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  1. 3 hours ago, hybrid said:

    2014 Bryce Sheffer 113

    Jorge Vega, AJ Bidner, Joey Roberts & Mason Smith all state champs. 


    Bryce 4x 

    john hernadez 2x finalist ( lost to Boston/Bryce)

    jorge 2x state champ

    Aj 2x finalist won 1 

    roberts state champ

    smith state champ , not sure if he made finals more than once

    clayton Hanson state finalist , injuries side lined him . 

  2. 9 hours ago, Ranger123 said:

    Was just thinking about that a few weeks ago. That bracket was darn good. Guess I need to give my kid a little pat on the back for that one. 


    Interesting concept though. What state brackets ended with the most individual state champs in it?  Go back in history. GOO what do you have?


    26 minutes ago, dutch said:

    I remember that bracket well. 

    Hernandez was a 2 x finalist , the st x kid lost Roberts in the finals . Only one in that group of 8 never made finals 

  3. 3 hours ago, Zeus said:

    How many times has a champion defeated a placer every round?  Quite the trivia question there lol

    Not every round but Bryce Sheffer beat 4th , 3rd ,2nd place guys as Freshmen . 

    4th mason smith by pin

    3rd Jorge Vega returning state champ


    2nd Hernandez returning state finalist 


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  4. On 2/16/2017 at 1:57 PM, Ranger123 said:

    Point I forgot to add...


    IF Sheffer is able to pull off his 4th title I hope it is recognized. Winning one is hard enough, but it blows my mind that we can't take 1 minute to recognize what some of these kids are accomplishing. We already missed the window for kids like Brock and Austin. Now that it seems the KYWCA is making ground with the KHSAA maybe this is another area we can take a step forward. 

    Both got MOW for it , I would bet the bank Trent would of got it had he beat Bryce . 

  5. 3 minutes ago, Wrestling Dad said:

    Where did Bryce lose 2 out of state matches?  He won Mater Dei and Father Ryan, and St. Charles West was snowed out.  Was it at one of the Indiana Dual Meet Tournaments?

    Hasn't lost any this yr . Lost 2 last yr in 2015/2016 season 

  6. 51 minutes ago, FalconWrestling said:

    The official KHSAA bracket has him listed at 50-0 but I agree that I believe he has two out of state losses. This hasn't been the best year for keeping trackwrestling updated and accurate

    That's this yr , I think he  was looking for last yr record .

  7. 3 hours ago, Nkawtg said:

    Why the insults?

    El CID is anythjng but JV. Maybe you don't care for the military?  What gives?


    106 is a JV weight class. It's full of middle schoolers, frosh and sophomores competing against each other. That's not what varsity athletics is supposed to be. 

    Union county lineup 




    3 - jr 

    3- sr 

     they seem to be doing alright.

  8. 3 hours ago, Nkawtg said:

    I don't get too excited about a 9th grader wining at 106 as that class shouldn't even be a varsity weight. The class is mostuly frosh and some soph. Very few juniors and Seniors. 


    Too many forfeits as it is. Eliminate 106 in Ky followed by eliminating middle school particiapation in high school events. 

    Last time I checked frosh and soph are high school classes , didn't realize you had to be a     junior or senior to be considered in high school 

  9. 24 minutes ago, justaref said:

    It's also a 'stars aligning' kind of situation too in my opinion. Certain years the weights aren't as stacked, the top is 'thin', good draws, having great days all play a factor in this. For instance, if there's a 4 timer ending their senior year at 106 or 113, it's going to be very hard for an 8th grader to come in and beat him. Possible, but very unlikely. However, if there was a sophomore that won it last year at say 106, but isn't quite the wrestler the 4 timer I mentioned before is then it is theoretically more likely that an 8th grader could more easily win that match and lead to a potential 5 timer situation. Sometimes kids are just absolute studs and nothing else matters, but I think this is the case and the difference whether a great 8th grader wins state or not, the competition at the weight that year.


    1 hour ago, tja said:

    I think Bryce even placed 8th at 106 his 8th grade year if I'm not mistaken shows how tough to make a run at 5 really is..

    Bryce placed 7th, 4 kids in that group went on to to be 2x finalist . Lawson moved . Bryce beat the winner Vega  the following year as a freshmen  11-1 in semis .

  10. 33 minutes ago, Ranger123 said:

    Because they can. And I'm not taking anything away from any kid who puts 5 matches together and wins a title. Not an easy thing to do at any weight. Yost is a state champ bottom line. While it is less likely a ms kid wins a title at a higher weight, it can happen. Austin Meyers likely would have done it. Lawson almost pulled it off.  Courtney should have done it. Carr did it. Based on what I have seen this season, better watch out for Duke to challenge for it next year (not counting him out this weekend either). 

    Anybody ever won it as an 8th grader that wasn't a held back a year ?