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    They need to have a duel between the two champs in the end !
  2. Wky

    Region 1 Rankings 12/29

    My guess is your 106 opinion changes after next weekend
  3. I'd say several of the top 113 will see each other at Ryle next weekend should be a good bracket
  4. When is cut off for this tour. ?
  5. Wky

    Team Kentucky National Duals Updates

    Lost once in a close match and lost for a tech violation I think ( look like may have broke the kids ankle )not really for sure what happen
  6. Wky

    Team Kentucky National Duals Updates

    Mason Smith Bryce Sheffer both undefeated I think
  7. Wky

    Lawson Brothers

    I believe if you turn 19 before aug 1 you are ineligible for all sports that year
  8. Wky

    Lawson Brothers

    How old are they ?
  9. Wky

    Lawson Brothers

    Where they twins ?
  10. Wky

    State Champion awards??

    They should take take notice of the middle school state awards Medals as big around as softballs , finalist singlets,1/8 thick brackets.
  11. Wky

    Ranger Rankings - State Tournament

    It's ok to be wrong from time to time.
  12. Wky

    MOW for state ?

  13. Wky

    Most Wide Open Bracket / Weight Class

    I'd throw binder in there too!
  14. Wky

    2/8/13 Rankings

    Sheffer beat Bowen 9-0 at state duels
  15. Wky

    MS State Observations

    Agree 100% !! High school should take that into consideration.
  16. Wky

    So what is next?

    It's hard to call it a state championship when your not allowing kids that are eligible to participate .
  17. Wky

    State results

    No matter who wins MOW there will always be other opinions . Several were worthy 105 beat the 2nd 3rd and forth place kids and did not have a point scored on him ( 4 x champ probably didn't hurt either ) 113 what a lot consider the early favorite 121 Blanton dominated 140 woodford kid was tough 168 not sure but I bet Hille? pinned all his opponents Hvy dominated too I wouldn't of had a problem with any of these getting ,I'm sure there is some I didn't see
  18. Wky

    greatest junior high kid/kids

    Not sure why you continue to throw Sheffer in your argument !
  19. Wky

    Region Results

    Bryce Sheffer is only one wrestling for high school. He is wrestling at middle school state .
  20. Wky

    Region Results

    75 1 graves county 2 billy pride union 3 Gideon Adams 80 Christian county 86 1 horton John Hardin 2 Micah Ervin union 92 1 Saul Ervin 2 dalton bell 3 trigg 98 1 rylan Ervin union 2 fort Campbell 105 1 Bryce Sheffer union MOW 2 Dylan gray 3 Clayton Hanson 4 Steven livers 113 chance oxford 2 Trent Johnson 3 Brandon leak 4 Meade. ? 121 ? 130??? 140 1 Avery Buckman 2 trigg 3 Laurie 152 ?? 168 1 Philips 2 Heath Luttrel All I can remember
  21. Wky

    Region Results

    Region 1 70 1 brown Uha 2 apollo 3 Horton. John Hardin 4 Escalara union
  22. Wky

    Growth in Wrestling in Kentucky

    Was 2000 the first yr for the middle school state tour ? I could see this being a big factor in the growth if so .
  23. Wky

    Best age to start wrestling .

    Anymore better start as early as possible to keep up . Seems like for a kid to do all 3 he has to have passion for wrestling .From what I've seen freestyle starts after folkstyle not sure on Greco but my son is about ready for a break after all the folkstyle .