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  1. Coach, are there any special qualifications for this position? I know some guys who could be interested
  2. Pinned500

    NHSCA Virginia Beach Nationals

    Another great showing by Kentucky even if its not over yet. Might be the most placers we have ever had.
  3. Pinned500

    State Brackets

    Johnson vs. Erdman 2nd round tough draw there.
  4. Pinned500

    Big Announcement is here

    I probably shouldn't have been so vague but my comment was targeted towards all of the entitled complainers that contribute nothing towards the discussion, not you WHS98, I absolutely agree that you should voice your opinion. Just figured I'd give my thoughts towards the rankings and some of the hate towards them.
  5. Pinned500

    Big Announcement is here

    Can't say I always agree with your rankings but I definitely respect you for putting the work in to make them. Like you said, there is no way to please everyone but I'm glad we have someone trying their best. Just ignore all the ungrateful complainers and keep doing your thing.
  6. Pinned500

    College Signings

    Congrats to him! Nice to see Kentucky continues to produce D1 talent
  7. Pinned500

    2015 All-Star winners 145-152

    Badida has never impressed me much but I could see his experience at the weight giving him an edge.
  8. Pinned500

    Scholastic Duals

    I've got to agree with you there Wky. A lot of studs didn't make the podium this year and we definitely can't hang with the best without a full squad either.
  9. Pinned500

    Scholastic Duals

    How did wrestlers get selected to the teams? Was this invitation only?
  10. Pinned500


    I know multiple wrestlers who had already paid for class trips during that week or had planned college visits. All i'm saying is that delaying it for this long brings up a lot of problems that I don't think were thought through. I'm sure there are plenty of wrestlers who were struggling to keep their weight down that now have to wait for 3 more weeks.
  11. Pinned500


    I have to disagree with this decision. I know many wrestlers already had important plans for these dates and being in the middle of the week will definitely drop attendance. I understand that there is no perfect solution, but I think the only thing worse than this would be cancelling it altogether.
  12. Pinned500


    Here are the winners I remember off the top of my head: 113- Ohio County 126- North Hardin 138- Jtown 145- Fairdale 152- North Hardin 160- Eastern 170- Christian County 182- Christian County 220- North Hardin 285- North Hardin
  13. Pinned500

    It's Cloberin timeee!!!

  14. Pinned500

    2/8/13 Rankings

    Nice to see some new rankings, good work
  15. Pinned500

    Potential match ups

    TBH there are barely ever heavier guys who wow people.