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    Here we go

    So if the scoreboard operator started the clock late how is that the kids fault? When the ref called 2 there was 1 sec on the clock. No way they should leave that in the scoreboard operators hands. The ref should go by whats on the clock at the time.
  2. PinAndWin

    Here we go

    how do you give the kid 2 then take it away? There was 1 sec left. Jmo
  3. PinAndWin

    Toughest Region?

    Region 6
  4. PinAndWin

    Mother Nature and the State Tournament

    Btw Takedown Machine52 You're correct in saying it's about the wrestlers. They have put their bodies through hell. It's been a grind, which is exactly why 3 and a half weeks wait was brutal and unfair to them. I'm glad it's finally here. I hope everyone's healthy and ready to go.
  5. PinAndWin

    Mother Nature and the State Tournament

    Takedown Machine52 My main concerns were about guys keeping their weight down and the risk of injuries due to prolonged season. Goo That's ridiculous.
  6. PinAndWin

    Trea Blackwell

    Thats very impressive. Great job Trae.
  7. PinAndWin

    2015 NAIA Championships

  8. PinAndWin

    2015 Ranger Report

    152's around the've been told. So there should be no element of surprise in a few days.
  9. PinAndWin

    Additional pound for the state tournament?

  10. PinAndWin

    Mother Nature and the State Tournament

    Or we might have guys missing weight and and injured due to the prolonged season. While i agree this is a better alternative than cancelling it made things extremely difficult on the wrestlers. And it has taken some of the excitment out of the tournament. I hope folks can find a way to make it during the week and give the guys the recognition they deserve.
  11. PinAndWin

    Mother Nature and the State Tournament

    I disagree. I dont believe there wouldve been a significant no show. I believe the key players in each weight class wouldve been there for the most part. I do believe it has been a rediculous amount of time for these guys to keep their weight down. Ive talked to many around the state and its been almost unanimous in saying the decision to postpone was a bad decision. Ive driven 2 hours one way in many snowstorms to take my kid to train. Im sick of the whining.
  12. PinAndWin

    Mother Nature and the State Tournament

    This delay has taken all the excitement right out the state tournament.
  13. PinAndWin

    You Know Your a Wrestling Dad When...............

  14. PinAndWin

    Caleb Austin Kansas 138 finalists

    He was not undefeated in kentucky.
  15. PinAndWin

    Caleb Austin Kansas 138 finalists

    Totally agree with oldgrappler
  16. PinAndWin

    Caleb Austin Kansas 138 finalists

    Our top guys at 138 can compete well with Caleb Austin. Congrats to him. Hope he wins it.
  17. PinAndWin

    Caleb Austin Kansas 138 finalists

    If If's and buts were candy and nuts, everyday would be Christmas.
  18. I think these guys have a strong chance at the podium 106 Blake Roth 126 Jacob Henely 138 Brady Emerson, Nathan Thompson 145 Jared Branch 195 Ben Lippert, Bret Graziani
  19. PinAndWin

    Horse Park and the Finals

    I agree with panther. Place the finals match in the center. Also, don't understand turning the lights out. Was really tough to see the finals matches.
  20. PinAndWin

    Horse Park and the Finals

    Because it makes too much sense
  21. PinAndWin

    tournaments this weekend

    I'm with thirdround.
  22. PinAndWin

    Championship Predictions for each class

    Was thinking it but you said it. Both great competitors and evenly matched.
  23. PinAndWin

    Va. High School State Tourn.

    Well in the light of this news I am very thankful the tournament was just postponed. But it opens a can of worms for other states with multi divisions to follow suit in the future. Hope not.