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  1. Hi- we have a well used Adam shot dummy (wall mount) we (sadly) don't use anymore and a Portapit crash mat 8 ft x 5 1/2 ft x 2 ft we need to clear out. Adam is missing one of his pant legs (what?) and not sure where it went. He still has his singlet on however. $500 for both or make an offer. Call Jeff Lampe 502-337-4271 to talk about it or just if you want to say hi. Located in Bullitt county.
  2. coffeesgood

    Flo Nationals

    Brandon has been training at Invicta wrestling club,he has been training with John Lampe ,Lampe was in his corner at Flo.
  3. coffeesgood

    southern conference

    I watched his match and it was being announced that both finalist were going.The southern conference gets no love from NCAA.
  4. coffeesgood

    southern conference

    John Fahey did his weight class had 2 spots
  5. coffeesgood

    southern conference

    Fahey gets 2nd and Barton and Justin Lampe get 3rd
  6. coffeesgood

    Summer Programs

    Wrestlers who have reached higher skill levels will find few if any open mats or come when you feel like it situations that help them improve.Parents who already are supporting their childs efforts do not need to drive to Jeff Jordans to find good work out partners.These rooms offer everyone consistent opportunities to improve.The cost of establishing these clubs requires commitment and fees to stay open. Most parents are more than willing to sacrifice money or pride to see their child working hard toward a goal.Kentucky wrestling is going to keep improving and these clubs are helping wrestlers achieve their off season goals.It is regrettable that they are not a fit for everyone but they are a tremendous asset for those who take advantage of them.
  7. coffeesgood

    Summer Programs

    I have never seen a wrestler turned away from Invicta or ETC because of money.I know of many cases where athletes trained at what they could afford.These generous coaches all ready have the little guy covered with their time and talent.
  8. coffeesgood


    Whoever BigBlueTheory is, thank you so much for the periscope live was great to be able to watch from home!!! It was very much appreciated
  9. coffeesgood

    Live Stream

    Awesome- thanks guys
  10. coffeesgood

    Live Stream

    It looks like there isn't even a dashboard on trackwrestling to follow the matches...what the heck?? Nothing. No video, no bout board.
  11. coffeesgood

    Sean Fausz

    Sean won the App State Open yesterday at 125.
  12. coffeesgood

    KY wrestling at Midlands and Scuffle

    Nathan had matburn on one of his ears and trainer and doctor called it a contagious skin condition and would not let him compete.
  13. coffeesgood

    KY wrestling at Midlands and Scuffle

    Boston,Myers,and D.Lampe went 2 and 1 on the day.
  14. coffeesgood

    College News.

    John Lampe finished his 5th year ,Dominic possible red shirt because he is rehabbing shoulder surgery,Justin a possible redshirt because he has a shoulder injury that requires surgery.John is helping Isaac Knable at his club. Justin and Dominic working hard and looking forward to getting back on the mat. Justin weighs 180 and Dominic hit 194 today.
  15. coffeesgood

    NCAA DI qualifiers

    John Lampe made it add one more ky. boy to the list