhoun

    Breathing Issues at the Horse Park

    plantmanky1 has anyone ever explored Louisville Gardens as an option? What pros or cons do you see with it?
  11. Mike Calhoun

    State Venue

    Farm show was a week prior to state, so that shouldn't be a problem.
  12. Mike Calhoun

    State Observations

    If they only wanted to roll up one mat it would've been nice if they had chosen one of the middle ones. It was nice to see the St. Catherine College mats there knowing they are starting a program there next year is welcome sight in KY. Any thoughts on why Brock didn't end the match when it looked as if he could've easily scored two towards the end, almost looked as if he waved it off then tried to pin the kid even though he would've already had the tech fall. Not having the beach balls and tp wasn't really that big of a deal, I would trade beach balls for a finals mat any day. Think everyone did a good job spreading the word and keeping it under control. Seemed like more people stayed longer this year. Consistency is a big issue on the calls being made, I thought the new rule was that if either wrestler has a supporting body part within the circle such as feet then they are considered inbounds. Being only one mat with no worries of flowing over into an adjoining mat and other kids, I felt there were several instances where two should've ben awarded but was not. If refs are worried about kids going off the mats then we should bring additional rolls to put along the edges since the mats were no where near each other but kids were still called out of bounds when they shouldn't have been. Any other observations? Comments? Just seemed kind of quiet on here considering we just had a pretty awesome tourney the other day. Congrats to all, and I personally would like to see Carr stay in KY and see if he can be the next five timer.
  13. Mike Calhoun


    I had spoken to a ref recently and he had brought up a good point that I think we tend to overlook. We all know how long days at tournaments can be, but the refs spend more time on the mats than the wrestlers. They are on their feet most of the day and by the 11th hour they might not be as quick on their feet as they were that morning. I agree that there should be a higher level of consistency, but find a sport where every call is correct, from the minors to the majors. All be it I will still continuing yelling out and mumbling "how did he miss that" but I appreciate the zebras who take the time to correct our kids and not only call them out.
  14. Mike Calhoun


    The Ranger Report, please and thank you. How was that Josh?
  15. Mike Calhoun

    Regional upsets

    Looks like Frankrone beat Smith this time around.