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  1. 01statechamp130

    Best and worst!

    Best one I personally witnessed was Knable but I think Joe Carr Jr would be the best based off his performance nationally and in college. Worst - there is a long list of 103's or 112's and Hwt's who come to mind as far as wrestling skill is concerned. But I remember 2001 the 152 from St X that had like 15 losses on the year and won it. I think his name was Will Steinbach or something like that. At the time I thought he was the least talented guy that had won it all.
  2. 01statechamp130

    Best match ever?

    Waylon got hosed in that match. He had the takedown a couple of times but was called out of bounds. That was a good match though
  3. 01statechamp130

    Tournament for Old Guys

    Just don't have the time to commit to coaching. I would love to coach but with working a steady 8-5 wouldn't be able to help the kids with practice.
  4. 01statechamp130

    Tournament for Old Guys

    Anyone know of any open tournaments for guys out of college already? It has been 8 years since I wrestled competitively and I was wanting to try getting back into it a bit.
  5. 01statechamp130

    Lonesome results?

    Anyone know how the teams finished?
  6. 01statechamp130

    NHSCA Senior All-Americans

    I saw on one website where in Virginia Beach he placed 7th at 103 but there were only 14 kids in his weight class so with 1 win you are an all american. That cant be the same Senior Nationals that this record is talking about, is it? When I went it was up in Newark Deleware and there were approximmately 64 guys in every weight class.
  7. 01statechamp130

    NHSCA Senior All-Americans

    Goff didn't finish in top 8 according to NHSCA website
  8. 01statechamp130

    Come on Man!

    I hate the weight rules! I am so glad I didn't have to deal with them.
  9. 01statechamp130

    Good Luck Caleb!

    Did he not make it to the tournament! I couldn't find his name in the 135, 140 or 145 result brackets and Union had 0 pts.
  10. 01statechamp130

    KY Best coaches past and present; middle and high school

    I never thought I would see the day when he would walk away. He has been talking about it for as long as I can remember. I just thought that one day he would eventually pass away in the coaches corner, when some hotshot would try something crazy and he his old ticker would give out. I know I tested that old ticker. :-D Glad he got to walk away on his own terms. That is one man that I care a whole lot for.
  11. 01statechamp130

    KY Best coaches past and present; middle and high school

    I'm biased but Chuck Anderson (Seneca) took me from a Freshman that didn't know anything about the sport to a senior that finished the year undefeated and at the top of the podium at state and 1 win away from placing at Senior Nationals. I wasn't the only guy who he has done that with. He is great at teaching a lot of technique and motivation quickly.
  12. 01statechamp130

    Most likely favorite to lose!

    That's not what is going to cause him to lose. Being confident is a major advantage. Nerves are what cause you to lose to people that you could/should beat. I always wrestled 10 times better going into the match thinking that I was better and was for sure going to win. Early on in my career most of my loses where to people that I could have beaten but was too nervious before the match and I would start like crap and couldn't catch up.
  13. 01statechamp130

    State Tournament Format

    I was wondering what some of your thoughts were on the format for the state tournament? I personally really enjoyed the 16 man tournament with Districts and Regionals but I understand where there are some decent wrestlers that get left out. To me it used to mean something to just make it to state and I think the 32 man takes a way from that a little.
  14. 01statechamp130

    Favorite takedown to use in overtime!

    wrist roll, high crotch
  15. 01statechamp130

    who is the most exiciting wrestler to watch

    I was talking about Ben Vessels being the boring one not ben warner